My Art Journal

Just making a journal so I have a place to drop my art. I don’t really do social media, so I don’t have a good place to make a comprehensive album or anything that doesn’t take up space on my computer or phone. I used to always trash or burn my work, thinking it was shitty. I still think that, but I’m trying to accept I had fun, enjoyed it and did my best so why trash it because I’m embarrassed of it. It just is what it is, and I might as well get over and accept this is me.

I started this one about hours ago. There were distractions and there were definitely mistakes and try to fix its, but I am actually almost happy with him.


That’s really pretty, wow! Keep posting em, I’m interested in seeing more of them. What medium did you use to colour the painting?

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It’s just cheap markers from the dollar store- they don’t even have a brand name. I just picked up a few sets of what I could afford for options :slight_smile:


Your work is beautiful! Create more. I remember there was a period when I destroyed almost all of my old drawings (now I do this with some of them). But those that remain help me a little later to understand the mistakes that I make when creating them and, thereby, improve.

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This is from a few days ago, but I’ve been busy sleeping and being a mom. I was trying to recreate a drawing I burned last spring, meh. It’s alright.

This one turned out better than I expected, considering I managed to explode the gold metallic marker everywhere and had to fix things. I know it’s common for gold to have issues- the mix inside the marker is kinda wonky and heavy so I shook it… well… I ended up adding black to the lions mane, and trying to cover up the fck up. I honestly thought I should go back over it, and redo the entire main in black, instead of leaving blue, but both my kids like it how it turned out.

I named it after my ubi, and I guess he must have liked it too, as the last two nights when I was trying to fall asleep he kept pushing faint impressions of this image at me, I guess as a hurry up and finish those last few segments or maybe just letting me know it was okay, despite my disappointment in myself.

I struggled really hard to stay in the lines while coloring and with the entire page for some reason. I think the mask thing with the flowers on his head looks a little weird, and it took me halfway through coloring it to realize the loops were part of his mane, almost like some women have their hair down in updo’s at the beauty shop for things like weddings and prom etc.


This was my first attempt at colored pencil for a job I did for someone else.

I’m really proud of this one, despite the fact mistakes were made-because it’s my first colored pencil project. My good friend google let me know-that what I didn’t learn in the art class I didn’t take, was that colored pencils are all about layers, shading and blending. I’ve always done that sorta stuff for sketches and tattoos so, I may suck but at least I love shading.

Yes I cheated and used a metallic marker to make it’s little orb of energy look shiny. I mean I have a box of 12 colored pencils and didn’t even own a sharpener when I did it last week :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’ve never done a grayscale colored pencil project, since the above was my first colored pencil project and I had to google how to do it tbh once I saw the coloring book.

I really didn’t like it at first but it grew on me. I learned a lot but I still can’t figure out some things I did wrong, like how to make the swampy mist appear to be swampy mist.

Either way three days later I’m calling it down, good enough for a first time. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I was also really surprised at the page curling, I’d only experienced thst with other mediums- but then I’m new to colored pencil so… guess lots to be learned- like how to take a photo of it, because there are not white spots in her hair but the last picture looks like there is


You did really good even if you don’t think so I do. Looking forward to seeing more of your art.


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I got 2 questions , do you think colored pencils are better than markers , and do you ever get bored of the drawing halfway through and just start another one :rofl:


Uhm I like both but they are real different ya know? I mean marker projects don’t take as long- even if you have lots of little pieces to color, you can also cover anything with black except Metallics- do you can fix a mistake.

Minute colored pencil offers shading and depth of color thst idk how to produce in marker- in paint and pencil sure, but marker? Idk I’m sure people do but I mess up colors just by coloring too close to a dark with a yellow and stupid stuff lol.

The gray scale is real hard with colored pencil, honestly theirs tiny details on all of them, thst ofc his sharp my pencils are- there just ain’t no way I can color them. Not individually and distinctive without fcking the whole thing up lol.

So I guess I think they are different.

Not usually as far as the rest goes but I do sometimes stop halfway and rip the page out and trash it. I did it the night I posted the last one tbh. I was trying to do another scene and no matter what I did it just got worse so I eventually gave up.


Sighs. Phone autocorrects. I should never use my phone for balg. I just don’t see most of the mistakes it makes for me and my writing is bad enough on pc where I can see a lot of them.


The markers are definitely quicker , do you just progress your art by keep practicing

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Yeah I mean. I don’t really practice or intend to. it’s just doing when the mood hits mostly. I usually have a project/purpose in mind when I sit down. I used to doodle in school of course, but not anymore unless I’m on hold on the phone lol.

I had an art class for 9 weeks my senior year of high school, because I had literally taken everything else and just needed a filler, but. We did more arts and crafts than anything and didn’t really learn anything about how to use the more traditional mediums like pencil or paint. I’ve sketched my own tattoos and drawn things my entire life, but I don’t really have any training other than when I google something up.

I think the reason I usually have an idea of what I want to do when I sit down is because I can’t make an image with my minds eye. So like to draw a fox, I googled images and looked at different fox animi artwork and all sorts of things like to build an idea of what things I could combine or use to sketch out the form before I colored it, since I kinda just wanted real simple and to try colored pencils for the first time.


It looks great , I’m trying to get better , it’s like a form of meditation I use when I’m sick of meditating haha

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Yeah it can be. I can really get thought lost in a work of art, and thanks.


For real , when I tried to deal with some fears and blocks I couldn’t dismantle I just start drawing for a half hour and go back to meditating

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You know a lot of child psychologist and crime scene investigators that work with children, will hand them paper and crayons while they talk.

Sometimes the issues come out in art for kids, so I don’t know adults couldn’t tap into it as a tool as well to be honest, because it’s almost like the brain can go onto autopilot with it for many people. You’re aware and making decisions but yet it’s a very trance like state where things just flow.


I had something in the back of my mind channeling that haha , yea totally it’s an outlet for energy , all kinds but especially emotional / sacral energy ,

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I’m still baffled by the page curling, though the last one worked itself out over time. I clearly don’t know how to color sand or stone, but and plenty of mistakes were made.

I’m starting to think me and grayscale coloring don’t get along, but it turned out way better than I expected.