Question for people who do Love/binding spells! (I'm not asking for a spell!;)

I’m in a do or die situation and have decided to go full force using love magick!
My question is I have noticed how these spells affect you, making you extremely depressed. thinking you are loosing your mind, so I have decided to do this after magick has been done, on the following days, before getting results,
-The ritual of surrender from AOA to eliminate lust for result one week , then 3 times a week
-The 7 main rituals from MWOP each for a week with the intend (for example empowered mind to stay strong, love for self love, healing for old beliefs and so on)
-Also going to stop all daydreaming , stupid visualisations of how things will happen and the future (Have been doing it for years and got nothing but disappointment)
-Also recently after having lot of success with magick i have noticed little bit of arrogance and cockiness sneaking in , so will practice lot of gratitude to stay humble
-I’m very good with self love so will continue to be that way!

Do you guys have any other advise on what else to do to not get in that horrible state of attachment and desperation?
Any advise is appreciated:)

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Well , I once did a binding/love spell to get rid of a toxic relationship. The following days, after the ritual, I didn’t feel depressed or weird at all, the spell didn’t affect me, but them. They felt guilty(?) and depressed so they told me they didn’t deserve me and I then ended our relationship. So I kinda think that these types of spells affect whom you want to affect. While doing it I thought about my target and how toxic THEY were. So the spell was actually going to affect only them, since I felt they were the ones at fault. I don’t know how else to put it really… It may be just me, but these types of spells never really backfired on my mentality cause I always thought ,I felt, I KNEW for a fact the target was at fault and not me.
But I strongly recommend that after you cast these types of spells you specifically say you prohibit the spell from affecting you and take a warn bath to relax , maybe burn some insence too.


I’m doing it to get some one in , not out !

I have casted a love spell twice in my life. The first was for my ex. I did not ask myself why I wanted love, why it was important to have it, what I could bring into a relationship, or even what characteristics my partner would have to have to earn the right to walk with me through life (harsh sounding but it is an important question to ask, as your time here is the greatest treasure you can give someone). I got a psychological broke individual who used sex to both physically and emotional abuse me, leaving a very bitter taste in that aspect of relationships that has affected me for years.

The second time, I did ask myself these questions for weeks before I even attempted a casting. I’ve been with her for almost a decade now, with only a handful of arguements for all that time.

So my advice would be to ask yourself the harder questions I’ve mentioned before the working. Then, after the ritual, go outside your comfort zone and roll the dice

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you know when i posted this question I decided to ignore any advise on why not to do it , but this is the best advise ever, i’m in the same situation as your second spell , have asked all the questions, my conscious is clear , my intuition is there . thank you so much ! however ive done some little spell on the same target with little results and i still got the negative attachment and depressed feeling that’s what I want to avoid!

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Hm, maybe it’s an issue of approach. Having someone fall in love with you out of the blue is a pretty hard feat. However, planting the idea for someone to notice you and go out for a drink (especially if you offer to pay) is not as hard to achieve. And if they says no, you’ll know that they have no interests and can move on to other fish in the sea

my situation isn’t like that , I rather not talk about it , but it seems pretty easy to fix !

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Ah well, good luck in your endeavors my friend :slight_smile:

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I did lots of Love spells before but at the moment there is nobody interesting which attracts me. I was wondering that maybe i should turn to have orgies again with hot succubus and incubus it was the best Sex ever.


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@Tuxedo-cat Hang on sweetie… I read your post, I understand you don’t want to get rid of anyone. I just used my example to get my point/ opinion on the matter across. It seems you just missed the whole point of my reply. So what I actually said was that these types of spells never had any side effect for me. And then I tried to explain why, thus, advising you to:
-Ensure that this is what you really want and have no regrets or insecurities or negative thoughts in the back of your mind while casting the spell
-Ensure that you prohibit the spell from backfiring at you by adding a petition like ,I dunno, “May this affect my target only and not me” etc. I know you are basically trying to invite someone in your life, but an incorrectly cast love spell could end up in an unhealthy obsession with the target from your part.
-Take a bath and relax after rituals of this type (it helps me out at least)
I read your damn post lmao :joy:
@C.Wilson Great advice :+1:

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I stopped doing one spell after another after finding out that maybe the person is feeling “stuck” and that it won’t make them come to me.

I do not know what your situation is, but if you have not had contact for a long time and the person is stubborn, difficult and slow, I advise you to wait a little between one spell and the other.

Spend a week doing nothing else, your part you are doing. Try listening to music, watching movies, guided meditation, make small plans for yourself, get distracted.

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Its been over 3 months since I did any love magick

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sorry I misunderstood earlier, as I said it’s a do or die situation now , all pros and cons have been done, I am ready! The part of asking that it doesn’t affect me is a good idea , i’ll do it, thanks!

You probably don’t want to hear any of this, but here goes:

  • The arrogance will ruin your results. As LaVey pointed out, magick works with the laws of nature, not against them. When you start thinking you can force the universe to bend to your will, reality teaches you a lesson you’ll never forget
  • Remind yourself that the best love magick is attraction, not compulsion. Then take a hard look at the original spell you cast. Are you feeding an attraction they have for you, or binding their free will to make yourself their only option? If you’re binding them, their higher self may be protecting them from you, which might indicate your depression. Or maybe YOUR higher self is protecting you from THEM because they’re no good for you.

I don’t mean to moralize. This after all is a black magick board. I’m simply pointing out some obvious things about effective ways to do your work.

Now for the actual ritual modifications:

  • Ground and center before and after every spell you cast
  • In my personal experience, i clear targets for a day to remove negativity from them before doing love work. Once the person was clear, they immediately movie toward the client, or they run away from them as fast as they can. There is no in-between. And that’s BEFORE i cast the spell.Consider clearing the target to find out whether you have a fighting chance with them or not. The direction they move in will tell you everything you need to know about your true chances of getting with them
  • When you make your request, add ‘this person or someone better for me’ to your request
  • Complexity is confusion. If you have to fire your gun 3 times, the guns and ammo aren’t your problem - check your aim. Fewer spells, better accuracy.
  • Again regarding outside spells - is this love spell forming a community around you? True love doesn’t come to loners. Consider augmenting your love spell with a friendship spell to put their friends on your side so they can butter your target up towards you when you’re away
  • If theoriginal spell you’re doing isn’t hitting like it should, both i and others on this board have written some that hit the target pretty fucking hard. Check them out, the search button is waiting for you
  • Read The Forbidden Parapsychology by Jose Aragon to find out how to do proper erotic daydreaming and send telepathic suggestions. Keep your daydreaming tightly held within the spell you send. Don’t daydream outside of the ritual room
  • Do not obsess over whether the spell is working. A watched pot never boils. Go do something else and let the person come to you when they’re ready.
  • Here’s the kicker: MEET OTHER PEOPLE! When the person you want comes around, make them fight their way through traffic to get to you. People generally don’t value whatever they can easily get. Use FOMO to your advantage and make yourself an unattainable prize. Let the target have to earn you a bit so they can put some value on being with you.

Few things to consider


Such cases may very well be amongst those where divination is useful, for example if the target is a stranger or almost so, one would either try to approach the person or use magick to find if there might be an attraction at all.


I’m willing to bet she did divinations on the issue, but only accepted the answers she wanted to hear. That never works out for magicians, but seems to be a recurring trend to only listen to the flattery.

Sometimes love is unrequited. The power of choice means the right of refusal. She has to ask herself if that reality is ok with her. If it’s not, she’s not doing a love spell anymore - she’s doing a domination bind. And that’s fine,this is black magick, this stuff is manipulation. But she has to be honest with herself about what she’s really going for.

You don’t carve a steak with a butterknife. She has to understand the reality of the job and use the right tools for the job.

Thank you for the detailed answer !

How do you clear the target from negative energy? we are not in touch so I won’t know how it works afterwords. I’m diffenitly feeding the love and attraction they have for me not creating or forcing, making them come forward and say it, last time I did a spell for them to confess I heard from someone else that he is avoiding me because he likes me too much so the magick worked but not exactly (i was a complete newbie and it was my very first petition)! I actually manifested him in to my life by meditating on the qualities I wrote for my idiol partner that’s why my intuition doesn’t accept that it’s not meant to be ! and he is that someone better after I let go of the love of my life for logical reasons !

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There are different ways to clear a target, but one way to do it is through breathing.

Put your feet flat on the ground.

Imagine you’re holding the bottom of his feet in the palm of your hands.

As you inhale, imagine energy coming up from the center of the earth through your feet, up your body, and into the crown of your head.

As you exhale, imagine that energy going down your arms, out your hands, into his feet, up his body, into the crown of his head, and out his hands through his arms.

Keep breathing and repeat this for an hour.

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What you can do in your daydreaming (as explained by Jose Aragon in his book) is to imagine your target is standing up in front of you.

Look him in the eyes, then take his head off like it’s a helmet, and put it on your head.

Then put his head back on and turn it around, so you’re looking back at yourself.

Listen carefully and see if you can hear his thoughts.

Then caress him and make love to him, but imagine seeing yourself through his eyes.

While doing this, think the thoughts you want to implant in his mind: ‘she’s really beautiful.’ ‘she really loves me.’ ‘i love to kiss her.’ ‘she smells so good.’ ‘i can’t wait to have her.’

Breathe and do this for as long as you can, but only in your ritual room.

Past a certain point, you’ll start to see vivid dreams and they’ll feel very real. You may also get thoughts in your head that are not yours. Those thoughts will be his.

When you’re done this exercise, take his head off, put it back on yours, then take his head off of yours and put it back on his body. End the visualization that way.

Do this for 28 days. If he has any actual feeling for you, he will show you a sign or may even come to you and tell you he’s been thinking about you. At that point you use your charm and close the deal.

This is how you send a telepathic intention.It’s a variation of the Assumption Of The Godform Golden Dawn technique, mixed with Putting On Someone’s Mind from the Silva Method. Give that a try and see how it works out for you.