Psychic Powers Are A Fantasy Illusion

All “Psychics” Are Full Of Shit!… There Are No Exclusive Psychic Powers… You Are Being Scammed To Line Their Pockets!… Real Magicians Don’t Fall For These Charlatans!!!

As an occult author, spiritual practitioner and practicing magician it seems a big statement to suggest that all psychics are fakes and charlatans… and yet I stand fully by my statement. It is my stance that not only are psychics all scammers but that they give all other practicing magicians and spiritualists a bad name. One of the things I have always hated is the idea that some people are born with exclusive psychic powers or “gifts”. We are all born with an unlimited potential within us. Every single person in existence has the potential to do absolutely anything they want if enough hard work, passion and drive are present. There are no exclusive powers that are reserved for only specific people.

Now this is not to suggest that some people are not born with natural talents. Some are born with a natural talent for music and other for perhaps sports. But natural talent is not exclusive. Someone who was born without a natural talent for art can still learn to be just as good as someone who has that natural talent; again, assuming enough hard work, passion and drive are present. This principle applies just the same to magick as it does to music, art, sports etc. Every single person has the potential to become a practicing magician and to utilize what we call magick. In fact, every single person is already doing magick and using the same tools that these psychics claim are “gifts”.

It is my speculation that from this exclusive, inherent gift ideology; that the idea for magick being exclusive has also arisen. This concept that only certain people can perform real magick or work with certain traditions within magickal systems. As I have stated in several of my written articles including my book “Magick: It’s All In Your Head” this is simply bullshit. Magick has been romanticised and taken so out of the mundane, tangible, day to day dealings that we have pushed it into this corner of spiritualist separation from its totality. Magick is simply the mind and every single person is using it whether they realize is or not, whether with intention or not. However, this is a topic for a different article.

Several figures such as Derren Brown, Richard Dawkins, and now also myself, have come out publicly to explain and expose what it actually is that these “psychics” are doing; as well as the great potential harm that they can cause to people. Every single technique presented by psychics have been debunked and explained simply by psychological techniques that the majority of people are not aware of. Cold reading, placebo, ideomotor, as well as different mentalist techniques are but a few of these methods that cast the illusion of psychic powers. It would also be fair to say that some proclaimed psychics are so uneducated on these psychological techniques that they are even fooling themselves into believing they are one of the special chosen ones. Almost a sweet innocence to their potentially harmful projection of information.

Fools Will Be Fooled!… Personal Responsibility Does Also Play A Significant Role!… Education Is The Antidote!!!

There is the concept however that people who simply do not take the time to educate themselves on this are but facing the consequences of their own lack of self-responsibility. Now while I agree with this I would also state that being a voice or educator can at least provide them possible information to use to educate themselves. Educating yourself on these psychological techniques (many of which are used by mentalists to cast the illusion of psychic ability) will not only give you the ability to see through these charlatans but also give you a rounded idea of how magick actually works.

See real magick is the mind. As I have stated in many of my written pieces all magick is psychological in nature. Truly, it is all in your head. Yet as people like Derren Brown and Richard Dawkins use this premise to debunk magick, I take a slightly different approach. These psychological methods are what real magick is, and when we understand these techniques and how they work every single person can manifest in their life what it is they need or want… truly as if by magick. There are no seers of the future, only predictions of cause and effect, based on your own psychological state. There are no universal spiritual attributes for objects, only subconscious association and placebo. There are no external gods as higher powers influencing your life, only psychological ideas that we give an external attribute in order to stimulate progression. This is real magick.

There Are Methods Of Delivering These Same Techniques Once The Illusions Are Unveiled!… Deliver The Methods In Their True Context!!!

When I see a tarot reader provide a piece of information that is their own interpretation of occult symbolism to a client, who is waiting to make a huge decision in their life, it makes me cringe. When I see energetic healers, who click fingers and do wavy hand motions with a client who has chosen to take that over actual medicine it makes me truly sad. Truly some of the work that these “psychics” do can be harmful to others. It is because of this that I do not provide any service without stating my stance on it. My method of tarot reading for example focuses on having the person interpret the cards and myself, understanding a good bit about psychology, relaying what that tells me about their own psychological state. In this sense my tarot reading has become not divination, but rather a psychological reading. It is these finer details that separate the truly great magicians from the fantasy filled charlatans.

My encouragement to all who want to learn real magick is to study psychology and mentalism and apply that in context to these occult techniques. It is through this, that real benefit will come, true elevation will happen and no fantasy shall consume actuality. Your mind is the magick, and their pockets want to keep you from that. Learn how to use placebo to manifest desire, learn how to use psychology to work with your state of mind, learn your own subconscious association and how to use that to your advantage, understand the mind and how it all works together. It is through this you will discover the real magick and the real gods. You are the God and Magick is the tool you already possess, all you must do, is realize it, utilize it and question it all.


I don’t know about that. I certainly think natural talent accounts and the gap between great talent and no talent cannot be bridged by gard work. Take Mozart for instance, one of the greatest musical minds of history. He was composing full symphonies when he was five.

Later in his life someone who was thinking of entering the music industry asked him a question, “How do you write a symphony?” Mozart told the man, “Symphonies are very complex pieces of music and that he should first do some small ballads before moving on to a symphony.” The man scoffed at Mozart’s advice, “But, you’ve been writing symphonies since you were five.”

“Yes,” replied Mozart, rather witily, “But I never asked anybody how.”


My views on magick are similar to yours, I’d say. Hm, I wonder, do you believe in energy work and vampirism, or not?

There are several accounts of people who have “natural talent” who piss it all away and several account of people with none who make it too the top. Natural talent and exclusive gifts are not the same that was my point.

As for energy work and vampirism sure but that depends on what your definition of those things are, energy work is pretty self explanatory when you take the law of vibration and basic energetic science into the picture.


What if they charge no money? What if they just offer their services because they have recently discovered their own magic psychicness and ask willing canditates to help them practice? Good post btw.

And I was talking about myself.

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I would disagree.

True, I’ve seen psychics like that. But I’ve also been in contact with ones who have been able to tell the deaths of people and animals from their pictures alone, and have had information revealed to me in the mannerisms of my ancestors. That’s more of a necromancer, true to the word, than the perception common to this forum.

Aside from things that are inherent within one’s bloodline, you mean? As there are plenty of “blood-only” seals to work.

That’s a stretch. Sure, we can all achieve things spiritually, but aside from the individual paces of people, bodies and souls react differently to power. There are limits inherent and woven into each of us from the moment of birth. Whether or not we break them is dependent on our own access to powers greater than us, and I don’t mean “psychological bridges to natural forces” or what have you. Someone practicing on their own will very likely never achieve what someone with a teacher like Don Juan, of the Castaneda books, could achieve.

Outstanding factors, such as features of person and station in life, aside, I would generally agree.

If by “doing magick” you mean utilizing esoteric energies in their daily life, I would agree.

But that’s not magic. Magic is an arrangement of energies constructed to affect something- which is rarely a conscious act by most people. There’s a difference between praying and directing energy in order to manifest something.

I agree that the bolded text is bullshit. However, certain traditions and systems being exclusive isn’t. Energy is real, as most on this forum can gather, and certain types or streams of energy are naturally guarded, or only mesh well with certain individuals. If you resonate with the current, you resonate with it, if you don’t, you don’t. Sometimes that resonance is needed in order to properly form and apply the energy. Sometimes there are guardians that won’t let you interact with the energy unless you meet certain qualifications.

That’s less of a human thing and more of an energetic fact.

Of the bullshit ones, sure.

To think there are no legitimate ones though, is a fallacy. The world is always bigger than you expect it to be, when magic is involved.

What’s with the headlines for the paragraphs? They’re not formatted differently, was this meant to be in the newsletter?

This is where you’re forgetting something. The mind is only an interface for the fabric of reality that is used to enact change.

Yes, your state of mind influences your behavior and your ability to work. However, a mind is far from the only tool necessary in order to become a truly great sorcerer. The cleaning and maintenance of it is simply the first step.

I’d also disagree with this. A good test of such is to sit, meditate, and simply will to visualize your future. Not any specific moment in it, but a random one, and see what you get. Not attached to any qualifiers or questions, just a simple “peek” at the future.

I’ve encountered exact scenarios, down to the color of an object on the table, by employing this method. Every glimpse of the future I’ve seen, the brief moments it shows, have eventually come true on their own, with no effort on my part. Random things, from family gatherings to the scenery while driving.

Trying to predict something is different than letting the future form before you, however. And what they read is dependent on the skill of the reader.

No, there aren’t universal attributes, but there are energies for everything.

I understand that you are of the psychological model, and that my anecdotes will likely not convince you one way or the other.

Nonetheless, I completely disagree with your statement.

Sure, there are some spirits that generate enough energy that they can affect our lives, but not enough to command our wills.

I’ve been physically lifted by spirits before, as well as taken through portals physically (and have emerged from them into places far from my entry point). I’ve seen people vanish into thin air, and had spirits manifest before me completely physically, without being in a ritual state. One such manifestation left the imprints of its feet in my floor.

Some gods might be ideas. I don’t doubt that.

Others have power that distorts the entire concept.

A psychological reading, though, is another type of divination. There’s a number of ways to do the same thing, and end up at a similar result.

See, while this is a way of operating, it shouldn’t be the entirety of it. If anything, those are tools, not results.

There’s virtually infinite ways of performing magic. What works for some of us won’t work for others, and what’s available to the few won’t be available to the many unless shifts occur. While I don’t talk about “real magic”, I will say that the most effective ways of shifting reality- not what’s in your head, or outside of it, but both- tend to be a combination thereof.

Psychology is a springboard. It is the arrangement of such a board that determines what can be done with it, and often the self is the first barrier to success.

It is not the be-all, end-all of sorcery.


I do believe some of them are a load of crap who will tell you what you wanna hear in exchange for cash, on the other hand i’ve seen people who do real psychic and intuitive readings that are real those people usually prefer some form of trade or only except money if they can’t offer them something else.

While i get your point that psychic abilities are available to everyone who can be bothered to develop them. I still think certain people have an affinity to do better with the gift than others, but that can be said about different forms of divination and magick. Someone might be great with Psychic Sight and someone else will be great at Invocation. Ideally it depends which gifts come more naturally to the individual.


To be more specific, altering, absorbing, redirecting, or draining the energy of others via visualization, among other things. To me, that’s what energy work and vampirism is, in the occult context.

And can you tell me with 100% certainty that this person is no using psychological techniques to read the signals you are giving them in the first place to provide that information? There have been several experiments done with this “death photo” ideas. Here is a link that goes right into this.

Provide one example of something magickal that I cannot do without having “the blood”. Blood exclusiveness is another concept I have also gone over in my work. Magick is not dependant upon your blood, and I would say every author at BALG has touched upon this. Since when was the black magician limited by the needs of blood for a tradition. Blood is a bullshit excuse for not to do something.

Sure there are limits and we all have the potential to overcome those limits. Hence unlimited potential, potential does not imply it will be fulfilled. There is no power greater than us, if the universe exists within us then all power is already always available.

considering the age we live in when personal features can be altered and are happening on a regular basis I would keep that also in mind,

I already explained in my article what magick was. Magick is the mind. But lets use your own point here.

Magick is an arrangement of energies as you say. Well All things are a collection of energies in a state of constant change even your own body and mind is a collection of this energy. Consciousness itself would also be this collection of energy. This is going strait back to the law of vibration and as such correspondence and mentalism.

I have already touched upon energy here. As for your traditions being exclusive I guess E.A will be pissed when he finds out he CANT do Haitian Vodoun, or I guess that Raven Kaldera might be pissed when he finds out he cant be a Viking Sorcerer. My point is the exclusiveness is tradition is based on political bullshit and not anything to do with if that person can work with that system and get results.

Yes energy is real, and everything is energy hence why I can work with any tradition and get results. Hence why black magicians like E.A have been working with these traditions and getting results without a care for (you cant do this tradition because of x, y and z).

Provide me one technique psychics use that cannot be explained by mentalist or psychological techniques, methods and concepts… ill wait.

Id say the mind is the only thing you need. Sure there are other things you can use yes. But a great magician needs no tools, only his mind. Tools are a bonus not a necessity[quote=“Velotak, post:6, topic:14374”]
'd also disagree with this. A good test of such is to sit, meditate, and simply will to visualize your future. Not any specific moment in it, but a random one, and see what you get. Not attached to any qualifiers or questions, just a simple “peek” at the future.

I’ve encountered exact scenarios, down to the color of an object on the table, by employing this method. Every glimpse of the future I’ve seen, the brief moments it shows, have eventually come true on their own, with no effort on my part. Random things, from family gatherings to the scenery while driving.

Trying to predict something is different than

predicting cause and effect (which can be predicted pretty far into the future) is different than how divination is often packaged. Again I have found no instance that cannot be taken back to what I already stated.

Nobody is denying that fact. I keep saying everything is energy this is simple science.


I may have missed something. How does psychic power differ from magic?

I claim no natural talent but have developed some solid ability where relic and ritual are irrelevant

Not ALL of them. The above statement is rather bridged to your own perception.

Quick to judge and by the way, You shouldn’t judge.
Standing fully by the statement that all psychics are fakes and charlantans is just you trying to convince yourself that they are.

I agree that there are no Exclusive powers reserved for specific people.

Yeah,I agree

Education can also be a poison

There’s always no knowing
The unknown is not real or false, It’s a spiral path/step that strectches up to the infinite. At each step, we see things differently… There’s no “final” step - There’s always no knowing as knowledge itself is an illusion.

The mind is a tool used in magick.
We are the magick

Reality itself is a fantasy illusion.
See and observe is the thumb rule in Occult.
You are neither right or wrong in the things you said - That applies to me also, by the way.


All psychics are scammers and charlatans. Hmmm :thinking: well, I was definitely born with gifts, one of them being that I smell bullshit from miles away.


Me too,I was born with the gift of being a charlatan!


You better put that gift to good use and make a profit.


I entirely agree.

The issue i take here is the says one thing as a sorcerer but then requires that there be complete undeniable evidence for same thing in a field where evidence isn’t really a thing. mindset.

No one here can prove, for the most part, their ability 100%.


Haha, you gotta read the whole post.

I think lots of people on this forum read for other people in good faith, but we also hang out with Satanists. Harsh words are fun.

What I read @asbjorntorvol is that you have the same idea of what “psychic” means as I do. It just means “related to the psyche”.

Most of us know the character Diana Troi and the common way to make fun of her role.
The Klingon yells, “I will drink your blood!”
Diana jumps in with, “He’s angry captian.”
And everybody rolls their eyes like, no shit?

But… that’s not what happens in the show and that’s not how it feels to be “psychic” or “psychically open” or whatever.

Some of us use the word psychic because we feel like Diana. The Klingon yells, “I will drink your blood!”
And most people sit there trying to figure out what the fuck that Klingon could possibly be thinking.

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Wonder if OP is talking about the palm readers in some major cities. If so, I’d be outraged too.

Oh, wow. Ok, gonna try something the op did not; tact and respect. First, yes everyone has the inherent ability. The problem with that, though, is most of the population are spiritually asleep and aren’t going to put in the effort/ trust themselves. Second, I have to doubt the op’s credibility based on the fact that we literally live in an infinite multiverse. Which means everything thing exists, somewhere within it. Combine that with the fact that time and space don’t actually exist and the op is really showing his ass. Insulting and deriding others to put yourself on a pedestal is a scumbag move, dude. Edit: ok, I failed at the respect part. Op just didn’t earn that.


Bullshit is something you can feed to people to bring them out of a possessed state, at least that is my understanding from what Astaroth has so bluntly stated was I was going into possession (that lasted several days, and I was fucking psychotic during that time, and lets just say I wasn’t happy with everything coming out of it, although I was relieved at all the things that were not broken. (and also I was terribly annoyed with Astaroth, but that did not start me running to xianity or other nonsense)

I think my experience has made me realize the usefulness and validity of initiatory societies, the hard way. Society is not very accepting of altered states, and it does not help when your spouse has his own issues. I’m probably going to have to spend the rest of my life trying to fix this mess and the way we have profaned the sacred and stuck people with such mundane consensus bullshit.

Like Christian Prophets that say it is God that comes on them and makes these abilities happen. That He comes on them and, presto, they have sudden abilities they did not have before. Then they attack real Psychics, Shamans, and such, that are outside of their belief system, as being of ‘‘the devil’’… They are Liars and Scammers. ( Personal experience ). These Christian Mind Control Elite owned self made prophets attack the universal spirit in everyone. ““They have Blasphemed the Holy Ghost””.
Satan burn them in the Avichi Hell Fire.