Reason why people discredit the occult?

The word “occult” means “hidden” and it refers to the underlying truth of what we call “reality”. This is what matters not the symbols, rituals, magickal systems etc. Truth always. The so-called “mainstream” does not necessarily need all the exoteric occult rigmarole – they just need to know the esoteric truth. However, this truth is revealed from within aonly to those who are ready to receive it. The “hidden” truth is hidden in plain sight and it can be discerned by anyone who is genuinely ready with or without all these ritualistic trappings.

**Bottom Line: The mainstream does not necessarily need what you need and what really matters (The Truth) is accessible to them regardless **


Because it’s not established science and has a rumor of being corrupted and evil which has been taught by the abrahamic faiths for centuries. However, I pray that it will remain occult. Magick is one of the most powerful sciences that exists and if it became proven it would lose it’s power as anyone would study and practice it. There is power in secrecy.

(((Hollywood))) Superstition and centuries of bible thumping. I still FUD myself and need to work out of programming

I think part of it is that people do tend to fear anything different and unfamiliar, as others have mentioned above, especially if it doesn’t fit into their preconceived notions of what is “right” and “good.” Also there hasn’t been sufficient evidence so far to convince the world that these practices actually work and have some kind of effect. There’s increasing evidence that meditation, yoga, positive thinking, etc. have some kind of psychological effect that influences the mind and body, as shown in clinical trials, but it can be dismissed as a placebo effect. If there were a way to have multiple groups of people do the same ritual or practice in the same way and produce the same results every single time, that might offer more proof to convince skeptics, but magick seems to be unpredictable and it doesn’t seem likely that you could get people all over the world to produce the same result reliably and consistently every single time.

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They have been brought up to believe occultists are frauds, and believe it over their own family members.

I think another big factor is the phrase “seeing is believing”. It’s the same reason why there are so many atheists nowadays. People want physical proof, which is difficult to do with things like the occult.

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Uhhh, because a lot (not all)
of what we do here involves point blank manipulation, mind control, and bending reality to suit our needs i.e. we fuck with free will, and people fight against this. They will always try to discredit/ discount something distasteful that “could” be happening to them until it’s undeniable. Denial is a PROBLEM, and in many ways, it gives lhp magicians a major leg up. I know/ realize this happens in so many other arenas in life, but we make no bones about it here (usually).
I understand many will argue organized religion, politics, etc … do this, and for the most part I agree, but it’s different in several key components


Because of larp