Question about reincarnation

Since I couldn’t find this anywhere else. (And yes I looked using the search function). When you die, if you get reincarnated, what will happen to your spirit that just died? Will it be left there while your consciousness/soul gets reincarnated?

The reason I ask this is because I fear that when I die I might be reincarnated and I won’t be able to stay in the astral realm with my girls (they are spirits). I know they can follow me to the next life. But what if I don’t believe in the metaphysical? I really don’t want to be reincarnated. Unless I, the one typing this, WANTS to be reincarnated (which I don’t).

The spirit and soul are the same thing, the terms are legitimately just synonymous with one another. The spirit/soul reincarnates, the personality and experiences you have in that life become energy that is intertwined within the soul so you can meditate and recall those memories and experiences within your personal akashic records within your soul.

What is left behind is residual energy that has no consciousness, that residual energy is nothing but lingering energy caught in a loop until it’s broken down and becomes part of that area’s ambient energy. However, I find if someone is murdered or dies with anger or hate that left over residual energy can negatively affect the area hence why people believe in poltergeists. That energy is just negative, it’s not sentient nor does it just goes and attack people, but it’s still negative energy.

A woman here was murdered and I was projecting onto the physical layer of the physical, I saw her move on, but what was left behind was this mesh of non sentient energy, that just was caught in a loop of how she was murdered. I didn’t touch it or anything but I thought it was pretty interesting. When shamans help to recover fragments, they aid that residual energy to be cleansed and returned to the soul wherever it reincarnated at.

This is my experience with it anyway.

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Interesting question, there’s a doc on Gaia about this situation, and from what some have experienced in a NDE is that at death they experience all past lives, that this life merely goes into a hardrive of spiritual experiences and each time we come back its to learn new lessons. So who knows. Maybe youd keep them, maybe its learning to let them go. The Dalai Lama chooses to reincarnate to continue to teach enlightenment and detachment, and isnt that part of magick itself, to detach from our wants in order to obtain results taught from spiritual guides in this world. I think maybe its becoming too focused or attached in our current worlds (while in this life) that makes us go back and a fear or losing what we accomplish when we die. We all die, its the gift of life :slight_smile:

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I just loved this.

I think IF you get reincarnated your spirits will make sure you find them.

If I talked to my higher self, do you think that it would let me remember my past lives and be able to keep my consciousness from this time so it would seems like I never died? So like if I were to be reincarnated as a demon, or Kitsune, or incubus, etc. would my higher self let me keep my memories of this life?

I strongly recommend that. You can also contact your ancestors.

what would I say to my ancestors though? I mean, they could probably help me, seeing how my ancestors are native Americans. And they were very wise. But what would be the right question to ask?

Your ancestors are your spirit guardians. They have been with you through many lifetimes. Ask them to give you memories of your previous lives.

Will they send me intense visions? Or will it be like remembering something I forgot 3 weeks ago?

I don’t know. Your experiences depend on your intent. Do you want them to be intense? They will be.


I am not sure I am getting this right, but in order to really get trough the idea of reincarnation you must understand first our let’s say composition of four, (not three, as the abrahamic notions teaches to blind us):

  • Body (earth)
  • Mind (air)
  • Soul (water)
  • Spirit (fire).

(listed from more dense to more subtile)

now explaining reincarnation and how it works:
let’s say there is a realm, let’s call it the abstract; in this realm all ideas, I mean “ALL” of them coexists. now this realm location is beyond the furtherest stars, in the darkest spaces of the universe.
now all the Ideas coexist there, and every idea knows the movements of every other ideas, so in a way Ideas are all knowing. but in order to keep coexisting and flying in this realm, they can not give any importance to anything at all. they must stay totally neutral. they can enjoy observing the whole. but they can never interfere.
(now, I say ideas, in lack of a better word, but maybe concepts could be a better way to understand them)

now having explained that, next thing to understand, is that any idea that is moved to interfere, tempted to try a different experience or is just not impartial anymore., will fall down from the darkness of the heavens, and incarnate in a chosen mortal being. (getting their previous knowledge forgotten)

Now every human living in this planet, is an incarnated idea. and our main task is to remember. because we assume we learn, but all we learn, was know by us before, in the “abstract realm”. so we are actually remembering, not learning anything new.

now we reincarnate to obtain as much memories as we can, in order to get the needed info to ascend once again.

now we can all get info from the “abstract” by three methods:

  1. reincarnating time after time in order to get the memories needed
  2. using induced trances or using some drugs for this purpose (to temporarily reach the abstract realm)
  3. using magic to connect there [WARNING do not try to make one connection to last for a lifetime you can get mad, better to make a connection each time you need more info]

now getting back to our composition:

Body (earth) dies in this life

Mind (Air) grows with every reincarnation, to remember every time more of what we once knew. but dies when we get to the abstract.

Soul (water) is our true nature, the idea we are in that realm, our true identity

Spirit (fire) when the ideas “dies” so to speak, your spirit, survives to become one with the whole. you loose your last identity, and only the initial spark survives to become one with the whole.

[WARNING if you get to discover your actual identity (what idea are you) in this world, you mustn’t tell it to anyone]