Pathworking with the Angels

Hey All,

Since my 5 Spirits thread is still quite popular, and I am receiving questions from new members about it, I thought I would start a thread to detail my experiences as I evoke each of the angels in the pathworking from EA’s Evoking Eternity.

Some background to this project: I am generally drawn to the darker side, and I consider Belial to be a brother; the kind of brother you never visit or talk to unless you want to borrow some money, but a brother nonetheless :slight_smile: About a month or so ago, I started doing what the Law of Attraction people call “pre paving.” every morning. This is where you give thanks and set the intention for your day. In my version, instead of thanking God, I give thanks to the Source, my Godself, ancestors, guardians, protectors, familiars and guides, as well as setting an intention to remain in the present and to remember that my true self is limitless. I have also been doing EA’s chakra exercise daily. I have discovered that doing this seems to have given a boost to my intuition. I have felt tugs within to move in certain directions. One was to buy the new Anthology of Sorcery (still not sure why though), and another tug was to do the angelic pathworking. Because I’m not used to following my intuition I had a divination done by ashkerr about it, and it showed a positive outcome so I am going ahead.

This pathworking is concerned with direct Ascent, so I will also be evoking other entities for any practical tasks that may come up, unless I am informed by the angels that it may interfere with something.

We begin tomorrow with the angel Deggal.


I’m curious. Has pre paving strengthened your ancestral connection(s) or brought results?

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That is a very good question, Frater. I’m really not sure what effect it has had on my connection to my ancestors specifically, though when I thank my ancestors, I usually say, “those that were, those that are, and those that will be.” So far, the primary effect seems to be making my life run smoother, and, surprisingly, alleviated a lot of my depression. It also seems to have given me a sense of being “watched out for,” like someone’s got my back, if that makes sense. And, as I stated in the beginning of this thread, my intuition has been elevated.


We see the following elements in every religion: shamans who travel to a secret and divine plane to experience the divine, ancestor veneration or worship, the practice of ritual, the element of music, and ethical requirements.

Sorry, I haven’t updated this thread. I’ve been busy with life stuff and being lazy. I have been trying to use some mild sleep deprivation to aid in my evocation but I have failed. Twice. It seems once I get to 36 hours, I fall asleep without consciously wanting to.

I am going to forgo the sleep deprivation and do the evocation without it. I hope Deggal is patient :slight_smile:

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@DarkestKnight Deggal is awesome!

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Last night, I performed the evocation of Deggal.

I set up my UC with a chair and a small table I use for an altar. I followed my usual prep, doing EA’s cloud exercise and a countdown. My heart was beating quite rapidly so it took me awhile to get into the being state necessary. I then spoke the exorcism form Kingdoms of Flame (also given in Evoking Eternity) to clear any unwanted energies from the room.

The sigil began to flash quite quickly, fading in and out almost immediately, as I gazed into it and called the angel. I transferred my gaze to my scrying bowl as I commanded the angel take form and speak in a voice I could hear. My gaze narrowed and I could make out what looked like tiny pinpricks of light.

I “heard” a voice in the back of my mind, say “I am here.” I say voice, but it was more like voices, like a chorus. I greeted the angel, and tasked him with enveloping me in his cloak of light, to quicken my Ascent. At this point, I thought I had lost contact, so I resumed gazing at the sigil. Once more I heard the chorus in my mind, It said, “I have been here since you first made the decision to call me.”

I once more asked the angel to surround me in his light to quicken my Ascent, and in response, I heard,“You have my light, but cannot yet feel it. Call me again in 3 days time and I will teach you to strengthen it.”

I gave my agreement to call him again in 3 days, and gave the license to depart. After counting up out of trance, I wrote everything in my magical journal. At this time, I started to feel a sensation of “heaviness” around my shoulders and upper body. It took me a while to come down from the evocation, even though it was quite short; the longest part of it all was getting into the proper mindset. The whole thing lasted about an hour but it took me another hour to come down from it and ground enough to sleep,

I will detail any effects of the cloak of light that I may feel.


If anyone here is serious about working with the Qabalistic angels and the Hebrew letters that correspond with the paths of the Tree of Life in an intensive way, I can personally recommend the Foundation and Main course of the first grade of the Servant of the Light school. It will take four to five years but you’ll have an experience that is quite…unique in its thoroughness. Of course this is purely right hand path stuff, but they do have a lineage that can trace its way back to the Golden Dawn. Not for the arm chair occultist. You will have to get up early in the morning to do your meditations. You will have to buy extra books (most of which can be bought second hand cheaply on Amazon) many of which were published in the '60s, '70s and '80s and seem a little dated now. But the head of the school; Dolores Ashcroft - Nowicki is a good teacher and very approachable and you are provided with one on one supervision.


The angels in the pathworking have nothing to do with the Tree of Life whatsoever.


Have you asked them?

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No, but they are angels from Ea’s book Kingdom’s of Flame, and so don’t exist within the Kabbalisitc paradigm, with the exception of Raziel and Metatron, who also exist outside it.


Here is an interesting conundrum: can the Divine Light of Deggal cause anger and/or rage?

i had someone, with whom I am performing in a play, blow up at me for an innocuous comment I made last night that wasn’t even directed at him, and he is apparently holding a large amount of anger, demanding an apology for this imagined insult. Today, his negative energy hit me hard and caused a roiling in my stomach, and it was everything I could do to calm it before performing. It seems his anger stimulates anger in me and creates a circle that feeds on itself. This anger/negative energy from him is completely out of proportion to the level of the supposed transgression.

Makes me wonder if it is somehow connected to the evocation of Deggal.


So far, I haven’t noticed any major energetic influence from the light of Deggal. The incident mentioned above I do not believe to have been connected to it in any way. I do not have a sense of anything happening on the physical plane in terms of influence or attraction, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening on the subtle levels. I had a rune reading from a member recently, and it pointed to a build up towards some sort of personal revelation of who and what I am. It appears I have set various forces in motion by beginning this pathworking.

I will continue to monitor any influences from the mantle of light for the next few days. The second evocation, that of Sakatos, will commence on Monday.


Thank you DarkestKnight for this post
i started same pathworking few days ago and although i am a newbie in evocation i feel there is a change going on i my life and my practice

If you willing to share more of your experience since then that would be very great

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Hey, man. I have limited experience to share at the moment. I have had to start the pathworking over again because I got lazy and stopped. It is a bad habit of mine and one of the biggest obstacles to my Ascent. It is one of the things for me to discuss with Sakatos when the time comes to do so.

I have also experienced a bit of fear about this pathworking because it is asking some very powerful beings to act in my life and push me out of my comfort zone. I’ve evoked numerous beings for things like money, inspiration, or knowledge, but this goes beyond just calling upon a demon or angel for a single task. There is a lot of trepidation for me because, according to what EA has written in Evoking Eternity about calling upon Metatron, the effect will last for the remainder of my existence and that kind of weighs on me. I followed my intuition in starting the pathworking, and had it checked via a Tarot reading from a forum member, so I know it will have a positive effect for me, but the fear and anxiety still remain. I’ve never done anything that will have such a long lasting effect like this before.

Please feel free to share some of your experiences with me in this thread or via PM. I would love to hear them.


I havent worked with that pathworking but the in the case of fear once you work through it you will likely find more empowerment than you were expecting. This has been my experience when i get the sense of dread or fear.

My perspective of it is it’s the “sheeple” programing fearing its own death. Because once you go after real power you can go back and claim to be a victim when your choices cause the result. When you become the cause of event chains you cant go and say it want your fault.


@DarkestKnight – Are the angels you’re working with planetary angels like the ones fo under in the Qabalah, that also have influence over the day of the week (7 planets, 7 days) - Raphael, Gabriel, Khamuel, Michael, Tzafquiel, Haniel, Tzaphkiel?

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No, the majority of the angels in this pathworking are from Kingdoms of Flame. Deggal, Sakatos, Raziel, Derdekea, Metatron, and Enkidorat. Raziel and Metatron are the only two not from that grimoire.


I see. Do they each have an association with a day of the week, or just evoking them from a list in KOF?

No, they are not affiliated with any specific days of the week. I am evoking them in the order given by EA in Evoking Eternity.

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