Queen Sibilia

i’m trying to contact queen sibilia. i’ve been leaving offerings on my altar, lighting incense, chanting her enn. After doing that a few times I asked her to come talk to me in my dreams and put her sigil under my pillow. I had a dream about her and I remember asking her for help with the thing I want her to help me with. I can’t remember what she said. we were in a place, maybe the fae realm? there were kids near us who were playing jump rope. Anyway, Im not sure if that was just a dream or whether I contacted her or not. So I’ve been keeping up giving her offerings because i want her to talk to me again because I can’t even remember our conversation. What are some other things I can do to contact her? I would like to speak to her, in real life.

First, make sure you and your space are clear of parasites and nosy spirits that could get in the way with a good cleaning and banishing.
Then if your senses can give you feedback, try an evocation.

Most people can sense presence. It’s that feeling of being watched. You may also see something in the swirls of incense smoke of whatever you’re using as a manifestation base. (Look up evocation guide or tutorial on here, there’s maybe 4 of these, so read through all of them and pick the one you like).

You could also use vision work, which is a shamanic approach where you astral travel to go to them in their space, similar to lucid dreaming but initiated from an awake state.

I would not keep giving offerings for nothing. It’s disrespecting yourself and needy, that’s not how you stand in your power. Also you’ll get ants… by which I mean parasites, drawn to the free food and when it runs out they’ll still be there, making a mess, looking for more food and that could be you, so don’t do that.

I did not have a very good experience with her. I think that she does not want to be bothered. See my notes on her. Even E.A. Koetting himself read it!

She doesn’t want to be bothered by /you/.

Whatever, dude.