Questions about Djinns

I have no experience with Djinns, I read a few books and worked with one of them only once. This Friday I plan to do a ritual and I still haven’t defined some critical points.

I would like to ask for the opinion of the more experienced members and those who are willing to help.

  • In a Djinn ritual, do you think I need to blow out the candles at the end of the ritual or can I leave it lit until it is consumed without the danger of leaving any portals open?

  • the operator should face north?

  • Is it necessary to cover all reflective surfaces in the location to prevent open others portals?


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If you want to blow out the candle do and if you don’t, don’t.
If you want a portal closed, close it. These are separate things.
If you used the candles as part of the way to open a portal, and you think the portal will stay open while the candles are lit, but you want it shut, then I would say, blow out the candles.

  • the operator should face north?

If you want to? Facing North is often done as symbolic of wanting the energies of the North in your working. Do you want the energies of the North in your working? If yes, go ahead and face North. :+1:

  • Is it necessary to cover all reflective surfaces in the location to prevent open others portals?

Not that I’m aware of, no.

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thanks for reply

let me ask,

How many times have you worked with djinns?

What you say contradicts many authors and Djinn grimories, but who am I to doubt it…

You must have a very large knowledge about them.
Basically you’re telling me to do what I want to do without thinking about the risks or the importance that certain things have for these entities.

I understand your intention and I thank you for your support and a very didactic reply.

I would love it if you could tell us more about your experience with Djinns.

The C. Hargrove system didnt work for me but I like the Djinns listed there
I studied “The Book of Smokeless Fire” for almost 2 years before using it once and successfully, but at great spiritual cost.
I consider it a loaded weapon ready to fire and not to be used “just the way I want”

My intention is to experiment and make something more suitable to my needs and increase the chances of contacting properly these entities.

Anyway, thanks again for your attention and your time.

I will not return to this subject here.

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I’ve been working with djinn for the last 3 years. The djinn in my view are a kind of fae, they are of the earth, and I come from a culture, Britain, that has worked with the far in a different way than the Middle East for millennia. I’ve been working with Fae for 30 years.

The middle eastern methods are not for everyone, they’re the equivalent of Solomonic magick for “demons”, and i don’t use that either. This is why i don’t follow many authors published works, i think for myself, I find what works and I experiment. But imagine turning up at someone’s village and demanding the warriors to shit for you for free or you’ll beat them up, that’s what this method does, and these are tough guys: not a clever idea.

I know there’s ways to use the Solomonic method and tell yourself it’s not a problem, admonishing “demons” in the name of some other power, and it’s not really rude and disrespectful. But again, I see this as also giving your power away to these other entities. Having help is one thing, getting bigger boys to do it for you is another. If you have to bring a bodyguard to the party you’re not good enough to do the work imo, and they will see this and you will never be respected. It’s kind of thuggish and low quality in my book, Martial (of Mars) and masculine, not Aquarian, and I’m an Aquarian and feminine, so of course it’s not my way. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t work fine for others, I won’t tell them not to, but I think it’s inferior to a cooperative method on the grand scale of things, given the energies present on Earth in these times. We are not isolated in our work, we are affected by and affect all the unseen around us, and it would be responsible and appropriate to work with that not against it.

You’re YOU. You should doubt all of us, on principle. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

I am a black magician, I give zero authority to “authors”, they have kindly published their opinion, not always well tested, sometimes full of dogma and imagination. I’m grateful and interested in what they have to say. But, I test it and if it doesn’t work for me, I try something else…

You should never put “authors” or anyone including experienced mages on a pedestal. This is giving away your power to others, and that’s not helpful when you want to grow your power. Advice is great, do with it what you want; authority is bullshit.

I worked with 4 djinn from that book, in my way, of course. They came, and they do not want to work with humans. I found out why later: look up who they are an how we got their names. It’s pretty despicable. They are unseelie, they were never meant to be worked with. Look up discussions here on how they are plagiarised from the book of deadly names by Shadrach Nineveh, that will tell you the problem with that book: wrong djinn. Not all djinn are like this. Try other djinn and never call these guys, they were maltreated, they hate humans for good reason and they want to be left alone.

They are however, great people, and will have a conversation. They just don’t want to be asked to do you favors much less be put to forced labour. And they don’t have to be nice about it. Treat them with respect and caution and they have secrets no one else can tell you, mostly about their civilization. I have an interest in anthropology, so I think that’s cool.

Sensible, I think, since I have done the same. Most books on it are useless imo… I provided my experience for this reason. Treat them politely like people, not “demons” to be controlled, or tools, find one who will be an ally that will help you. Make him a vessel on your altar. Kind of like papa legba for the Lwa, he will liaise and introduce you to others open to working with humans.


Actually by my own standards I shouldn’t say this, because we only have one side of the story Solomon’s word for it in works of questionable authenticity, namely the mistranslated and corrupted books left in the JCI canon.

While it’s telling that this author later withdrew this book from publication saying it was dangerous, having been asked to publish it by one of them (he explains it in a yt video interview somewhere). I’ll put it on my list to see if I can ask the Djinni that gave these names directly, Fiqitush, see what his side of the story is.

The other thing that occurs to me, although this side of the Djinn has not called to me yet, is that some Djinn are treated as gods and goddesses, the same way some Fae were. The goddess of a well where people made pilgrimages to get healing were considered a type of fae or djinn. Those still exist and are worshiped and loved today.

As this person mentioned a while ago (he’s not around here any more) he works with the “god level” not the kind found in Deadly Names. I read this as “seelie” (freindly) vs “unseelie”.

Note: “Seelie” is Scottish. Seelie Fae means basically “nice Fae”. It’s similar to the English way of calling the Fae the “good folk”, “Robin goodfellow”, “the fair folk” etc. Which may have been partly to avoid insulting them, which always brings bad luck, or because when they still walked the land they were godlike and attractive.


This is an interesting conversation, I’ve only worked with Djinn a few times using a book called Practical Djinn Magick by Corwin Hargrove, have you heard of this one and if so, would you consider it a valid source for successfully working with Djinn? I found it pretty hit or miss, but I did feel a presence and I did get some results, I even think a few stuck around for a bit. Also what books or techniques would you suggest? Djinn are very fascinating and I would love to be able to work with them more often and more successfully. I hope I’m not asking too many questions

The OP @Infernus.Rofocalus mentioned this book and that it didn’t work out for him.
While I love Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia Pathworking and find it effective, and I own the Practical Jinn Magick Book, as I said above, I’m not a fan of Solomonic methods. So while I like Hargrove and thing he’s a fine mage, I’m not interested in this way of workign with any entity. I also will not use the LBRP for this reason (and also because it’s too long and fussy pain in the ass).

That is, using “divine” names to control other entities). I joke that I’m “allergic” to religion (all religion), I have nothing against working with angels directly, but it really does give me an uneasy and sick feeling to give my power away my power and ask them to bind an entity to make it perform against it’s will. I won’t do it. I explained why above.

You know the 72 in the Goetia were all called “Djinn” by Solomon? I think not all are, and there’s a mix, but if you research behind those spirits you will find that many people have been working with what was called above “god level” Djinn all along.

I haven’t yet found a Jinn focused book that isn’t steeped in dogma and imaginative embellishments, and just regurgitates the prior stories of 2 thousand years and is mostly useless out the gate. I think it’s very much worth starting from scratch and making your own relationships.

To really work with a friendly Djinn, find one that lives near you and offer friendship.
Go for a hike and seek them in their spaces, a large rock, a river canyon, a well, a very old tree, a cave… all these places in nature are where they live, just the other side of the veil. The place will feel special and spirited, or maybe heavy, or you’ll feel watched. They can see you but you can’t see them, but you can feel them if you pay attention.

Then say hello and make friends. If you get on well, you may find it helps you out bringing you good luck, and can introduce you to more. Ask it about the big names from the books and get it’s opinion and if it’s heard of them. Make it personal. Be nice but follow thr rules: never eat or drink anything it gives you, keep your promises, expect it to be suspicious of you, and that it may enjoy pranking you (and pranks from these guys can be lethal, so be careful and wise).

The book The Vengeful Djinn points out:


So don’t be offended if the one you find is unfriendly and goes "gerroffa my lawn!" :smiley: . Just say thanks and get out of there fast.


Thanks for the advice! I think I know a place that has a djinn, there’s an old tree not far from my house that looks very odd. I’ll try going there when the temps cool down.

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What are the non solomonic ways of working with the djinn?
I was also using the practical djinn magic. I had quite some success. Then i tried some passages of the birhatiyah conjuration and i had even more success. I was impressed.
I didnt know that i was forcing them to manifest my will.
Lately i was drifting away just talking to the Kings. Making sure i was showing respect. My wishes were manifesting.

Oh btw i was planning to work with those djinns in the book of smokeless fire. I only browsed the names. Then one day i was in bed in a state in between being awake and asleep and they created a bell noise and showed me an image of my enemy being bit on the head by a big snake. They closed the vision with the same bell sound.

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Recently I was recommended Ashanti Starr’s books on djinns, and to stay clear of some of the books you mention, especially the deadly names one.

Apparently Starr’s method is great and safe, but she has so many books that is hard to pick which one to buy first.
I’m very happy to find modern Grimoire on djinns because I’ve always been fascinated by them, but the traditional methods are too tricky.

So far I enjoy Corin Hargrove and Baal Kadmon.
I actually drafted a ritual that mashes up both because I like some of the sentences Kadmon uses, and although Hargrove’s ritual is simpler, the spells tend to be a bit too specific, while Kadmon’s allows you to make, for instance, any request related to love or money as long as it’s done on the proper day.

I tried two rituals from Corwin’s book. One of them I think it’s working, although I adapted it (I used Friday for a beauty request).

The other one not do much. I will try again but I’ll follow the examples of some forum members that were less strict with the timing and total darkness thing.

Following all the steps in total darkness whacked my focus, I ended up reading in a rush.

Funny thing happened though: I was using a glass lantern and it cracked with a bang with just a touch of the candle’s flame!


I was just talking about these above. Go for a hike, or walk our land, and talk to them where they live. The Iranians don’t go into small caved for far of disturbing the Djinn… do go find small caves etc etc.
These are real people, they exist with us in the Earth.

In Practical Djinn Magick? The author tells you right at the beginning.

I know people skip reading the introductions but they usually tell you all the things that come up as questions later, and are worth paying attention to.

Congratulations! Yeah, it’s not that it doesn’t work, obviously the Solomonic method works… its that I personally will not use this method. For the reasons stated. I’m not going to call someone by their King’s name, period. If he and I want to have a conversation, that’s between he and I and nobody else, and if he doesn’t want to talk to me, I won’t make him. I think that’s just rude. :woman_shrugging: It’s not in my personal values to be rude to people just to get what I want. I’ll find another way that doesn’t go against my personal integrity.


You make a good point, but what if he needs the King’s permission to talk to you, even if he wants to? I guess we can always add “tell them to come if they are willing”…

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Then that’s too bad, no I won’t do it and then he can’t talk to me.

… I don’t think that happens, all the workings revolve around forcing communication not disallowing it. But in this case: not my circus not my monkeys. That is not a system I can or will in good faith support by submitting to working within it: I won’t give it any energy or validation.

He can grow a spine and talk to me or he doesn’t, his cultural blocks are not my business.

Have I mentioned I have a permanent partial possession with Belial? :joy: This very idea just rubs me the wrong way.


Is the Birhatiyah or Berhatiya a solomonic method?
And btw since i wrote you my reply i started getting noises of wind and smell of a match that is burnt in my nose. I believe the djinns who are around me like the conversation as they made their presence known to me.

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Not the foggiest. :thinking: As I said, I use my own methods.

This is a good method for communication, for sure :smiley:

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:joy::joy::joy: Good one.

I personally don’t give it much thought, I might nip and tuck a method if I find it disrespectful though. I’m not comfortable bossing spirits around either, I prefer them as allies or business partners.

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You try Donald Johnson djin book,? Although it’s America books in djin it’s 1 in France magia arabe,and another also by Jacques bersez which can be easy find , and a few gems around ,in high Magick.

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I’ve read a lot of interesting things in this thread, but to give a more traditional perspective:
-Djinn are every spirit that is not an angel. Iblis is an interesting case but I haven’t found consensus among my sources on what he is. That means that the gnome that lives in your house is a djinn. The Goetic spirits are djinn, every pre-islamic deity is a djinn. @Mulberry was referring to god level djinn and those are beings that were usually worshipped by a family clan before the spreading of islam. Most “good inclined” Djinn that possess “god level” are not found in books but rather personal manuscripts that are harder to acquire
-The old magicians of Arabia had a huge influence on Kabbalists from the 12-14th century and vice versa. The Kabbalists spirit servants became Djinn and the Djinn spirit servants. All those generations of magicians operated under the believe that everything is ruled by an angel since Hebrew and Arabic are said to possess both magical qualities. I can only vouch for the Hebrew part because my experience with arabic is lacking. Thus a divine name construct is nothing more than a command in an operating console of a computer if you so will. Those names neither take power away from you, since the mystical sects of religions always teach that god is inside you, not a being far away on the cloud.
-Angels ought to obey you because you carry the divine light within you (you are god according to the mystics) and sure thing they do. The angels called upon in Hargrove´s conjuration are the angels of the quarters if I remember it right and azazel. So their function is not to boss the djinn around but to open the quarters for you to have better communication.
-Oh and I forgot to mention something @Mulberry the LBRP is faulty from a traditional perspective. The divine name AGALA is attributed to fire and spoken in the wrong direction… and the divine names used do not really make sense from a traditional point of view.
-That brings me to my last point: Do what thou willst shall be the whole of the law. Chaos magic is basically everything. Every worked with GoM´s book demons of Magick? The Angels called upon are traditionally there to “battle” the Qlippoth. But many people belief it works and so it does. I myself had great success with the system, still it is totally conflicting with what has been written and tested 800-600 years ago.


No. Berhatiya is an ancient covenant formed by jinn at the Gate of Ishtar. It is said that King Solomon used this conjuration, even having its names inscribed around his carpet and ring, but it’s much older than him