What beings can you recommend to help with this

Ok now befor I start this maybe long and I know I will have some kind of negitive feed back so I’m going to do a disclaimer

I love my fiance I just want the best for him I do accept him for what and who he is he needs some kinda improvement on personality and in his life in general

Ok I’m getting married to a mundane male guy- he is rude and disrespectful and just too opened mouth on somethings that I can’t stand it he acts like he is four some times cause he wines about everything and he can be uncaring and unsupportive

He is a good guy I mean he has a good heart he helps alot of ppl he has been there for me just not how a man should be you know I do love him I do but I want. Him to improve himself

He has no job and doesnt show signs of wanting one ( I know many will say leave bet I’ve known him 13 years and leaving isn’t something I’d like to do) I feel like he is discouraged about getting one since he feels like he has no experience

I want him to be alot more kinder and supportive and respectful
(I just got out of surgery today and can’t do much at all I don’t want to feel like im going to get told no you do it your fine kinda thing it’s a jerk way of no showing support)

I want him to have courage and high self esteem and no self doubt likme he does I want him to act like a man and not a child very little lazyiness and to finish doing things he starts…(he wanted to work on his body you k ow take. Off a couple of pounds but isnt motivated enough to act on it even eating healthy is an issue)

I know I may sound selfish and well let’s face it I’m being selfish but all of this is life changing for him…and yes I have tried to talk to him about this all but I don’t get any where with these convos so now I’m turning to magic my reasons are I want a better relationship with him but some of the stuff he does Im hoping magic can help
Thanks for reading and for your help

Strongly recommend our King Belial to boost his confidence and self esteem and annihilate any insecurities about himself.

Again King Belial and Azazel can help with this. Lots of people in the forum had success in finding a job with the help of these two.

Also you might wanna consider King Paimon as he can manipulate people to his will. Kindly ask him to change your fiance’s personality.
You could also do a love spell to reinforce his interest for you.

But honestly, no matter what you say,no matter how long you’ve known him for ,this right here:

is literally SCREAMING “DUMP HIS ASS”. OK. I know you said you don’t want criticism and I really don’t wanna be THAT person. I know, I have no idea what happens in your guys’ home ,but I am begging you to think if that’s really the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. A guy that low key doesn’t give a shit about you and needs magick to stop being a major asshole. Just sayin’.


I agree with @Mystic-Void, call on King Paimon and Belial to assist with him finding a job. The same with his weight issues and having the motivation to workout. I read Orias can help with getting physically fit as far as motivating you to do so.

Maybe call on Dantalion to help manipulate his emotions, make him more loving towards you, sympathetic, etc.


@bunny4cam, Congratulations on getting married I am very happy for you :slight_smile: Love is completely blind and no one really knows why we love the ones we do.

I admire you taking on this task, because it’s hurtful when you see the ones you love wasting the potential that you can quite clearly see.

You’r e going to have to do a bit more than just call on an ancient to fix things, this is your project so you will most definitely be directly involved.

How much education does he have?

Everyone has experience in something, If he’s good with people there are lots of opportunities. Healthcare comes to mind. Nursing school?

None of this is cheap, pay attention to him to figure out where he can be best guided and take baby steps with building him up right. Don’t get selfish and build him to what you want, build him to what you know he can be and everything will be ok.

Azazel, Belial, Abaddon and Baal would be top of my list.

I hope this helps, I didn’t want to pass any judgements on you because you both deserve better. Keep me posted on how things progress please :slight_smile:


Great advice!!! :clap::hugs:


Thank you guys I thought I was going to get such a negitive response on this he really is t bad I think no I know he doesn’t know how to love someone truely since he has been through alot when he was younger being ignored by his parents and abused so I had a thought to do this

I don’t want to be selfish and make him to my own will cause I’m sure I won’t be satisfied or it will become more or less not good but I do want to make him the. Best version of himself help him be motivated have courage and better self esteem and not so winny or complainy I also think calling on some one to change his personality a bit and work on his will on loving me better will be good to thank you for that advice

I’ll watch and see what he will be good at in jobs he is great with computers but can’t talk to ppl like he should be able to he speaks on unimportant matters or gives way to much info

Also one last thing who is good with helping or healing memory I think we both can benefit to that

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On top of everything that was said over here, why don’t you consider working with Sitri to make him more lovingly towards you?


Sitri is a good candidate to do so

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Consider all of the names above, I’d also consider Lucifer. It’s absolutely wonderful for many things, even if you don’t choose it. I would pay respect to it and ask it to bless the overall process. Many people are stubborn, but that also means their strong willed, try to use that to an advantage. What do they do good? Find an occupation pertaining to that skill, apply magick and watch it take off. Best of luck!


I also Like Lucifer-Amaymon as well if you’re talking about memory. Because I consider him the Illuminator, he will help bring things to the surface that you have deeply hidden. He will sometimes place you in situations you are uncomfortable being in, that will require that memory to trigger to solve problems.

I mentioned the hyphenated name of Lucifer to include his darker aspect Amaymon who can also aid in revealing past, present and future. Maybe some divination and meditation with the tarot to provide some deeper insights and healing.

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Thank you I’ll be working on my patition to them soon when I’m feeling better I appreciate all of you guys comments and advice on this


Here is a link to the advice given to me when I was having a similar problem. It’s still a work in progress but there is progress.

I never was able to get him to read the books. The link lady Eva provided and evoking his higher self did. I hope that helps.


From my experience. You need to be 110% certain before marrying someone. Because marriage is VERY hard and requires the same amount of effort from both sides. If that’s not there the marriage will crumble.
When you get married and have a child together that throws in an extra level of difficulty. Adds more stress to the relationship. If he isn’t working now and supporting your dreams and helping make YOU a better person, that is a huge red flag. Because like I said, once a child comes along it only gets MUCH harder. And that child is an innocent individual. Once you become a mother your main instinct is to protect them!

This is very similar to what I went through. The guy like this becomes VERY resentful once married and a child comes along.

That being said, if you want to do “work” and find answers this way, Lucifer and Sallos. Or you can go the Shem side and contact Haniel. Depends on your comfort level. Lucifer will help give answers and guide you. He will keep you safe. Sallos strengthens the love in the relationship.
Haniel, well she opens up the real reality of what’s going on and will let you see it regardless if you want to or not! She is zero nonsense, so be very prepared if working with Haniel. Extremely powerful stuff.

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Good luck with your task sister! Best wishes ! :palms_up_together::palms_up_together:

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