Questions about summoning angels

I’ve searching for some information about angels on how to summon them or if I’ve to offer something what it would be but the results not what I’ve expected so if someone have summoned an Angel I’d like if he/she can share her/his experience and if you can recommend angels that it’s easy to deal with I’d appreciate it.
Thanks for your time!


I have summoned many angels. To evoke them doesn’t require anything different from evoking demons.

Are you familiar with EA’s works? The ritual set up in Evoking Eternity is all you really need. It is good for any entity (unless you are following a specific current like the Path of Smoke or the Cabal stuff).

You don’t have to offer them anything. All you have to do is command them as the Eternal God you are.

I have detailed some of my experiences here:

and here:


Okay, Thanks but will the angel I summon protect me if I wasn’t in my conscience (ex. Astral project)?


In case, about incense and light: it’s possible to use cloves, saffron, musk and Ash Tree.
An infrared light bulb for Metatron and the Seraphim, red light in the room for high entities or those of Mars and Aries, orange for “less high” and fire angels; yellow for angels, Sun and Leo entities.

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All you really need to summon any spirit is the spirit’s name. A sigil makes it easier, as well as a candle of the color that corresponds to the spirit, and some kind of apparatus for it to use to materialize (incense smoke, black mirror, bowl of water, etc.) There are enns and incantations available to use also. Summoning angels is no different from summoning demons. Your state of mind needs to be angelic rather than demonic, but that’s subjective and hard to describe. I’ve used the book “72 Angels of Magick” and their methods worked but I always revert back to my own methods after exploring other people’s systems. You’ll find what works for you. Just don’t break any oaths, because angels aren’t nice and cuddly as you may have heard. They can be harsh. They’re the same as demons, with a different title and different motives I feel.


Thanks for the information bro, but there was a question bugging me is there a chance that they’re demons pretending to be angels? :0

In my experience when you evoke a spirit correctly using a certain name and sigil, that’s the spirit you get. I’ve never heard of a magician getting an imposter through this kind of operation if it’s done right. You get that kind of thing through less controlled means such as Ouija boards. You got to have confidence in yourself as the operator. You’re in control of what comes in your sacred space. You are the authority over your circle.