Pushing my intuition further. accepting any request for reading

I would like to think that my card reading and intuition is pretty good but it not where i want it to be and I wish to push my abilities of divination a lot further. that why I’m asking for any request for reading to help polish my skills. In this post I might try things depending on what areas need work so my methods of divination might change from person to person as well as what spirit or power that I try to channel so my reading might vary in accuracy. If anyone has any suggestion on what might be in need of improvement I’m all ears. one last thing you don’t have to but it would helpful to leave any feedback.
no PMS First come first serve.


I would like a general reading pls

I want a general reading

I would like reading on my marriage and relationship please

If I’m not late, please do a reading on success.

Your readings were fantastic, and if you like I’ll be your guinea pig.

I would like to know if I need to work with both Lucifer, and Belial, or just Belial? Right now

Cause if I need both, then I’m going to need to work with King Paimon first

I would love one if you have the time. 2021 was really rough for me. Will things get better soon?


Let Angelb go first


I would like a general reading too?

I’d appreciate a general one if you’re still up for it. Thank you

I would like a general reading

I’m channeling angels and I chose Raziel to guide me through this one my idea use the power of a achangel to call on your guardian angel to do my cards reading that my reason at least. Now the cards it seem like your look for direction for your next action and you feel the need to take the leading in a project I feel this relate to a person or a group. Also you should forget that your alone if there something you need then you need to only ask. Lasty feel like that achieve whatever you desire everything point to it. Any feedback is helpful.

same with this card reading when channeling Raziel energy.

You want to be more vocal about the things in your life but also wish to break way from life in some way and take the time to relax not cope but relax there are many things that you want to break away from in your current life and the angel are saying that something that is not i necessary in your life will come to a end. Also get the feeling like you might be beating yourself up about thing in life and is starting to discourage you from pursuing things. Your quite observant you’ll only need to apply your knowledge and wisdom to achieve your goals but be ready for some resistance whatever form it might take be ready. Any feedback is helpful

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I swear to god that shuffled this deck like 6 different times just because it don’t feel right. just writing down my thought process now on to the reading.

As far as the relationship going seem to be going in a good direction overall but there this give and take kind of relationship that should be excised when working with each other balancing the good and the bad and what you do now will help lay the foundation for your relation in the future. The next step is to weeding out any bad habits that might have a negative effect long term and work towards positive changes no matter how small. Lasty you should work on making that each person understand each other worth as well as there strength and weakness make sure that each other feel valued by each other. That about all I got any feedback is helpful.

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It is very enlightening reading and resonates with my situation completely , especially with Angel Raziel’s message.
Jonny your are really something :heart_eyes:

As far the reading goes it seem as if opportunities will present itself it up to you to capitalize on it and ok to consult loved ones aleast people you trust about your concerns and remember to practice good habits for the future the little thing count lasty the cards say that you should take much wisdom from your experiences and build apon what you already know you should be ever evolving. Any feedback is helpful.

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Thank for the feedback it very interesting and I hope to further my power of clairvoyance as far as Raziel energy go it can be overwhelming but I’m been practicing on syncing up with other spirits energy for different type of workings

Yes I have a big choice to make on taking the lead so you’re right on with that thank you

Thanks for the feedback and good luck to you being a leader.

I would like a reading regarding my relationship that has just ended.