Questions about love spells

So Ive been doing love spells on a particular target whp is very stubborn, she knows me and dislikes me but she has been attracted to me in the past. Also she is currently in a relationship as far as Im aware also I had a dream about her last night where we were talking and hanging out. What does this all mean?

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It doesn’t really mean anything.

You are overly attached to the target so, in my opinion, your dream is nothing but subconscious wish fulfilment. You’re constantly thinking about the target so of course your subconscious would throw her into your dreams.


you did the lovespell yourself or hired somebody?

I did it

Interesting, how long ago. I am in the same situation

Target is stubborn but feeling the effects

So, you want to control her, do I have that right? You wantr to control this person amd make her love you. Am I right?

How do you know she’s feeling the effects?

Its a very slippery slope bro!

@Optillion bro, please leave us alone. We are in delicate situations. I don’t need lecturing about it

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Spiritual reading

I’m out dude

Dm me you able to do this for me?


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I’m out

I can’t PM man, I don’t have the member status yet. Im not willing to put my # out here either lol so we’re stuck. I can do readings though

This character arc is amazing.


Whats your email?

You first bro

So, non-stop updates all night for a guy wanting to force his will onto someone else.
Sure, no worries, not gonna lecture you, but seeing this play out is way more entertaining than being annoyed that THIS is the hottest topic tonight.