Do you have any titles given to you by the nonphysicals?

Just Curious. Thank you for your time.

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Well, how about we get you to Introduce yourself to us first :slight_smile:

Its one of our rules :wink:

I personally don’t have any titles, in regards to your question.



Thank you. I didn’t know.

I usually do that.

And thank you for responding.

I have some other questions but they are not to be posted on the forum because it might be considered spam. But the reasons for those are spirit based.

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only speaking for myself. but yes, I have. :slight_smile:

I know this was for EA but I couldnt resist ok? :slight_smile::heart:

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I do too! hehehehe!

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I’ll make a general thread for the continuation this topic for others.


I have been given titles by them.

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Out of curiosity, is there are reason behind thia question?

I thought she already did that awhile ago? That user has been here for awhile if I’m correct. I’m familiar with the user name.

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Lol dude I said that a month ago…

Yeah but for some reason I remember cernu already being a member before a month ago… Idk I have a lot on my plate I could be wrong.

All good man.

Let me know if you need anything :slight_smile:

You are correct. But I didn’t introduce myself until a month ago.

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It is just a question that I thought of for an conversation topic.


is that a thing?

For me,

A curiousity and sometimes yes.


Yeah for some.

is there a purpose behind the titles?

what are your titles?

The devourer, first born of Hekate and Nyaralathotep. Those are two of mine.[quote=“telgega, post:18, topic:17747”]
is there a purpose behind the titles?

Good question! I’m not sure. Perhaps you could assume that aspect and use it’s traits in rituals.


Yes there is a purpose, they are what you are.

I answer that in another topic I started here.


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