Questions about Lilith

Hi guys, I’m new here and I wanted to ask some questions.

How do you know if you are connected with Lilith? Like mentally or spiritually?

Because ever since I opened my mind to these things, I began to have dreams of a demon girl and that was back then when I didn’t even know that other demons exist besides satan. And recently, just the past two years that I began to learn of Lilith’s existence, I began to search for various things regarding her because I was so curious to know who she is. And that comes to my next question.

Does magick have something to do with her? Like rituals or something?

I haven’t don’t those things nor practice them, but this year I sometimes listen to chants related to Lilith, and I have immediately seen its effect (I think it’s 3 or 4 months ago). I sometimes wake up consciously and go along with the chant, then I can hear myself laughing. During that time, my mind is awake but it seems that I’m only half control.

Does any of the demons do those kinds of things? Or am I just crazy?

At the moment, I’m trying to find something that can lead me to an answer if I’m just imagining things or if I’m crazy, or do I have some weird connection with such beings?


Relax lol, its safe to say I have connections to Lillith too even though I had never reached out to her, meditated or nothing of sort.
I used to wake up in a sleep paralysis state to a spirit sucking my dick, caressing my nipples and I have wet dreams some times too. (This has been happening to me for about 10 years, I’m 21 now) all I know this is certainly a succumbus and as at last month before I joined this forum I had no idea what Everything meant at all.

I am completely new to all of this and now I understand who lillith is, what a succumbus is also, I’ve been doing a lot of reading too.
I don’t know if I’m making any sense but you’re definitely not crazy lol and if you would ask me I think you should reach out to her. You can meditation to her sigil, listen to her enn at night while you lay down. I don’t know if you smoke pots but I feel that would be cool too. Don’t expect anything just try to listen to your mind.

PS : I’m completely new to black magic and all too and this is just my token on your thread.

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Thanks! I have a few corrections from what I typed in earlier. It’s not a chant related to Lilith, it’s from a succubus. I don’t smoke and will never smoke pots nor cigarettes, I don’t do drugs either. I will take your advice and listen to her chant instead.

Btw is it okay to listen to a chant even when sleeping? Because that’s what I do

You can listen to it in a meditative state and you can also listen to it while you sleep, but the first is better.
And relax, you made weed sound like it’s a killer drug, lol God Made weed bro.

Welp, I didn’t mean it that way and besides, I just turned 18. But putting that aside, do you have any idea on where or how to start learning about magick and such? For now, I’m reading articles and online sites about certain topics and it’s very confusing since I have no idea.

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It depends on what type of magick you want to study.

If you are intressted in Draconian magick (a form of black magick) I would recomend starting with “Draconian Ritual Book” by Asenath Mason and move on from there.

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What about books about demons? Thank you for answering

You’re welcome to the forum, you should probably do a formal introduction on this thread.

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Draconian magick involves work with demons and other dark enteties. The book i recomended is a good book to start with and then later as you start to understand more you can start to see what other litterature you need.

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Then I will read it too, thanks a lot!

Sad to say, i’m still a student and I’m not earning any money as of now. So for now I’ll stick to copies, but I always considered buying a copy of the book when I have the money. Thank you for telling me this!

Yes this is different angle too.

No worries. But you should know, to reiterate, that pirated copies of the book can potentially contain incorrect information. Not to scaremonger, but this means that at best you won’t contact the entity at all, and at worst means you might find yourself beset by a parasite(s) in the form of an imposter.

The book is about $6 USD in Kindle/electronic format. If that’s beyond your means, searching the forum for money spells might help :slight_smile: :+1: Demons of Magick also does not mention Lilith. However you might find this thread helpful:

I wish you the best on your journey :bouquet:

@Muggie I have edited your post to remove mention of the site, in line with the forum rules. Hope you understand. :bouquet:


Temple of ascending flame has a Qlipoth book which includes Lilith.

That’s the book I did and the draconian current is quite strong.

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i will look into it too

Tantric Pagans has a free eBook on Lilith and they have Lilith Mantras
Maybe check that out.

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