Psychophysical Change

Could the encounter with a demon change you as a person psychologically as well as physically? If yes, is an intimate relationship with this spirit required?

Not sure about a one-off encounter unless there was a deliberate energy download. What your systen does with the new energy is up to you though - it can wear off if you don’t honor it by following up on the work to ground it.

No you don’t need an intimate relationship. This process can also work when you meet people in daily life that give you new ideas that you then research and integrate in your own life as well. You might never see them again, but the seeds they gave you, you nurture and grow.


Well seeing spirits or divines for the first time makes you already like elite in this worlds current, so it does change your perception of humankind and existence in general… no intimitade relation needed for change…

I do not know about physical changes… if you wanna change your dna strain trough spirit or trough you own workings it slowly does, but no sudden changes.

Yes, through epigenetics and behavior modification.


Totally, I would say so.

No. However, some form of regular contact with them or it is required, at least I would say so.


Firstly, any encounter… be it with a physical entity or an ephemeral one has the potential to change you in unexpected ways. This includes physically and psychologically. For example, if you were to read a comment on this thread that you found interesting, that changed the way you perceive the world… that my friend is a psychological shift.

As to physical changes, earlier Oflameo brought up a very good point by mentioning epigenetics. If you are unfamiliar with the term, they refer to a layer of genetic material just outside of the DNA. Essentially, epigenetic material inhibits or activates hidden regions of your DNA causing all sorts of interesting effects. For example, there is a piece of semi-epigenetic material called “telomeres”, which are also sometimes referred to as “death clocks.” This is because whenever a cell in your body replicates a piece of your telomeres become shorter, they are directly associated with the process of aging. In a crude experiment done a few years back, scientist attached a large quantity of random junk material to the telomere strand in rats. The group of rats that survived the procedure lived twice as long and aged half as fast. Some believe that experiment was the first step to creating eternal youth. Epigenetic material is a powerful thing.

Modern scientists struggle to understand it, but what they can agree on is that epigenetics can change drastically and unpredictably over the course of a person’s lifetime. Mild changes in diet or the ways you spend your free time can be enough to cause some of these changes. Energetic downloads from entities cause these changes as well. I have witnessed this effect first hand. If the encounter is powerful enough… one time is all it takes.


Now from a functional standpoint the intimacy of the relationship should have very little to do with it. The only impact intimacy might have, is that it might help you as a person to better to relax, let your guard down, and allow the energy to enter into you.


I had a few years long intimate relationship that lead to physical changes with Urania after she caught me living out stories from the stars after an encounter with RA amidst a suicide attempt. She grew more interest after I went through and wrote down a story of an islander boy who dreamed to be among the stars and heard stories from them and spent his time trying to figure out how to get up there.
One day his Mother tells him first he better get the coconuts from the trees before the storm if he wishes to get up there, while his sister says to instead get the eggs for her to eat knowing full well he was a friend to birds. He spent days under the tree until a Sea Eagle began to talk to him and made him an offer to show him how to do it if he promises to protect the eggs and birds from snakes so he does.
He’s told to wait by the shore for a serpent to bring him a long stick from the sea, and so it does, it then instructs him how to get it down and it does. This gift causes something though, it was only the 3 of them that had ever been in his life. The ability to provide food brought more people instantaneously, all amazed by what he found out but it caused a split.

Half used the sticks for high bearing fruit, half used it as spears. Then he made a game, basically pole vaulting in the sand, which then turned to sport and competition raising tensions between people. It went on and on an on travelling the world as wood turned to ships and homes until the creation of civilization and war. He became a God of Invention but never proclaimed it himself as actually inventing anything because it was all gifts from the animals, the stars and the serpents staff. His name was Yes. Eventually he grew tiresome of the people, he could no longer tell who sided with the snakes, who sided with the birds and spent decades fighting off real snakes from birds nests from a great mountain fulfilling his promise. Eventually he realizes he’s no bit closer to the stars then he was as a child and goes to the highest peak where he pole vaults off the edge. Above him his Sea Eagle amongst many other birds are attempting to pull him up as the sea of snakes below are launching themselves toward him.
The next day after living the whole thing out as Yes, and writing it out, I head to this spot where Little House on The Prairie was shot with close friends to share the story. On the way to the water a few men leaving told us there was snakes in the water and around the bend a 13 foot long purple veined branch of Manzanita came to the spot I was standing with multiple snakes around it. I had this nagging feeling that I had to walk this stick 45 miles home in sandals and shorts with a mandolin on me so I started. A friend followed for a mile, and we had a deep talk, he saw a mermaid in the clouds, I saw a key. His gf was waiting where the road turned to highway, we went separate ways and he knocked her up that night while I walked a freeway through to 1am as a hawk followed me. Eventually when I reached a city I stopped to play mandolin when a group of homeless people came around and called me easy pickings and left waiting up the road in my path.

I realized this is where staff became spear and eventually lead to his death. I wasn’t particularly up to fighting off homeless people with a giant piece of wood so I just called in a ride at a payphone and left the branch by a gas station. I returned hours later to pick it up but it was gone. A delapidated house I played mandolin to in the dead of night that there had been deaths in miles away from the city also disappeared, the first time I had ever helped something non-human pass over, scared the hell out of me as I leaned against it less than 8 hours earlier and all that was left was foundation.

Anyways, sorry bout the sidetrack, back to Urania. She first came as a purple king that could make the world go round with music that ranged from marching band, to parade music, to orchestral to jazz and we bounced back n forth sharing music. Only visitor Ive encountered that actually brought this sheer enjoyment and wonderous happiness that filled my heart. Took a while before she revealed who she was due to people collecting muses, but she showed me planets of molten black ice that cracked and bubbled, and planets saturated with superheated acids that turned the landscapes into highly caustic rainbows, told me purposes of star systems, stories, eventually she taught me to shape myself because after throwing my soul around amidst the musical Tantric practice of Chod, I was basically a puddle in a tie that sometimes accompanied an animals head, usually birds. (Bird brained is a thing if you learn to swap parts of souls with birds, they usually come back with secrets) eventually the Doga(humanoid dog race, like saint Christopher and Anubis, same name as the Croatian God I’ve recently learned) came around after the death of one of my dogs and I went through a weird ritual where my head was removed in front of a temple and hers put upon mine. They taught me of extreme shapeshifting that turned me quite animalistic for a while, sleeping on the floor, running past windows to avoid being seen, sliding around wildly whenever boarding around town, swallowing food, extreme sex drive, moving along walls and tight spaces to avoid being seen, beard finally started filling in which was unexpected being part asian with a dad who can only grow a stache. Urania was around to try and keep it under control and stay human-ish, but stopped visiting after I tried to shapeshift into her explaining that you can only shift into what you become a part of and when it is truely a part of you in the moment. That left me with the eyelashes on one side of my face naturally curled like I’m a character in Clockwork Orange. Haven’t touched it since, I just might try to get in touch with Urania tonight. The full moon last night’s had her on my mind.

The dog that had passed had strange interactions with Lillith, whenever I brought her around, my dogs pupils would become huge and she’d hump any females around followed by a seizure once lillith departed, my first Encounter with Lucifer caused the girls I would be around to suddenly act interested in me after introducing me to Datura in my early teen years though I noticed no change in appearance, and I’m pretty sure my dick was bigger when Baphomet was closest. Though those 3 I wouldn’t consider Demons, but rather Gods in their own respect

Lol it makes you like an elite? how? Lol

Yo bro,… I humbly request one of them, soul dives you do… Which you’re, really good at and I’m in dire need of please… In return is try and do a reading or a scan on my side… Please

Just a humble request

actual spirit contact is rare, i would say like 10% rest of occult is just thoughtforms AI&autotalking and gray contacts…

also inteligence level recuired that actual spirit trys to contact you with its singular being must be higher than average, or you must be family, aka elite…

While I do agree most contact may be thoughtform related under the premise of going strictly off “trust your intuition” type analysis if it can be called analysis. Though Greys contact is still spirit contacts and not in the new age Greys are evil way.

??? Epigenetic

Changes to your genome that don’t require changes to your nucleic acid sequence.

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Ty very much

Well spirits in the sense of other worldly beings rather than residing here on earth.

they are not spirits they have no capability of emotions.

I maybe will do actual topic of them since i know and understand them pretty well, but they are rather nuisance, than actual help or positive thing to humanity or spirituality

You must of met ones of your own astral space then because the etheric ones I met have capability of emotions.

I wouldn’t suggest that, mainly from just a glance it seems you have a kind of new age “Greys are bad and unhelpful people”


Stop making assumptions of me

greys are artificial, not etheric.

See that tells me you shouldn’t make a thread about it you’re already speaking about disinformation lol. The Greys I’ve met we’re capable of emotions they simply put logic before emotional response. Some were even capable of reading emotions through touch.