Reincarnated demon?

What would you do if you found out you were a reincarnated demon? I found out this past summer something so shocking, I was shocked speechless. I don’t even know where to start because what I have to say WILL ruffle feathers. My body is human but my soul is NOT. I know things no living person should ever know. You all can confirm with Lord Satan or Lucifer my statement. That’s why I’ve not been active on here lately. One clue: It’s a spirit you all know well.

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Sure, why not? It’s not exactly something we haven’t heard many times before. We have a bunch of incarnated demons here, along with a few incarnated angels, and at least a couple of incarnated gods, so what’s one more?


I was told by God Himself the truth. What my mom did when she found out I was a demonic entity is so disgusting that she is forever banned from my presence. It’s so bad that I’m not even gonna post it here.

As I said, okay. :man_shrugging:

We’ve heard that from others too.


Which one?

I would have thought an real incarnated demon would understand humans react like humans. :slight_smile:

This. Okay, join the club and make some cool magic topics

Nothing the body is still human, so it doesn’t change anything till you die. :joy:


At least here I am accepted. A good thing for me. Agares is who I am. Kim is my human name. This human vessel is not in good health so I won’t post as much on the forums.

Why? We really don’t care about it.

Okay. Don’t post it if you don’t want.


You should probably check this one out :slight_smile:

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I will post it when I’m feeling better. Unfortunately I am in ill health so I will try and post my story tomorrow when my energy levels are higher

Everyond Claiming to have its own divine pedigree


Fine by me. Tomorrow will be the same as today.

My point is, demon, angel, god or martian, we all the same: people. And we will act as such around you. Nothing else. Nothing more.


I mean… what would it change though? You were still born a human. You still have to live out your life as a human.

I think these things are interesting to look into, but clinging to them is a waste of time.


We are gods.

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I started out as Aila, an guardian angel. BUT became Veselia when I fell with Lucifer and 700,000 angels…which happened 500 million years after the Earth was created. Lilith was not the only person married to Satan. You only hear of Queen Lilith whom I greatly respect. But that’s not true that She was his only spouse. I can tell you things that only someone like me can: the true fate of Atlantis, the Ark of the Covenant, the Bermuda Triangle, Excalibur (which is sentient and does not want to be found AT ALL). My mother tried to kill me when I was an infant and many times as a young my kid which left me with lifelong health problems. Multiple surgeries to reconstruct my face, multiple bones broken, legally blind in one eye, shattered hips, rods, pins, screws,…makes me want to vomit. How can you do that to your own kid? Now she can’t hurt nobody because all her abilities are gone I personally made sure of that.

Yes! story time. I’d love to hear all the stories from way back when, there’s really conflicting information out there on the lost and forgotten stories so a first hand account would be great! :slight_smile:



What do you sense on my energy?

Atlantis moved to the non material realm after its physical destruction 15,000 years ago BUT hovers over where it would’ve been if Atlantis was never destroyed. Cuba is what’s left of the Island of Poseida and the North American continent IS the Island of Og which was not destroyed but remained underwater for nearly 5,000 years after Atlantis was destroyed.

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PSA: Plato NEVER said that Atlantis was a real place. Never.

The whole point of Atlantis was to make an allegory for the hubris of nations.


^ This.

Plato created Atlantis to serve as an allegory for hubris. No other texts before Plato’s mention Atlantis.

Even people from ancient times could create fiction if they wanted to.


Now now, I’m interested to see where the story goes… :eyes:

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