So I have been working with Purson and this is what happened.
Something has changed… I see Purson…at my feet. He kisses my boots. He says hello princess.

I lean into him and say hello Purson, are you with me on this?

His reply. I am with you always, Princess on everything …

He shows me the viper. His venom is for you if you need it. …

We are with you Princess.

Interesting very interesting. :slight_smile:


If you don’t mind imma share what i King Purson shared with me and ask that i share here :grin: :thinking: which that last bit was unexpected.

So when i called him through mediation and invocation the last night the symbols of the serpent,the lion and bear started revolving in my mind and kept on doin so almost all of yesturday. Along with flashes of an Evocation layout with the words “Call us by flame, call us by water and call us by air.” Circulating in my skull for hours.

When I evoked King Purson with the layout he gave me… This layout.

I felt his energy flooded my temple upon reciting his enn. As i called him the smoke of the 3 censors was drawn towards the flame forming a shifting pillar from which i could feel his presence looking at me. Still looking at me as the flame consumes the alcohol.

He spoke of the needs for cunning, courage strength and ferocity when forming one’s own empire. I asked him to empower me and walk with me as we create the foundations of this. At the speaking i saw a serpent go for my throat and felt its fangs pierce me… As its venom entered me Purson spoke “I will show you how to create as we walk together and rise together”

I made the layout i saw with what i already had on hand. But it can be adapted to simpliler forms if space is restricted. 2 bowls one for water one to hold a simple tealight candle withim the first and 3 sticks or cones of incense will yield results all the same is what my intuition tells me. If any decide to experiment with this i would like to hear yalls results.


yesterdays 3 am meditation, I fell asleep with his drawing and sigil in my hand… While drifting off I heard a growl… I dreamt of him what a beautiful King.
I did some meditation yesterday and ran King Lucifers light through my house and chakras I did not know what the growl was.

This morning I meditated chanting his name. I am new to the internal dialog but I asked him a few questions and got some awesome answers. I asked if I am on the right path he said yes, I asked if he would guide me. This was a first for me and wow- the Pendulum is nice to talk but yes and nos are getting old.

I give thanks. I cannot tell you how fucking energetic i feel right now… Every cell in my body is pulsating with power.


Alright bit late because I fell back asleep today…
Purson when I went to evoke him, his sigil in my mind expanded out into a large palace like room. The floor was purple amethyst and pillars lead up dissolving into purple fire/clouds far above. He showed to me as a sort of fattish humanoid snake. He seemed almost half snakeman and half navigator from Dune but far more humanoid and snake like.


I asked him to tell me what he can do and how he can aid me and he told me that he knew the secrets of time, the past, the future, the now and could tell them to me within the limits of how variable it was. He could also unroot an object or impression in time that it would carry its imprint without fail or fading which would be good for preserving an energy to a place I would imagine. He knew how to find anything desired within the limits of course and how to change the flow of time by telling what actions will cause such changes and could teach or grant such vision and also arts such as remote viewing and that he grew stronger off the husks of the mind that were left behind as it evolved to adapt and learn new abilities or when they were overwhelmed by them as happens when some reckless few dive too deep into trying to see and control the future or become obsessed with trying to find something for themselves with such abilities. He did offer to help enhance those abilities that I am working on mainly remote viewing during my next practice session if I use his sigil then. He also said that those like me intrigued him how we disregard time and reality when it suits us even for the most petty of desires at times which I believe feeds back to my own mindset over time and the points where I do tend to manipulate its flow or force certain changes.


I would like to use this thread to thank King Purson.
I used method 1 from Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick to seek help from Purson.
I had been down on luck and didn’t make money from my investment for 2 months.
In just 5 days, I made realised profit of $2988.38.
There was also times when I was rash in making decisions. Purson helped me to close off those trades without losing money. I encourage everyone to work with Purson as Purson is approachable and helpful.


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