Don't Feed The Vampires - Magick Circles, Important PSA

I received information last night in a dream and I believe it may affect someone’s plans on this forum, and that it’s important to share:

When setting up a circle to work for healing, learning (like a shamanic drumming workshop or similar) or ANY other kind of magick circle, where the overall well-being and power of the group and working matters to you, do NOT begin forming that circle before everyone is present, in a way that leaves some spaces empty, and others filled.

Let me give an example – you have a few friends over and you’re going to do a ritual of some kind.

The space, maybe in your home or outside, is already marked in some way, the person leading or teaching will usually have their place defined (often furthest from the door in a room) and either be sitting there, or at least have their notes and any equipment (rattles, wands, etc) in that place, and people will drift in and seat themselves, or stand, where they choose, meaning the circle is defined already, and remains incomplete with gaps.

This is attracting a host of parasitic and entirely malevolent entities who have the gaps in the circle as de facto invitations to join (magick can actually be quite legalistic, at times) and the steady increase in the number of these circles forming all over, from wiccans to high ceremonial magick, and shamanism to theta healing, is feeding these beings, to the extent that they’re becoming a new kind of problem.

It’s like the way the increase in burger bars and fast food places on the high street increased certain types of litter – and the beings that feed on it.

And these are not empowering demons trying to help you, they’re lowlife astral vermin and worse, and need to be shut out.

If you form a circle, it’s best to gather in a different location until everyone’s present (no great challenge in the mobile era) and then move as one complete body to the location of the circle, leaving no gaps with some seated, and others not yet present.

If you can’t do that, maybe you aren’t able to tell the leaders about this issue or whatever, form a bubble of cleansing banishing energy in the centre in your mind’s eye, and use it once everyone is in the circle to blast away the parasites, or call on a spirit you trust (god, angel, or any spirits involved in the working) to cleanse the NON-HUMAN entities from the circle.

The normal smudging and other purification done before a ritual won’t work, because these beings have claimed the open spaces as invitations, and are actually partaking of the benefits of any energy that’s intended to cleanse circle members, for such they themselves have become.

I realise this is a very weird message, but I saw this very clearly, along with the pressing need to share it, and that matters more than trying to be “cool”!!

If you find it has value and are a member of any other forums or groups, please pass it along, it’s not my “personal property” – I’m just the messenger and you don’t need to share where you read it.

This was shown to me as being very important and I’m also going to factor it in for future group workings, online and off.

Don’t form a circle that has gaps.

This is a PSA but as risk of sounding presumptuous or whatever, I believe it’s very important to the future of magick – whether for healing or whatever else. :slight_smile:


this could be about my study group. thank you.


Wonderfully explained warning. Thank you kindly @Lady_Eva .
My limited experience (none) with group workings left me in the dark about circles.

Thank you.

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I usually don’t use circles at all. Is that wrong?

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@Sabina … no, it’s not wrong. Your magick is your magick. It’s a part of you just as my magick is a part of me. Honor yourself through it. Use what you want.

Rather than concerning yourself with “right” and “wrong”, shift your thinking to “effective” and “ineffective”. I think you’ll find that a more fruitful thing to ponder, Sabina.


This PSA is about forming circles of people to work on something, not about personal use of them. :slight_smile:


Oh I see…I didn’t understand right…

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Had a random urge to bump this


Very good post! Thank you. I am a reiki practitioner level 3 and I always ask my Reiki guides to hold sacred space and to banish any entity that is not of the light


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Thank you!

What I really want to know is, can I form a circle to trap parasites and consume them ? :sunglasses:


You dont really need a circle but you would wanna have a good practical under standing of how to filter the energies they are made of otherwise ya could hurl yourself into a deep dark mental and emotional hole :skull_and_crossbones:


Fair warning, in this case you become what you devour. I speak from experience

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I just want to dominate their species and bend them to my will. If going leviathan is necessary so be it :joy::grin: thanks for the response

It’s like psychic vampirism. When you take that energy, your own becomes like it. Come to think of it, it is a vampiric technique. All the power to you.

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This is good info. Thank you

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Be cautious if you decide to explore this. There are quite a few texts with warnings of this regarding similar ideas with the elemental spirits. The end result of which the operator became either obsessed with the spirit or dominated by the corresponding impulses of those elements.
Such as being consumed by greed trying to dominate the gnomes.

If your not careful you could end up just a parasite yourself. :skull_and_crossbones:


What texts?

Thank you for intriguing me further :roll_eyes:

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Some older works dealing with elemental magick. If i have time ill see if i can dig up the titles. I’ve dug through alot of books over the years :upside_down_face: I’ve experienced my fair share of elemental energies manifesting in the personality in my own work over the years. It can be a tad destabilizing.