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In the Golden, Dawn, when calculating a natal chart as one would in astrology, they say the first figure goes in the tenth house and so on on a square chart, which I can understand, but if each of these figures represents a sign, how do you determine squares, trines, conjunctions, oppositions, etc in a geomancy flat square chart? Moreover how is the interpretation different in geomancy while still being on target as you would in astrology? Im basically trying to figure out my natal chart in geomancy in a flat chart.



Also, how does the flat chart make a difference vs sixteen dots in the sand, or a dedicated earth box? I thought dice were involved in geomancy. I can see rich earth or desert sand in a consecrated box fairly charged with earth energy, dice however ???

The ordering the GD uses is simply their own to fit their astrological theories, and conflicts a little with Geomancy. The traditional method simply places the 1st mother in the first House, the 2nd Mother in the 2nd House and so on. So you can choose which method you like best.

The figures rather represent Planets in the House chart. The figure in the first House represents the Ascendant. So, if the figure in the First House is Fortuna Major, the Ascendant would be Leo. So, the Second House would be Virgo, the Third would be Libra, and so on, according to the ordering of the Signs.
So then, if say, the figure representing the Quesited is Via and jumps to the Fifth House, it is the equivalent of the Moon being in Sagittarius. But, this is of secondary importance as in traditional astrology the Sign simply represents the Environment. So always take the meaning of the House plus the Figure into consideration first.

On the Aspects, this is mostly if you have a specific question in mind. For example, let’s assume that the question is a 9th House matter. You’re planning a trip outside the Country, and you want to know that this Trip is safe. Now, firstly we look at the Judge, which is the ultimate answer to the Question. Let’s say the Judge in this case is Via, a very fortunate figure for this case and definitely shows the journey is safe.
Now, in the House Chart, you notice that your figure, who is Fortuna Major, jumps to the 11th House, making it in Sextile aspect to the 9th House (Trine the 1st House), and the figure in the 9th House jumps to the 10th House, making the chart perfect by way of Mutation.
Let’s say the figure of the Quesited is Albus.

This can mean that the journey is made safe by a source of help. You might be going along the trip and you run into trouble, perhaps a shortage of something, but luckily there was a kind and helpful individual nearby who just so happens to be able to help you, allowing you to continue on your journey.

So the aspects are made through the figures by means of the Houses, just like in Traditional Astrology.

It’s going to be difficult to calculate a full Natal chart accurately with Geomancy, as it’s very unlikely that all the planets will appear, and even then it’s a bit strange to do that with Geomancy. Plus, two figures can’t appear in the same House.
You can however, predict the course of one’s entire life with Geomancy, as I have done here:

Firstly, the Flat Chart is called the House Chart, and the other chart is called the Shield Chart.
In the Islamic tradition, Geomancy is called Ilm Al-raml, “The Science of the Sand”, because the traditional way to do it there is by making dots in the sand. But that was also not the only method for them.

In the West, a whole variety of methods were used. Now, Geomancy is not called Geomancy because it has to do with the dirt. Geomancy is called that because of how it works. It works through our connection the Anima Mundi, the Soul of this World. That is why, if you try to make charts during very unusual and rough weather, such as thunderstorms and blizzards, you will find the accuracy can drop.

The consecrated box of sand is simply something that the GD initiates liked to use. Historically, many different things have been used to do a Geomancy reading. Making dots in the sand, making dots on paper, uprooting potatoes, dice, playing cards, and so on. In the Middle East you can even find spindles of Geomancy dice.
I myself have used a lot of different methods. When I started out, I used to simply make 16 lines of dots on paper, then used to throw 16 coins to generate a chart, then I used 16 Dice pieces, and then I used to pull 8 cards (Normal playing cards) to generate a whole chart, now I pull 4 cards at a time to produce one of the 4 mothers individually. Anything that can produce binary results can produce a Geomancy chart.


Thank you for that detailed answer!!

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