Radionics tools and tricks

Prior to starting my mentorship with @C.Kendall I knew nothing about Radionics until I saw one of his posts on FB. I inquired what he was using because I had never seen it before and had always been attracted to paratechnology and Psionics work. I study scientific theories and philosophies such as the Fermi Paradox, Quantum Immortality, etc.

When C. Kendall told me what he was using and how it works, I immediately knew it was the perfect tools to add on my BALG path.

I have several Radionics devices including a custom Radionics Amluet that I will not show for obvious reasons. But today this arrived in the mail, and I had to share.

Manifesting and Summoning Radionics Box

The box itself can summon entities, powers, or results when used correctly with the corresponding sigils. I can’t wait to try it out tonight. You can find where I got this amazing tool at the website below.

Dr. Thor Radionics

I have revcieved other Radionics boxes and tools from different sellers and will also share those when the time is right.

I have also started to make my first Radionics Box specifically for my Mentor before I continue to produce more. So far, so good. Will definitely keep you all posted as far as experiments, rituals and usage. So consider this post an on going Radionics project.

I’m so in love with Radionics. It’s ridiculous. And I find that even though I have been practicing for over 12 years. I never heard about Radionics until my Apprentship. And now I’m hooked. They provide such fast and amazing results that honestly, I’ve stopped casting the old way, and have stared the usage of Psionics in almost all my rituals.

If you have info for others, questions or want to get into it I am here. :black_heart:

:fire: Hail the Infernal Empire, and Hail thy self :dizzy:



More power isn’t necessarily better I’ve recently discovered :sweat_smile:

I was working with my Radionics Amluet, and decided to hook one of my old school wishing boxs, to my other Scalar wave cosmic communicator. I then hooked a tesla coil to the second machine, and also connected an out-put clip to said Amluet while it was on my wrist with a laser device. And began my ritual.
All was well, but when I was ready to push the imprint button, I literally was overwhelmed with energy. A surge of energy that felt thick and hot ran from the base of my neck down my shoulders. I collapseed onto the floor and quickly took off the wrist laser and Amluet. Needless to say I had to take a moment to recover from the surge of energy. This is the first time this has happened.

Obviously I was simply overwhelmed by the amount if energy. So I asked Dr. Thor if there was a way I could adapt to said energy faster?

I quickly learned that it wasn’t that I couldn’t handle the energy. I simply had overwhelmed myself with too much.

Dr. Thor told me:

You need to go slow with these energies. They are subtle in nature, although extremely powerful. Thinking MORE is better is a mistake with this type of energy. The Lasers are all you need and pick up the vast energies in the Cell.

Tesla coils are too powerful for most Radionic uses. They are good for added amplification or broadcasting. They tend to “blow away” the Cell energy losing the important energy fields you. Using it as instructed with Rod & Wrist lasers are best. Laser photons grab this type of energy. There are also electrical dangers and shorting out of the lasers possible when mixing with other electric devices.

I also do not recommend using IGOS tech with other technologies as they are generally poorly made and hold negative energies from the manufacturers.

Focusing and drawing strong energies requires time and following the complete IGOS training system. Centering & Mind Gym techniques.

Sometimes less is more. It’s good to get excited, but baby steps are indeed a nesscarry part of the process in learning anything.



Any updates on the evocation machine? I asked here not to long if it was possible to do a full evocation via radionics & was told no, so I’m excited about your results/findings!

Also what is a scalar wave cosmic communicator?

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Evocation machine works like a charm. I already successfully stopped illegal activities against me to cease. Not only that, it works extremely fast, but only if you know how to use it correctly.

@C.Kendall has taught me that everything in your rituals need to be charged, activated, and amplified. Once he taught me those three key points, my rituals have yet to fail. In fact, I get results in mear days.

You can find info on my Secular Wave Comunicator here :

My Scalar Wave Comunicator

And one currently for sale

The last evocation I did, was summoning forth the Triad of Influence. This includes King Paimon, King Belial and King Beleth with their brother Vine. @C.Kendall gave me a ritual and it hasn’t failed me once.

I also did this ritual, guided by my mentor, on my evocation machine with immediate results.

C. Kendall potent Wealth Rite

The catch of course being you must preform it correctly. This means, charging everything, blood offerings and the ability to amplify magickal properties of sigils, herbs, crystals, auras, the spell in entirety and etc.

The Wealth Rite is working so well, I have started making money in the way I choose. More on that later.

I plan to do another ritual soon, I’ll make sure to record it and link it here :black_heart:

Hope this helped answer your question. I’m more than willing to answer any other questions.

Hail the Infernal Empire and hail thy self :raised_hands:



I just checked out the dr Thor website. looks like tech will be replacing magic🧐

I just found an MIT graduate that figured out how to do healing with tech. He reduced what would take a healer 6months to a year to complete down to 2-3 weeks of listening to audio files online.

guess everybody has to get in the next gear sometime🤠


Very cool. Does he do this with biennial beats and psychic awakening tones, etc? I love some high vibrations sounds to launch me into the astral.

I personally see technology as a gift from the universe. It feels as if it’s been shown/given from “the stars” as it were. Hell, every mythology talks about the beings from the stars. I definitely could see some of what we considered Immortals, could have easily been considered “extraterrestrial” today.

But that’s my scientific theory imagination running away with me. I study scientific theory far too often
but I love the possibilities. The things we don’t know we don’t know is no doub overwhelming. But after the week I’ve had, I do believe everything to be possible. Lol.

It doesn’t matter what he says in the video for appearance sake, preference or what have you, he does know I shared his link here because I asked him out of practiconer respect of course. And as I have stated prior, I had zero problem working with the Demonic Lords and Ladies. In fact it worked almost instantly as stated in my earlier post. In fact, I dare say the Demonic gods prefer technology over “white light” beings. My faeries HATE technology. As do I. Debt card machines…don’t ask… :smile:

As far as protection, when you have been practicing as long as myself your shields, protections, and guardians are in place at all times so there’s no need for me to cast a circle or aby if that. I’ve worked on my astral precautions heavily and plan to make a class or something about it at some point. But my protective measures are active 24/7. I have witch balls, ancestral artifacts, guardians and so on.

It’s always key to do protection first and foremost in the occult. It should be the first thing people do along with cleansing & uncrossing magick.

I also take spiritual baths, use sage to smudge, and do a house cleansing ritual weekly or as needed.



Awesome! Seems like you are natural with radionics magick, can’t wait to you drop your vid🙂

That’s cool!! Can you link the article on it?

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the guy is Brent Michael Phillips. yes his work is binaural beats and I dont know what else. He was part of the creation of the internet in the 80s. Then he got some serious nerve damage in his hands an arm. The best Dr’s couldnt find a cure so he went to alternative medicine. After a long list of people he got cured and started researching how healers work.

I learned about him because of KPFK in Los Angeles. They have been doing a pledge drive for the last 6 weeks and Brent is giving away several pkgs for pledges. They already played the recording of how he got injured 3 or 4 times already… (got to get a new speaker for my XM)

I think his main website is


Back with more questions lol, When you do your evocations on the evocation machine do connect the scalar communicator with it?

What is the most powerful set up by your experience/opinion? (Include all devices/items)

Are the scalar communicator and wrist laser needed? How does those two devices amplify the ritual/radionic box?

What is the best radionic device in your opinion?

How has your experience been with the radionic amulet?

Have you used the igos instant energy camera?(it is stated that only that camera can be used as a witnesses on igos radionics boxes)

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I’ll make a beginners course in the future.

I cannot review or give you Igos information on the forum as part of the guidelines. I suggest you take questions up with them, and also use resources here to better understand how radionics works. If you’re a beginner do start at the beginning.

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Completed two rituals now given to me by my Mentor via my Evocation Machine. And the results are stellar thus far.

Radionics works so fast, that you have to adjust quickly since it changes reality so intensely. I more often than not add crystals, oils, and herbs to said sigils and Evocation rituals. Blood offerings I find are extremely powerful.

The laser writs device from Igos and Amluet are incredibly powerful. I use them daily.

I usually wear my radionics wrist device everyday for about 30 minutes to 60 minutes. But it was only recently I have found out that I was getting extremely fast rapid heart rates and a increase in body temperature. It took me several days to realize it was directly connected to the radionics device and not anxiety. Because naturally I always look for explanations in the mundane before we turn to the occult because we’re sane people, here.

When I first got my radionics Amluet and my kit, I couldn’t feel much. Now I feel the laser intensely. It’s like hot water. I also now can feel the wrist device lasers. They have changed in temperature as well. I have also found out that the photons create noises as well. I did some experimenting with the lasers (which I don’t recommend for beginners) and it indeed has a very interesting sound wave.

There are these kind of nose guards for the laser in my Amluet kit in order for sickness and healing and I can attest to the fact that it works incredibly fast.
I had worn myself out from my new success is (which I was able to achieve through my evocation machine and the wealth right you can find in this post.) So I felt very sick and very drained.
I used the Igos laser with nose guards then I got out my Secular Wave Comunicator and did a Chakra Cleanse with the items given to me by Filip (who by the way loves that his link is on the BALG forum. I always ask.) And the results were immediate I wasn’t sick the next day, and I was able to get my energy back and feel 100%

These devices, while very pricey, show results within days. When I do a normal ritual in the “old school way” (as I do for my faerie practices seeing as they hate technology,) I’d be waiting much longer.

I recently made my favorite scrying necklace into a device it’s that cleanses my chakras 24/7. I have been charging it weekly, once a week, and i always feel aligned. My manifestation Tesla coil is shown just for fun, I don’t use it when I do this particular ritual. I do however use it during other rituals.

This 3rd picture is what I suggest beginners start with.

Do not get the secular wave communicator first working with the non-electric wish box is my advice to you. I was given permission to share that link too:

Yes the electric ones are shiny and appealing, but it’s not a toy and it will be overwhelming if you are not prepared. It is indeed a grand idea to walk before you run.

I have checked with the manufacturer and he said it is OK to share his link for the basic wish Box.

Hail the invernal Empire and hail thy self :raised_hands:


@Rainbow I was able to find the wrist laser but what is the link to the amulet kit that included the nose guards? As There’s too many amulets listed on the site… will animal blood work for the ritual? also are you still doing the video?

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This is my next area of study. I’m going to be combining radionics devices with sound equipment. Such as a 150 watt sound system, a radionics plate with audio input, a theramin synthesizer like the one Mr. Koetting uses, and a small Tesla coil. I plan on using numbers from Sacred Gematria, and converting them into frequencies. Wish me like, and hopefully I don’t blow my house up. As my redneck friends say, hold my beer and watch this shit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sooooo unesscary. I suggest your blood over animal blood any say unless you have care for, fed, and prepared the animal for a specific task.

No offense but you’re questions tell me you need to learn more about the occult before you dive into radionics.

That’s just what I have gathered from your past posts. To ask if animal blood or a sacrifice work ring bells in my head.

Blood offerings should NOT be given lightly. I encourage you to learn about blood magick before doing it…

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Ahahaha let us know how it goes!!

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And yes I’ll be posting a video next week. Making it just for ya’ll :black_heart:


I never said anything about animal sacrifice…like at all. I just simply asked if animal blood can be used as a substitute since animal blood can be bought.

Again, I ask you not to take offense and listen…

You’re response still speaks volumes on your lack of knowledge in the occult. Anyone could go buy animal blood and use it. That’s clear to all. But any ascended practiconer worth any while knows how novice that sounds. It’s clear you haven’t bothered to do blood magick research. You won’t even prick your finger. You don’t even know what that means and represents. Why do you refuse to work for what you want? Nothing, even in radionics comes easily in magick. It. Takes time, patience, practice and taking advice in stride. Not jump to clarify with something that again rings alarm bells.

You want things to happen fast. You don’t want to even learn about blood magick, you don’t want to put the time into building a steady foundation, you don’t even have shields, safe guards and a steady cleansing ritual. I don’t even know if you meditate.

All this we know, yet you want to jump into advanced radionics without actually doing any foundation work. There’s quite a lot you can discover on your own with desire and a computer but I digress…

You’re going to either; be disappointed in your results because you see none, harm yourself and possibly others, or waste money on items you have no need for because your energy isn’t where it needs to be. Can you charge sigils? Can you activate sigils? Can you amplify energy already and on your own. If you have said no to any of the above please stop and ask yourself if you are in the occult world for the right reasons…

If you’re offended by this post, don’t be. This is meant to wake you up to the reality. Something that I have experienced and that everyone experiences when beginning. Read the 9 demonic Gatekeepers series in its ENTIRETY before you even consider purchasing a non electronic basic wishing box.

I hope you take this as the help it is meant to be.


Sheesh :grimacing: don’t zap :zap: yourself…:upside_down_face:

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