Punishing spirits

My question relates to the idea that I CAN INDEED punish a spirit???.

Although from what ive read and read it seems like a bad idea, but as a hypothetical. Is there a way to actually punish a spirit for a good reason.


No…? When is there ever a good reason to punish a spirit? Plus doing so would only anger them, and thats a can of worms you dont want open.

If it is a weak entity, you could rip energy away, I know I have done this to intimidate a parasite, but past that I dont believe so


If you try to punish a strong spirit, they will sometimes feign being affected by it. A good example of this is when a priest throws “holy water” on a demon during an exorcism. The demon feigns being affected by it to lure you into a false sense of security. This is also meant to distract you. The holy water doesn’t truly affect the demon in the slightest. They will just use it as a means to manipulate you, since you are attacking the demon.

The reason it is a bad idea to “punish” a spirit is, they will definitely punish you back. Depending on the spirit and its strength, your life will either crumble away bit by bit(relationships, finances, car, house, job, etc. fall apart), or you will be met with an unexpected and curious death. Respecting the demons and communicating is really the only way you will get anywhere.

Punishment is counter-productive and ineffective. Unless the demon is into BDSM…, but that’s another matter. lol That would be more along the lines of “funishment”…


I ask, because ive read countless old grimoires of demons being subject to submission by means of “punishment” or a mage challenging a demon for interfering with their magick


Yeah, we all disagree with the old ways of subjugation… Only thing I recommend the Goetia for is the sigils and descriptions honestly


That sounds like something Solomon would do. I never believed in his way of dealing with entities. I don’t like it at all.


For evocation i dunno i would reccomend following if you dont have the mental paradigm to match. But some of the elements could still be useful. For example the Solomon circle Balg sells is a ReEngineered one without the constraining elements. Another potential useful element would be the “brass vessel” concept.

If you take the idea of the brass vessel and turn it into a fetish linked to self their could be some interesting paths to explore there.

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I wouldn’t do it they’ll kill u at a blank of an eye if your not protected like that

I haven’t had an opportunity to read through the whole thing, unfortunately

Although the brass vessel being a fetish linked to self sounds familiar :laughing:

It should lmao the idea was kicked off my a video asborn did awhile ago regarding a possible solomon magick project. This bubbled up from me brain as a result.

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yeah its possible. you just have to do it right.

in my experience i have only ever truly beaten and punished 2 spirits. these were Lucifer and Azazel, both times however i brought a god to help me.

Lucifer reneged on a deal, so i tracked him down on the astral, along with SET, put forth my grievances and we wound up evoking Lucifuge Rofacale (lord of all contracts btw) and it was Lucifuge who gave me license to take what i wanted from Lucifer. (this was a while back and the details are hazy)

as for azazel…he raped me. YES, it was to open up my mind to the fact that i’ve been holding back my homosexual nature, but rape is rape so i decided one day to get him back.
again on the astral…Azazel is not that hard to find as i found out…he’s just kinda sitting there…
Azazel rests and works in a spiral of saturnian energy. he literally sits there (floats there in a seated position?) and directs power from one place to another. he keeps energy from manifesting and he expedites energy’s manifestation, he basically holds the valve of spiritual energy and decides what to manifest and what not.(important)
so i show up and find him doing his job…and i crack him upside his head. i attack as hard as i can and then i whip out the D. yes. i did. its true. i raped Azazel. i gave him back the “gift” he had given me but i wanted to take something from him…and there was this fountain of saturnian energy…
i couldnt restrain him and work at the same time so i evoked (yes still in the astral) Ishtar to help out with this most rebellious demon. …aaaand she raped him…(like no hesitation either)bound him to a hermaphroditic form and made him into her little bitch. meanwhile i was wrapping my head around the center of azazel’s power. this almost made me lose my mind but making both subtle and massive changes in the world was worth it.
in the end we left Azazel (sophie) covered in sperm and mostly broken…its only in the past week or so that Azazel has come back into my life trying to make ammends and resume the pact we had originally made.


Oh dear… I don’t think any of us would suggest it, but of course it is possible…

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im not saying “do this for every spirit you encounter!”

but if you have been hit…hit them back.


I don’t know about punishing spirits. Maybe send them to bed without dinner or take away their car keys? Never had to punish a spirit, nor do I ever want to, but I have stood up for myself and have stood my ground with them.

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@WiseManEcho you are right about the Saturnian Energy and fountain stuff. I saw that too lol.

I had a situation like that with Azazel where I fought him. And fucking won.
I also had to do that with Adrammelech. He tried yo come at me on some snarky bullshit so…yeah lol.
Havent heard from him (Adrammelech) since. Neither Azazel
Although He has beem trying to work with me through Invocation and whatnot


The question is not about whether you can punish a spirit or not.

The question is:
Whether or not you are willing to take shit from a Demon, Angel, etc.
Its not about “Solomonic Bullshit”.
Its about not letting just any spirit, or God, just fuck with you. Being strong.

And you handle the consequences. Whatever they may be


I agree


@WiseManEcho so azazel raped you? That’s scandalous but I hope that you realize that the first abuse he has committed was not raping you, it was violating your mind! I mean how could he even know you had homosexual tendency unless he’s found this information in your mind? Did you tell him? Because if you didn’t tell him he’s obviously violated your mind! This information was personal and he had NO right to pry into it! And what if you’re rejecting your homosexuality?? It’s totally your right! He doesn’t have to force you to accept it!

You see that’s why I’ve stopped working with spirits. I realize that they have no respect for humans and treat us as worthless! I’m sorry but if there’s one thing that I have never tolerated and that I will never tolerate it’s having my mind constantly read against my will! I call that mind violation and every spirit I came across seems to do it! I find this behavior absolutely despicable! Like would you spy on your neighbors, record them etc?? That’s just sick and if every spirit is like that well I just don’t want to work with them!

So now I completely understand people wanting to punish them and I say if you can then go for it! Who do they think they are???


sigh No.


See when you call spirits, you are calling part of them INTO you. For those of us who can’t see or hear through our eyes and ears, but rather our minds, it makes communication easier.

Whether it is invocation, evocation, envocation or possession they are being called into you


@KingOfHearts616 Well, as everyone knows, I operate on the principle that I trust the Spirits to do whatever they want to me as long as it’s in my best interest. Sometimes, it’s not great, but I bear with it, because that’s the pact. So forcing me to accept stuff through forceful means is fine with me. Burning away things by force too for that matter. As long as it’s for the sake of Ascent.