Protection from demons

Some of the experiences I’ve read here seem abusive. How do any of you protect yourself when a spirit you work with, or want to work with, becomes toxic?

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I mean all that’s really necessary to do is just stop working with them and do some banishings. And having wards is always a good idea.

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The only time I got a problem with an entity I was working with and had really good relationship up until that point, I just stopped working with them. They didn’t bothered me afterwards until I felt ready to contact them again.
If it keeps disturbing you, you can always try out this


Banish them, if they become persistent cloak myself and work on myself so the next time they come back they get their ass kicked.
Or call on a God to kick their ass/banish them/protect you from them.


Lol, they can try… I’m human, there’s nothing nastier in the universe than a scared or angry human.

Recognise it, deal with it. You’re in charge, you’re not a battered spouse here, you’re the practitioner - stand in your power and act like it.


Just prepare yourself for anything