Group Working : Samhain Ritual Monday 6th November

Okay the thread opening this idea here got a bit off-topic, that happens, but we’ve now semi-formalised dates and this is now a working thread, so please, no derailments or arguing against the wisdom of it - it’s not a referendum, in other words. :wink:

The date I calculated for Samhain is Monday 6th Nov, at 19:15 UTC, which is 2.15pm New York, for example (you can read why here and the intent is to:

  • open a portal or gateway in the firmament (sky!) with the intent to bring the powers of magick through.

  • using the chant for “Summoning All Magickal Powers” (#2 described here)

  • call upon spirits we trust to oversee this and keep things stable, stop astral nasties leaking through, etc.


Last night after reading the original post, the phrase Cleaving The Heavens came into my mind over, and over, direct from the gods…

Still TBC - where to open it, and whether to do a rolling timezone thing, so can people who are interested post below (or PM if you’re shy! Reply to my wlecome PM if you very new and can’t send them yet) the following:

  • your timezone

  • your hemisphere (north or south)

  • whether, using the calculator below, you prefer to do this at 19:15 UTC or at 19:15 in your local timezone, to kind of roll this around the world as darkness falls (at least in the northern hemisphere).

:sunny: Time & Date Timezone Converter, Samhain Settings :sunny:

Select “Make changes to the current search” - the first field is the time UTC, the second you need to adjust to your own timezone, so it can tell you what hour that falls in.


I was wondering why don’t we call the watchtowers i’ll be calling demonic beings who rule over the four watchtowers, my friend and apprentice will be incorporating the four watchtowers too as well as their Norse Viking gods who rule each watchtower.

I believe incorporating these forces are nessacary, since the four watchtowers and four elements are vital forces on our earth. There by evoking and calling on the physical powers makes sense, since we’re trying to affect the physical plane in a big way.

Once all watchtowers and spirits are present the practitioner should have his or hers, ritual / temple area empowered and they could use mantras or the Tibetan singing bowl or anything other way of heighten the vibrations of the energy.

And like you said we should opening the portal but if we all did it at the same constellation at the same time In one place, the power and affect of the goal of bringing the full extent of magick back to earth would be manifested to a great degree.

As Azazel told me " The heavens, the Hells and the Aether will hold forth the doors and all their power will be collected into one singularity creating the tair into the veil between this physical dense realm and the higher multitudes of existence ".

Obviously we ask our gods to stop destructive forces and beings from coming through, just as Lady Eva said.

The chant of summoning all magick powers will then be recited, while focusing on the intent to bring the power and forces of magick to our physical dense world.

Asking the beings you’ve called to each watchtower to constrain the energy of the power you have called because, the high frequencies need to adapt to our low dense vibrations of earth.


@Lady_Eva Bookmarking this for the date.

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@Lady_Eva Are we allowed to modify this to suit our purposes?

What did you have in mind?

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Might be better to do a seperate working of your own in a new thread based on that, I’m going to be calling through angels and maybe slip into Angel of Lost Things mode and in the thread on angels you do make a case that the energies are not compatible, so your own working thread would be a good idea there IMO. :thumbsup:

I’m doing a sky portal, obvs. your own system would not need to be the same for a slightly different intent. They may assist each other insofar as weakening the lock from different approaches at once.


@Lady_Eva Thank you. I will do that then.

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I believe it’s on a different day (November the 1st) so maybe you could join in?

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@Lady_Eva so this is an angelic working? No demons or gods that were miscategorized as demons will be called through?

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