Reason why people discredit the occult?

So basically I want this to be a thread where we can share opinions of why people don’t accept occult views or the occult is no main stream

1- It can’t be proved to third parties.
2- There was a time where everything was the guilt of some evil spirit. Then someone came up with the microscope and we discovered that no, that it wasn’t a spirit.
3- Is called occult, why would it be mainstream?


For instance a family member was trying to uplift me by saying the void in my life can only be field with Jesus Christ and one day gods going to fill that void…
This family member proceeds to blame all the things wrong with the world on the “devil”

Personally I feel that’s an extremely vague or shallow thought process and way of engaging with life/reality.


Right the last one kinda answers my whole question

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Is easier to blame the devil (or yavéh) than accept our own mistakes :man_shrugging:


Yes I find most people find Christianity so attractive because they can put a face ie"the devil" on whatever is bothering them

I just don’t agree with the logic. For example

Jesus:. Let me in

Me: why

Jesus: so I can save you

Me : from what

Jesus : from what I’m going to do to you if you don’t



Yeah like when people mention possession I always think about the fact that a lot of religious people don’t know about astral parasites and it was most likely a parasite vs an actual “demon”


This is true,
I think most people discredit the occult because of societies natural tendency to attack anything different.

It’s what they did to Einstein, newton and the wright brothers too so why should it stop for us xD


I do think that it can also differ depending on where you live.

Where I live the occult are mainly lumped togheter with other religious people by secular people.
Religous people dump anything that they don’t understand into “occult” wich means that some christians put christian traditions that they dont have in their church as occult.

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:joy::joy: very true lol I’ll consider this next time lol

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I consider this also an occult way of thinking.

Culture is the reason one is popular and the other is not. How the culture got that way is basically politics.


@Undying.Embers Nah people like Christianity because it says nothing is their own fault. You sinned the devil made Adam and Eve fall so it’s his fault cause you got original sin in you. You didn’t get what you want? God knows best it must not be good for you to have it so thank him for protecting you. Basically they fall for Christianity because it relieves them of all responsibility for their own life. Same with Islam. Anything in life you don’t like must be good for you and a lesson and you should accept it cuz god knows best. It’s a cop out. Can’t blame me. God did it. Know what I mean?

As to why people discredit the occult…

Well first of all it shows that things are within their own power of control so it rattles their little god knows best world.

Secondly their preachers tell them it’s a sin and they’ll burn in a lake of fire if they take their own lives into their own hands because it’s an evil sin to think you know better then god what’s good for you. So heaven help yo you better not sin cuz gods like Santa he knows when your naughty and will punish you .

And 3rd, it’s kind of hard to prove magick did it as opposed to it being just a lucky coincidence if it’s something good and hard to prove someone did it with magick to you if it’s something bad. You can prove adding vinegar to baking soda makes a volcanic froth but can you prove you got the job by magick rather then luck or charm or charisma or qualifications?

There’s lots of reasons to disqualify the occult if you want to look for them so as to stay in your comfort zone but very few proofs if you look for proof that it works so that you should give it a whirl and try it so your life gets better off.

Add: edited in part of a sentence that I accidentally dropped but wanted in.


There is no way to scientifically test it. You would have to have 100s of different people perform the same thing and get similar results to prove it. A simple look at some of the topics here about rituals not working shows it would be next to impossible.

What is more likely to prove it in some form is the discovery of the soul and determining what it is. Of course, that will only prove so much.


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What is science today was Magick yesterday!
Maybe it’s got to do with the undeniable fact that occultism inherently attracts an inordinate number of fuckwits – just look around. And when it comes to the lhp, the number of fuckwits is multiplied by factors of ignorance and stupidity. That’s the main reason I no longer go out of my way to meet up with ‘practitioners’ – or post much here.

Once a member (who has moved on to annoy other people) suggested to me that I had to earn his respect. This didn’t concern me as I’ve been involved in Magick for close to half a century, so I didn’t provide him with the important information he needed. I didn’t earn his respect and he left to go on playing with himself. Obviously, I could give other instances, but I’m biding my time until appropriate.



Ye I definitely do agree with the “fuckwits” part lol
The amount of people who want to use magick to get trivial things is pretty high.

What makes magick or the occult so fascinating to me is that it proves my deep feeling of there being more to life.

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I tend to agree but if a spirit is willing to help a person achieve what they want. I see no reason why not to go after the trivial stuff. You know whatever floats your boat, as long as you are willing to pay the price.

For example, if you are willing to dedicate your life to a spirit and bring others to that spirit. It might reward you by creating an astral realm where your dreams come true. They might even help you in this life but they are limited by the laws that govern this realm.


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Lol that 2

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U should check out my post about spirits making people I would like to get your insight

I think some people, even my atheist friends, try to discredit it because they:

  1. Don’t understand it
  2. Don’t want to open their mind to it
  3. Despite phot evidence, it frightens them
    These are friends who didn’t get frightened by Children of the Corn, and The Exorcist, while I did with both.
    We all loved horror movies and would jest by making comments like “oh no girl, don’t go on in there” and the likes much to the dismay of some of the people watching.
    I was told I was lazy or scared to do the spiritual heavy lifting, whatever that meant, but at the same time, they wouldn’t want to do magic even if it would help them. At least that I know of.