Pushing my intuition further. accepting any request for reading

This not going to be easy for the next year but it seem as if someone or something is try to deceive you in effort to slow your progress. Your goal should be to heal the many aspects of your life that may be in shambles and find strength, stability, self love, and self worth. It seem like you’ll be trying to relax and try to get away from life at least in your present situation and are currently looking for a new direction for the up coming year. If your dedicated and persevere through your troubles you’ll find a light at the end of this tunnel. Your psychic abilities are grow wither your aware of or not and spirits encourage you to be creative and explore different avenues in you magical life as well as your mundane life which my lead you to greater heights. That card talk of your Hope’s and wish to mend a deep sadness that may have cropped up in your life. Lasty be prepared to give what is not important practice self worth and self love. know yourself and be ready to stand for your ideals and beliefs even if it you lose people’s favor and continue to be vocal about you views moving forward . This reading has the making for transformation but your going to have to lay the ground work before you see any noticeable change don’t doubt yourself you got this​:+1::+1::+1: any feedback is helpful


These are note for myself so over all I feel very floaty as well as extremely blissful the energy of the angel Resonate with my right side.right now I feel as if that I can’t see out of my right eye like something blinding it.which is kind of weird but it play into my current energetic situation regarding my energy I’m only making note about how I feel doing readings I can feel a pressure of my forhead as I gave each reading the energy is starting to feel overwhelming so must put reading on hold for bit I’ve been feel rather sensitive to energy lately and a lot energy I feel keenly tuned into. also I want to thank Raziel for helping with these reading today much appreciated.


Can i get general reading?

Would love a general reading too ! Thank you

I would like spiritual development reading

This rings true with some suspicions of people in my life. Thank you!


In case you can keep up with all our requests I would like a reading aswell.

For a long time now Ive been struggling with a delayed sleeping schedule. I was wondering if you could point me in a direction on where to look in order to improve, also a general prognosis about this would be great!

Would love a general reading :slightly_smiling_face: thanks a lot :hugs:

So I was wonder on how to answers this question how I can be accurate when I don’t have my sense fully open to communicate to these Spirits but I can feel and my intuition is solid so I decided to try invoking each spirit and putting out a spread for each one. This is what I got any feedback is appreciated. Lucifer said no but he did give some helpful advice about how working with master can be trivial and the road to mastery is road you have of yet seen and for you see the finish product of your work would under cut all of it because there nothing to gauge what your capable of no master to mimic. Belial said yes and that you should be careful of misinformation make sure you question everything and give yourself time to process it last thing he said was about be ready walk the unfamiliar road. Last up is King Paimon he said ro remember why your on this journey do not forget why you embarked on it in the first place do not strive for perfection but strive to experience many thing take wisdom from them these interactions and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That about it for the reading I would post the card reading but I rather just tell instead.

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You did a channeling for me. Wow, thank you, and, that’s rings true, They know me so well that this has flown up my flag pole and i’m saluting that.


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Awesome glad that I could help but it weird on how they talk some brought up old conversations that I still remember that I stumbled upon when I was daydreaming while doing this reading all this Spirits resonate with my left side and make left eye feel full and I felt a pressure on my forehead.

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So angels right eye, and goetia left eye. Neat

There seem to be shift in your life right now from negative to positive there this feeling you get whenever the underdog wins and there stong level of determination and sheer will when approach further endeavors it seem as long as keep this attitude toward the future not much can stand in your way and all thing that are will find a quick retribution. Take up your sword and be ready to lead. Also there my be a a relationship or partnership crop up from this after the dust settles.

It’s a bit more complicated then that but think of it a delicate balance between light and dark and the miss handling of it could lead to one’s destruction there a ratio that must be maintained and working with Magick of either light or dark could possibly be my undoing that why must be careful and work toward mastering both in order to take advantage of there unlikely union that is my situation

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Hello ! Thank you for those readings, and I hope you will still do them when you get to my question :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I would like to know what the spirits who contacted me wants ? How could I work with them ?

Can I have a love reading please?

Your making much progress towards you goal but I feel resistance from your part I feel as if your waiting for something safe or something to clarify your choice unfortunately your being encouraged to make a choice weight your option and be ready to live with your choices but be even more ready hold thing together if you fall now your vision will never come to fruition the wheel are turning but only you can set thing into motion. Any feedback is appreciated

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Thanks! this is very correct with my conditions, i think your reading it’s very accurate.

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Firstly thank you it’s spot on

It likely has to do with the peaceful baneful I did a while ago. I think it’s my own emotions holding it back fully.

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If still possible! A general read. Please!!