Psychedelic Philosophy

Just looking for some interjection on this philosophy.

When we digest terrestrial compounds like psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, ayuascha and DMT, with the right amount we know that we can experience an ego death. This will release our sense of self that desires all things carnal and of the lowest frequency. Every limiting thought and trauma we have yet to detach from can be first acknowledged and then released with such an experience like this. When we meditate into a deep enough state we can achieve the same effect temporarily and no longer vibrate on the low frequency that most people live on throughout their time on this planet. With this being said when we look at our natal chart and study it we can become aligned with our Astrological Ego. The physical ego we posses serves our higher consciousness no good and will keep us stagnant, but our astrological ego does the opposite. It is clear to the enlightened individuals, whom we may call starseeds, that when we closely observe our charts we can adjust and fine tune if you will, to the characteristics and behavioral patterns that the stars had planned for us when we nestled in the vessel we now physically reside in. So many people choose to neglect and deny their universal anatomy but with tools such as astrology, dmt, psilocybin and meditation we can let go of our physical ego and progressively transform into our astrological ego. Death allows this to happen to those receptive to the energy calling for us to seek and submit to once we finally pass on. Others will be left confused and remain negligent, trapped in a cycle of lessons, pain and pleasure; Life. We can prepare and allow ourselves to receive and travel onto the astral while living. We have knowledge of the stars and compounds from the earth to assist this process. The things we experience build discernment for the decision we will be given to either elevate beyond the cycle of rebirth or continue with it here on earth. We must not stay active in the things we consume that don’t serve us and allow ourselves to release the egotistical being we are encouraged to be through media, politics, curriculum and any other agenda forcing a reverse effect on our senses and subconscious that we have been unaware of for many lifetimes. Things that are deemed to be right are showing to be wrong, things that are taught to be evil are now elevating; astrology = witchcraft = evil. We know this to be be completely backwards and this is just a single example of the majoritive belief system that we are looked down upon for not subscribing to. More people have become aware of their astral identity and are utilizing the resources we have hidden away in books and online forums. Circling back to the vitality of killing your ego, it’s the sense of self we have of belonging to the world we live in, or for better words the cycle. We are not here to stay in this cycle and our ego keeps us here wanting more and more from the things in it. THAT is the ego that must die and it will when it is our time, but the ego we have to obtain and learn to align ourselves with is our astrological ego. This is the only sense of self that remains once we are free from our physical entity. This is our cosmic energy, our universal archetype. We live on a single minuscule planet amidst an infinite nebula waiting for us to experience and explore for eternity. The best thing we can do is learn, prepare and allow ourselves to receive the UNIVERSE.

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A couple of thoughts:

  1. Drugs are fine to help you get the idea, but they are s crutch if you think you can only get there with drugs. Use them to show you how and then develop your skills to be independent.
  2. Enlightenment and being a starseed are two very different things. All of us are starseeds, imo, this is a new age nicety that doesn’t mean that much.
  3. You should not try to kill your ego, this is an rhp fallacy, designed to make passive people who cannot act and are easily controlled. Rather, embrace all of yourself, know yourself, and become whole… holy.
  4. You are already sacred, they’re is nothing low vibrational about carnality. Fear and self hate are low vibrational. Humans are dna royalty, love all of you for who you are and be the best of all worlds, physical and spirit harmonised into one.

The problem with psychedelics is that they’re meant to fuck up your senses; make you perceive things that aren’t actually happening. Thus, I see them as completely unreliable in terms of spirituality.

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you lost me when you used the word “holy”. That word doesn’t resonate with any part of my identity.

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