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I would love a reading too, I usually come late to these kinds of threads! Thank you!

I would like a reading

Can i get reading please?

I would like one please :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like a readingg

Don’t know if i’m in time…But if you can would be great!Thanks

I’m in no time but Can I get a reading? Thank you😃

I would love a reading

I am interested :slight_smile: can you please ask about the guy I told you? Is he going to make a move towards me? Thank you

I see possible conflict in your past that has lead you in self reflection to understand yourself. You might be giving yourself the time you need to clear your mind before making your move. For the future The hermit speaks more on self reflection but also isolation a disconnect from the world around in favor of the one that exist within five of ember suggest that conflict and turmoil is driving this outcome. Speak of the importance of a clearing mind. hard work bearing it fruits Emotional and mental stability. Lasty cards suggest the you should take some time to enjoy yourself.

It seem your step away from somthing or things in your life in the pursuit of something and you might be quite a bit exhausted from your effort take the time to rest is good idea but the bridge warn against illusions and pay more attention to subconscious mind. Lasty for the future shouldn’t be afraid of expressing yourself need find things that can work tandem with your goals people and spirits they are all pieces in the puzzle how they fit in your plan is up to you but they can’t help you they don’t know what your trying to accomplish.

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You past speak of a period of rest the dreamer suggest from overworking or simple break away from everyday life. For the present see thing in your life coming to a end things that may not serve you in favor of something more suited. The cosmic Tree is a hard to read but believe it warning of the truth But more specifically finding it. It location lie from with answer you seek are never far just be open to your inner voice. For the future a plan need and many of it pieces will form naturally as you walk forward momentum will build until actions of a profound effect on the your reality. Cards speak the importance of fluidity,inner wisdom , mental clarity and warn against tunnel vision.

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Thanks for reading.You hit the target,i am impressed👍

I m the next one that i asked for a reading.
You have given me a couple of them in the past and i wanted to apologise to you that i was in disbelief of what you told me.
You were spot on. There was plenty of deception in my case that it was hard for me to even detect.

I found out a month later what was going on and your reading came to my mind. And i truly wanted to say sorry that i didnt take it seriously.
What was in front of me was too big for me to digest or even believe. I m still having a hard time to process the deception that i had gone through.
And whatever was revealed to me has pushed me into depression.

I m grateful for all your readings. :pray:
You have a gift


Thanks a lot! Interesting!

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I have a question:
What areas of magic should I concentrate on most, in order to eventually be a Ritual for Hire Magician?

Can i get a reading please? Especially for new love

I would like a reading :sun_with_face:

Sorry for the delay here your reading.

Seem there a delicate balance that your trying to maintain as do your work dispite the conflict that may be present in your life seem to be keep level head and work for finding peace. Queen of swords suggest you should put more of your skills and knowledge to use as well as voice opinion in matter that you may have insight into. For your future you should make a quick break rest up bolster your defenses lay a plan for for future endeavors conflict is on it way and you confronting it is Inevitable how you persuade will effect the outcome.

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If anyone else want a reading go to my other thread
Where I can do reading there but must be patient
You can find the tread here Pushing my intuition further. accepting any request for reading

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