Psychic attack Symptoms and Ascension Symptoms

Why are psychic attack symptoms and Ascension symptoms the same? Every source I look at all say the same things for both. How are people supposed to decipher and maneuver if they say the same exact things? Its confusing as f**k.

Head pressure
Hot flashes
Unable to sleep
Random bouts of anger or anxiety
Heat or cooling sensations in random places
Muscle spasms
Time Dilation
Vivid Dream/Nightmares

All of these things are symptoms of both. WTF

If shielding, warding, and banishing don’t mitigate or stop the symptoms, then the chances are high that they are not symptoms of psychic attack.

It is a process of elimination, like how a doctor will prescribe one medicine to see if it helps the patient’s symptoms, and if it doesn’t, they will try another until they find the one with the best effect.


Okay so when I tried a banishing I got a dull pain on my head and according to one post its my energy coming back to me correct? So I’m definitely being attacked
Right? I’m sorry if I seem like a dumbass my insecurities have been attacked.

So many people were like “you think you know everything” “you think you’re so smart” “you won’t listen to the master” but that fucker is really attacking me. And I blindly listened to what I was told :unamused::pensive:. (Going vegan while you’re under attack? Bad idea)

These symptoms can also be signs of neurotransmitters being out of whack, which makes it a medical issue and not psychic


Not necessarily. It could be feedback from the banishing ritual. The thing with banishing is you have to keep doing it regularly until the symptoms of attack abate. Once the symptoms stop, then you can decide on a counter attack, but rarely will doing a single banishing ritual stop an attack because the circle of protection they establish only lasts for around 12 hours, less if it is a concentrated assault.

My advice, if you aren’t sure if it is an attack or Ascension symptoms, treat it like an attack. Ward your home, put up a shield around yourself, harden your aura, and banish first thing in the morning, and again before sleep. If the symptoms don’t lessen considerably or stop altogether, than it’s likely not an attack.


OP, are you taking any kind of supplements?


Nope. I was taking Elderberry for a month tho amd every now and then I take some magnesium.

Given the events since 2019 I can conclude that I’m definitely being attacked and not being helped by my attacker

Is there medical testing? Like a blood test?

There are tests that will determine if you are deficient in various vitamins. I don’t know if there are blood tests for neurotransmitters

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contact marquis sabnock. he can def help u

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If you’re female, the first bunch of symptoms on the list do sound a lot like hormonal imbalance. I’ve had that myself and it can be brought on by the weirdest and most subtle changes to diet or routine. Have you seen a doctor?

I’d second what the above commenter said: call on Sabnock. She will remove any and every parasite or invader on the spiritual plane (and may advise you on health issues if they exist, too)

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I would posit a question to you:

Have you been working at Ascension?
To experience Ascension symptoms, you’ll have to have done something that initiated those symptoms I would think. Or have been working at it, at least I would think so.

Next thing:

You yourself say this has been going on since 2019. So between a year and a half to two years no?

You have a long-standing problem, so it won’t have an immediate or quick solution overnight.

If you fall down a twenty foot hole, you have to climb all twenty feet to get out…(no, I’m not saying you’ll have to fight for years, but I hope you catch my meaning)

A big part of this I would think is a battle of wills.

Your will must be stronger than your attacker’s.

Go to war.

Well, those are my thoughts anyway

You should also consider the physical/medical angle as others have mentioned.


Here you have ascension symptoms

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I have considered the medical part because I am trans and haven’t been on hormones for a year. But when I banish these symptoms go away (then they come back).

I thought I was because I agreed to work with this person and spirit but apparently I got suckered. I was told to come to live with my mom but I’m realizing under attack of be left vulnerable cuz I wouldn’t have a room until after a fucking year and my mom is not with this shit.

Tbh my very first thought was that all the symptoms except maybe the “time dilation and vivid dream/nightmares” sound like menopause symptoms.

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^^^^(emphasis mine)

That kinda stands out to me.

This might be part of the problem.

Spiritual agreements can be a lot more binding.

You need to renounce or revoke that agreement.

Write it out, make it formal, then burn it ritually while focusing on letting go and moving on. Follow your intuition. If you feel like you need to do X and y while you do this as part of revoking your agreement then do so (within reason).

Something to try.

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I have some chronic physical health problems that get better after banishing and then worsen once the effects of banishing subside. The mind-body-spirit connection is real.

Have you heard of the concept of multiple souls? In witchcraft practices, its said that you have three souls and one of them is the physical soul, and that can affect the other souls and vice versa. The best way to treat most ailments (imo anyway) is to treat all three levels.

Maybe seeing a doctor would help with the physical side of things. but it doesn’t mean there is not spiritual aspect, you feel me?

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