Questions on Abramelin Square for money

Hello everyone.

As a magician i am also trying to ascend from a mere normal and prosaic way of living.
I am seeking out financial magick ways in order to boost my finances and drop out the common 9-5.
I am currently a university student but i wish to build my own business and not have to depend on anyone, and have my own piece of mind as an occultist so that i may have enough money to do what i love.

I have seen a few posts by fellow magicians here about the abramelin squares.
It has come to my attention that there are uncyphered versions of the squares.

I’m trying to work with the following square as given by most of you here:

I have found a pdf as well but the square is given as:

This the text as written by Aaron Leitch.

Which one is the right one???

Also the way i worked with the square was by putting blood over it, gazing at it until it flashed and lines started reappearing and appearing, until i felt a connection was made. I also used incense as amanifestation base. And i repeated three times by vibrating
Please bring me $1000 SEGOR
Please bring me $1000 EGAMO
Please bring me $1000 GAZAG
Please bring me $1000 OMAGE
Please bring me $1000 ROGES

Is this the right way to work with the squares? I have also seen the square i used with SEGOR, EGAMO,OMAGE,ROGES being written with a Q instead of a G.

I’d like to have some input, or results that you had with this square, and which one you specifically used and how.

Thank you.
Hail Lucifer.


Do not use blood on the square. These are very benevolent spirits and they dislike it. It will not help you connect to the square and might even work against you. The system the square comes from does not require it.

New magicians always seem to be enamoured with using blood for every little thing, but there are spirits that do not like it or want it.

The proper square is the first one you listed. I have used the completed square with the Q instead of the G successfully.


I understand that the squares come directly from Abramelin and aren’t demons or demonic entities per se. I’d say we are all unaware of what the squares are about or what spirits are responsible for them.

I remember Koetting using the same square in his evocation course and mentions feeling multiple shades in the room with him. Certainly not “benevolent” spirits might i add.

Some spirits may in fact not want it as you said, but it is the most powerful manifestation basis. And this is what i was experimenting with. Semen comes second.
Also i am more inclined to say that new occultists are actually AFRAID to use blood. Due to stories of either possession, direct contact, or demons “feeding off of you” when you give them blood or any sort of bodily fluids. Such nonsense.
I view it as an offering and manifestation basis and nothing but, i use it on my personal sigils, on my talismans, on demonic sigils, in charged water to cleanse space or a circle, or cut to further enter trance during a ritual. My personal beliefs of course.
I do not work with Angels at the moment, and when i have worked with them, i haven never had any visions or voices pop up in my head from these angels telling me to stop using blood on their Sigils. If one of them does i’ll certainly never use it again for them.

Might try using the square with Q soon, and perhaps without the blood as you suggested with a simple offering and heavy incense for a manifestation basis. I’ll simply gaze at it, charge it up and chant out the names with the request.

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I have never used blood and have never needed to. Nothing really requires it. I have been practicing for over a decade and have used it but once in all that time, and that was to consecrate my Universal Circle.

But to each their own. If it works for you, great.

Not quite…

That simply means he sensed the presence of spirits. It doesn’t refer to anything negative. I have the course and all of EA’s works and he usually refers to anything malicious or negative as shadows, not shades.

The square used most often is the SEGOR EGAMO square and that is for gold coins, which tends to manifest as money for most people.

The second one, the SEGOR EROTO square is for money specifically, though I have never used this particular one so I have no idea what the difference in outcome would be compared to the first one.


Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it. I respect your decade long work but i have my own personal beliefs about blood. I work with necromancy and blood magick as well based on the works of Sorceress Cagliastro as well as other authors.

You did mention that not all spirits like blood, and some are benevolent. But but does’t it seem as an oxymoron that Oriens a Goetic DEMON would discuss on the matter of Abramelin squares? I’m simply trying to show you the way you applied your logic here.
I don’t truly believe in the biblical nonsense of demons and angels. That is why i do not have limitations with blood usage unless i’m specifically asked not to use it.

For example most people view Lucifer as Satan. I view him as a Duality, but also one of the most benevolent spirits i have ever worked with. Akin to Raphael, Michael and any Angel that you can work with through Enochian means. Belial and Mephistopheles on the other hand, whenever are evoked in my circle, feel very very very oppressive, authoritative, and downright evil with every single sense of the word.

Belial is utter destruction, malice, avarice and diabolical imagination all packed up into one entity, these are the impressions i get from working with him. But he is great for destroying what is keeping you back from reaching your true potential.

Perhaps Oriens DID discuss about the squares with the guy, im not ruling it out. I’ll keep working with them. I’ll use both Segor Eroto and Segor Egamo.

Hail Lucifer.

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No, it is not an oxymoron because part of the Abremelin Operation requires the operator to call up the legions of Hell and have them swear loyalty to you and Oriens is one of the sub-princes that must be called. One of the aspects of his office is to bring wealth in the form of gold and silver coins so it is very possible the spirits of the square are his familiars or from his legions, and though that is a guess on my part, it makes logical sense. Benevolent does not mean angelic or good, but only that they mean no harm, and there are many demons that fit that description.

Interesting. I never got that impression from either of them. Belial was actually pretty laid back when I have worked with him

I hope you post about your results. I’d be interested to know if there is a difference in result between the two squares.

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Perhaps Belial seemed less authoritative with you. For me, his energy in the room is oppressive, whether or not he wants to be “evil”. He just is. And i have discussed this with an aged magician with over 20 years of magickal experiene. Belial being their patron demon. He told me my observations were right. He is utter avarice and deception, and his energy is always draining. I usually need food after working with him and feel quite tired for a couple of days.

He was the first demon i ever contacted from the very young age of 16 without any prior occult experience. I couldn’t even feel their impression back then. I am looking to explore my relationship with him further, but in all due time.

The way you mentioned benevolent i assumed you spoke something akin to being angelic. That is the way i understand benevolent as well. Some “demons” are completely harmless while others are destructive forces. Same for angels.

Oriens could be responsible for the squares,its quite possible. I’m not denying it. I could ask him myself and find out that way one day.

I will post any results with the squares. :slight_smile: I like the discussion we are having as well.


Yeah, benevolent simply means no intention to harm, it doesn’t mean harmless. There is a demon in EA’s Kingdoms of Flame who it is said will bring any amount of money but will take back more than is given. The demon is quite friendly and benevolent, always willing to help, but the “take back” is just part of his nature. He’s not purposely malicious at all.

Oh, yeah. I have dealt with some angels that made my insides turn to liquid :flushed:

All spirits have different aspects to them, like humans do, and so how they manifest may vary by the individual magician and possibly by the method used to evoke them. I personally found Belial to be quite engaging, and energizing. I like him!

I do as well :slight_smile: