Recording evidence of spiritual manifestation EXPERIMENT

Okay so first thing first I am looking in to calling up a non man made spiritual entity a ancient god or original demon, to see if I can catch footage of a spirits appearance, I will ask for your guys opinions on the best spirits that can manifest in great physical appearance, I will be changing the ritual area to the energetic liking of the spirit present, blood will be spilt, semen will be added and fire will roar to create a powerful vortex, ancient old demonic and magick tongue will be used, to gain the best results.

Sacrifice of an animal will be made ( don’t worry it’ll be eaten afterwards ). The universal circle will be used, extreme powers will be Called on to bring This spirit into physical formation or at least visible on camera which is the goal.

I want to smash the doubt of so many magicians, even Ea Koetting has tried to catch visual or audio pieces of evidence to prove these spirits existence.

I am taking this on as a very serious task your welcome to comment below on how to increase the chances of this happening or any helpful tips you’ve discovered yourself, or you can PM me.

It’s been a pleasure remember " Demonic Descension and Godly ascension "



I’m very interested in this post. What variables are you going to be using? Is the environment well controlled?

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Hahaha :kissing_heart:

One vote for Belial, Cayce (I just saw a reference) mentioned him as coming from Atlantis (aka possible elder civilisation) which fit my UPG linking him to the Lwa, he’s really well known, many people here work with him, and he’s powerful enough to make my own list of spirits who manifested and affected my life without me asking them or expecting them to, which (for me) confirms he exists independent of my conscious specific intent to interact with him.

Also he acts fast, is able to affect the physical world very rapidly when needed, and his star is rising because the things he offers are things new magicians need every day.

(Almost all of that is also true of Kek, but that would maybe make your work take on a political element that would detract from the experiment.)

Further to Belial, he rapidly anchored his specific energies to a physical location where I’d been summoning him, in a way that began affecting reality that was observable to other people. Okay I’ll shut up there but those are my reasons for that vote. :slight_smile:


Some ideas:

  • Visualise it happening first so you’ve structured the very concept of it, and/or banish the possibility of failure

  • Get a list of people who are willing to make a small sacrifice of some kind to the spirit to request they appear, so it’s not just one peron’s working but part of many people’s “reality tunnels” - ask for PMs then form the circle afterwards to avoid this

  • Do it as part of this? Group Working : Samhain Ritual Monday 6th November (if so, someone needs to double-check that time calculation)

  • Have a male and female magician working at the same time, I can’t find the link but I read that some experiments in various mental powers work best that way, it’s very traditional (even in ancient Hindu India, the householder and his wife tend the flame, this isn’t a feminist modern-day concept)

  • Consecrate the camera to cast out all forces of the kind of everyday, clockwork, “forces of law” that hold back physical manifestation

  • Ask the spirit to give you a familiar spirit to inhabit the camera and aid in this undertaking.


If I could help in anyway I would be happy


  • Do repeat evocations in the exact same location ahead of the filmed event, to weaken the fabric of reality there - I have created portals in my Temple in this manner and it could also be why the big religions got for big, permanent stone buildings even when everyone’s still living in wooden houses, also (per my Belial evocations outdoors) repeating the event in the same spot seems to give that spirit an influence on the location even when you’re not there.

  • Based on that experience, when doing this prep also try using incense or something that transforms itself as it’s consumed to build the link of physical transmutation, to that spirit, in that spot.

  • Ask permission of the local land spirits ahead of time, maybe even make offerings to THEM, so the local non-physical residents are on your side.