Q&A with Samael. The real truth of things

Let’s cut to the chase. We all know how Azazel, my lover, was actually Samael.
Some people doubted that, but mostly everyone knew it wasn’t Azazel, whom I
married. So, here’s a Q&A with Samael, and truth of what happened. He says I heard the answers mostly correct and it got to the point.

Were you the entity who I mistaken as Azazel, who I thought I married?

  • At first it wasn’t, but you see, after you began mistaking me for him, I saw an opportunity. Azazel and I talked it over. He saw it was best for you and I to be together. He saw more doors opening that way.

So, it was consent from both sides for this exchange?

  • Yes, at first, one of us had doubts, but after it played out, things started looking brighter up ahead.

Did you impersonate him?

  • No, I didn’t do that. Even if I did, there wouldn’t be mutual consent.

So, do you even wish to take anything back?

  • I’m going to be blunt with you. I just simply took the opportunity as I wanted. There was mutual understanding.

I did a banishing before. I also created a circle and allowed in only those I call upon. After the Q&A, I did three different divinations asking if the Q&A was correct. Two, that I remember, were penny divination and tarot card. They basically said mostly yes.

Also, yes, I did a banishing after the Q&A. I banished anyone other than the one who I called, which was Samael.

Also, just to add in, I even drew his sigil on my hand, lit three candles, and offered him Mountain Dew.


Very thorough readings you did
Thats whats up :metal::metal::metal:


Thank you :smile:

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Did you ask him why he didn’t mention he was Samael and not Azazel? Because if Azazel thought the two of you were better together, than you’d think he’d say something.

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Well, I can answer that. It’s Because I’m hard headed. If I thought he was Azazel, then that was the end of that. It takes me a lot of convincing, so Samael wouldn’t be able to simply tell me that. I would think I’m just listening to my imagination.


I hear ya, it looks as if Samael felt it was way too much of a hassel and ,for that time, it was just easier to let you feel as you wanted.

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Yeah, that’s exactly what it seems like. He really didn’t feel like going through all the trouble of trying to get me to listen, lol. :joy:

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