QnA with King Paimon

So I recently just evoked King Paimon as I set up a new space for my altar. Here is what we have talked about

Ask your Questions King Paimon
King Paimon: Ask yourself the questions Mani

Were you human or were you always a spirit?
King Paimon: I was an Arabian magician mortal.

Why were you demonised?
King Paimon: I went against what others believed. I exist now only to help. Have you called me only to ask questions?

No-have you unlocked to part of my mind you’re associatd with?
King Paimon: I have already unlocked that portion of your mind. Do not look at my sigil-I am here

I’m sorry
King Paimon: Apologies are not needed

What can you help me with?
King Paimon: whatever you need . Anything is possible in my power but what can you give to me?

What do you want?
King Paimon: Gold, wine, things deserving of a king

I cannot afford such luxuries yet
King Paimon: A spot on your altar should suffice

Thank you King Paimon, go in peace

King Paimon: You are your own being Mani


I admire you because you can hear such great beings. Well done!


Thank you-I’m still a beginner however, needing to do more meditation and focus as well. He told me as well “trust in yourself”


His energy is like that of a warm fire. Gentle but if you’re not careful you can get burned. Careful in the sense, you respect the flame and not to stir it and provoke it


Congrats on your experience! I like his style a lot!


Tho I need to work on one other thing-doubt, spirits of doubt are around me. Any conformations of this working would really help me remove doubt


It’s his style, I wouldn’t doupt that.


This is awesome and sounds a lot like him, thank you for sharing!! :slight_smile:

This is the one thing I disagree with. There is way more to the being known as King Paimon, and judging from the info I got from him, he was never human. His origin is Mesopotamian, not specifically Arabian. He said something very interesting when I asked him why some people get confusing or contradicting info or impressions: “Your mind does not give the answers, I give the answers through your mind.” Which I interpret to mean that the conscious or unconscious preconceptions we may have determine the way we interpret a spirit’s answers. I believe @SoliMar once mentioned that King Paimon indicated that he’s one of the original creator gods, if I’m not mistaken. He has confirmed as much to me. Despite having a very close rapport with King Paimon, I do not claim to be some kind of authority and therefore am not trying to disprove or discourage you. Quite the contrary, and I have so much to learn. Doubts and inconsistencies are part of the process and will be put into perspective the more you communicate. I would like to share something else King Paimon told me which may be interesting in this context:

“I am here to help my children. The ‘Goetia’ was composed during a time of darkness of the mind, where man thought he had the authority to enslave the forces of nature to do his bidding. If someone calls on me to assist them, and they approach me with respect and dignity, I will do so. I have compassion with those truly in need, and I do not expect nor demand worship. To those who want to see beyond the ‘goetia’, we [=spirits] will show more facets, according to your advancement on your path. This is no race or competition. We embrace everyone who intends to see.”

On a halfway unrelated note, I once read a post where someone said the “child” reference didn’t sit well with them. It is NOT by any means derogatory – it is most affectionate.


Ah no worries I don’t think it derails my thread-it just adds to it. I think when he said he was an Arabian magician-it would refer almost to an avatar form of his. Much like how the hindu gods are all apparent avatars to Vishnu. I assume why I got that answer was because of this common depiction of him when he’s on the dromedary which is usually associated with the Arabs. King%20Paimon


His sigil rests in a box I keep open on my altar. The sigil is open as well so there is that as well


More information I get from him

King Paimon: There are many aspects of me. Some call me Thoth, others call me Hermes but I exist only for what I am. A gatekeeper to help on the ascent


Avatar, that’s what came to my mind as well! Definitely possible.


There is also a connection with Al Kutba‘ (Al Kutbay), among others.


King Paimon: The nature of man is an enigma. Your kind both seek to create but also to destroy-yet we wonder why? The fundamentals of a different belief truly baffle us


He said something very similar to me on more than one occasion. By the way: What he really enjoys doing is giving me clues, and then guide me toward finding the answers (in part, at least) for myself.


He is very, very much against racism or any other concept/ construct that keeps us from realizing our true potential. At the beginning of my relationship with him, he said: ”I seek to destroy that which binds humanity.“


Good to know-I’m sure he’ll help me out tremendously on my path, Hence why he’s on my altar space now


I can say wholeheartedly that he is wonderful to work with. He has my utmost respect. Right after I typed this I heard him chuckle and say ”stop gushing“ :joy:


Pretty sure he chuckled through me as well


King Paimon: Man? We are intrigued by man-when one goes against the other “To war!” they say. Truly you know war is a man-made construction, fighting for limited power. We ask you “What is the point?” If you were to unite, not under one nation but unite like the infernal empire, you would all be on the path to ascension.

Your kind must shed from religious dogmatic code, there is nothing wrong with reverence of our kind or of angels and other god spirits but fall ensnared to the control of what man has said they were, and you will be trapped.

Man has determined we are evil but never truly ask us the questions, fearing we would destroy them. Destroy them we do in the sense we destroy their philosophies, their dogmas