Question that I'm not sure how to search

I have an issue but I am not even sure how to word it to search it. The situation has to do with my husband. He is absolutely miserable in life and I don’t know what else to do to help him. He is an absolute grouch to everyone, but me, and has a tendency to burn bridges. He believes he is past help. I don’t want to do a spell to make him better but would like to find something that would make him want to do so on his own.


Will he compete if you set him a challenge? Like, to read some Napoleon Hill books, which are very good at rationally explaining why one’s personal attitude dictates experience in life.

Try evoking his Higher Self and asking them to assist him in reinvesting in life: evocation method.

Also this may be helpful in some way to you: from problem to action.


Probably if I read it first and told him how great it was and asked him to read it. I am checking out your other links too. Thanks for the fast response. I love him more than words can describe and I want to see him happy again.


I will try both. The second looks like it can help me work through some other unrelated things as well. Thank you much ma’am you are a goddess.


Thank you much ma’am you are a goddess.