Problems with LHP

Exactly my thoughts. No such thing as objective reality IMO, nor objective truth. Everything is based on consciousness.

Yeah. It’s neat. Observation changes results. No observation, one thing. Observation, another. Two types of patterning.

At the rate we’re headed as a species, we won’t have time to make it onjective, or at least the common human won’t have the ability to.

I believe that anything within “matter” has patterns and if we can figure them out, then we can find ways to interact with, affect, change, edit, revise, etc these patterns

Right? Not everybody is a ceremonial magician. Not everybody can feel all energies all the time.

OP, if you can’t you can’t contact some of the entities other people can, it’s ok, it just means they’re not for you at this time. Doesn’t mean you can tell us that those people are faking it and be taken seriously. Go remind yourself what UPG stands for and stop preaching as if your truth should be everybody’s; it’s isn’t and shouldn’t be, that’s not how this planet works.

Quantum physics states that it is separate from us and our electric flesh suits are receivers of this consciousness.

Don’t think so… Since when? Citations please? Speaking as a trained physicist, quantum physics sticks to actual physics, and doesn’t get into philosophy. Philosophers can draw from QM, but that doesn’t make what they say QM.

I think that is the rhetoric that we have been spoon fed due to our proclivity to deny montheism.

Is it still “rhetoric” when that’s what the bible says? Monotheism doesn’t mean ‘there is only one god’. It means ‘here is a god that wants to be the only one worshiped and demands you deny allothers’

Got news for you: Pretty sure Lucifer’s not into that.

The bible always recognized there was multiple gods, from the first lines of the old testament in genesis where Elohim means gods plural, El means god singular - check the translation of Elohim yourself… so the monotheistic element comes from Jehova insisting that ‘no other god’ - admitting that there are others, obviously - ‘should be put before [special snowflake] me’. THAT’s “monotheism” - a god asking to be put first, never that there was only one of them.

but I don’t buy the black candles and incense and mystical shit. Generally that’s a cover for a pile of bullshit in the corner.

So? Nobody said you had to? Did you have a point apart from trying to tell other people you think their practice is bullshit? Smooth move.

So what’s your point here apart from trying to rain on other people’s parade? Did you want to hear an idea that would persuade you or are you just venting? Dude you’re very close to breaking the BALG rules on preaching.

You made a point, it’s not for you. Why would we care? You do you. man.


Just stating what I’ve read and listened to.

No one’s preaching or venting. I’m saying that I hit a road block and it’s discouraging.

Don’t worry. I won’t publicly question anymore. Didn’t mean to anger you or anyone. Peace.

Are you saying the author of that book ‘Mind: A Journey into the Heart of Being Human’ said QM theory states something it doesn’t?
I’d say, think about things you read before taking them at face value. (Including my opinion, as I can only speak for myself)

I’m saying that I hit a road block and it’s discouraging.

That’s not how it came across to me. If you call other peoples beliefs ‘rhetoric’ and say their use of ritual tools is a ‘pile of shit in the corner’, do you not see how that’s hard to interpret as “I’m stuck”. It sounded like you’d make up your mind not that you are stuck at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve recently done something very similar about necromancy, which is a current I don’t get coming from a qigong perspective. I tried quite hard, figured out what I think is going on there and then after annoying people about it walked away from it. I don’t expect for a second that I’ll miss it, I do fully expect I could work it my way if I wanted, I just find it pointless and think I have other tools to get the same results that I prefer to use. Not all currents are necessary for every practitioner. Maybe you just didn’t find your groove yet.

Didn’t mean to anger you or anyone.

I don’t think you did as far as I can tell.

I won’t publicly question anymore.

Actually I think this is what you want to do more of, perhaps in a less ‘your candle is bs’ way. . But I still think if you can’t feel it, it’s ok and there’s no need to push yourself. Just the fact that you have questions puts you in the right frame of mind to keep reading and the info will come into your path. Just give it time.

I do think that whole Christianity thing is one you could drop. It didn’t serve you so why are you still carrying it and using it as if it was a viable comparison? Communicating with daemoins is like talking to another human, with personality and unqiue answers and energy, not talking to the empty air.

My suggestion is the same as for every person who hasn’t built up their astral senses yet - do energy work every day and get stronger. The abilities come naturally as you do that inner work, but noone can understand for you. You have to work it and understand for yourself.

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It doesn’t come from a book or rituals. It’s literally a secret language that the spirit world teaches you. Once you speak the language, you see the hidden knowledge everywhere. It’s hidden in plain sight. Walk down the cereal aisle at the grocery and suddenly all the boxes are about Kundalini. Music videos are suddenly tarot cards. Where they designed that way? Of course not. My own spiritual genius is projecting its hidden knowledge onto everything I see.


Look. I’m the furthest thing from a Christian. Faith in Christ makes no sense. So I think you’re reading me wrong.

What I’m saying is this: it seems like we are all deceived by those who present themselves as occultic authorities bc the majority of them are actually Monotheists with an agenda to fuck us over.

What I want more than anything is legitimate interaction with entities. A true experience with something outside of the dualistic existence. Breaking through to the other side. True gnosis.

This profane existence seems so prescribed with limited experience that seems to be spoon fed to us. When we think we are deviating and changing, my fear is that we are actually falling in line and conforming to the polarization of society.

What I’m saying is fuck the monotheists. But the fear is have us that the AIN SOF is truly the original source of all, and that we are enslaved by those emanations. And that everything we do is ultimately going to be equilibrated intonthe ultimate ONE and I’m going to be absorbed back into the nothing/everything. Which sounds awful.

Does that make sense?

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Actually, through my studies, my fear is that the teaching of the “enlightenment” coupled with writings by Blavatsky, Newton, Reich, and the false Catholic Church, pushed by the Freemasonic agenda and Capitalsim/false democracy, has saturated our western society and structured our ways of processing religion/spirituality into a very refined, manageable social bubble.

And I hate it. I see the same stuff, and it drives me nuts.

I think this is going a bit far from the original point of flaws and divisions in magick based on dividing it into too limited paths at least that is how this seems to be going to me.

I think you’re in too deep if you’re perceiving agendas.

What I’m trying to understand is the difference between any of this stuff. Cause it’s all seems to circle back around to faith, belief, and subjective experience.

If the double slit video made me consider anything, it’s that maybe us even paying attention and looking for gods/spirits/entities is what hinders their interaction? Maybe it’s the animals who are aware of the truth. They live in true instinct. That’s something pure.

Well, doesn’t everything have an agenda? At least by design? The beasts agenda is to survive. A drunk frat boys agenda is to score. Lucifer’s agenda is to illuminate.

Religions have agendas. Governments have agendas. The Templars’ agenda was to infiltrate the Catholic Church.

So if we live in an agenda-based world, then how can I trust the quality of the information being delivered? Is it better to dig deeper or to remove oneself completely?

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You’re right, it’s all subjective. And ultimately there is no difference between any of it. Everybody’s saying the same thing no matter how different the details seem. And I think you’re onto something when you mention how animals experience truth through instinct. That’s exactly where you need to go to find relief.

No two minds will interpret the same things equally the same. Faith and belief are large parts of Magick along with the objective skills and techniques of manipulating energy. It is a form of paradox of subjective power of faith and objective power of mind and energy.

Interacting with other beings means not only training the objective senses of energy but also allowing the mind to expand enough to interpret the information you receive. Have you ever read any books by Franz Bardon? He does a good job of presenting things of both the objective and subjective experiences. There is a lot to it that is not plainly stated either that you must explore as well.

Remove oneself, as in, live through your animal senses

Eat some LSD in a field separate from everything and everyone. I think that has to be close to the only way to truly detach and “search”. Wake up the part of the brain that connects to eternal concepts.

If observation is effectual, maybe it’s the delivery system that has to be edited. Blockades. Blockages. Static in transmission.

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Honestly. That’s becoming more and more of a conclusion I’m reaching. Become the beast.

Do you see that’s the field of neuroscience not quantum mechanics? Otherwise it would ave said ‘quantum physicists agree…’ not ‘neuroscientists agree…’ right?

I’m the furthest thing from a Christian.

Ok, so stop bringing Christianity into it? I agree with you there’s no sense in that, so why did you bring it up if it’s not relevant to you? Let it go, empty that cup and start new.

we are all deceived by those who present themselves as occultic authorities

Who is any why? You can speak for yourself. I’m not aware that there are any such authorities?

For me, I’m the ONLY authority in spiritual matters for myself, and I question everything and everyone, including me… Who are these authority figures you speak of any why do you think of them that way? I’ll be the first person to tell you they’re nothing of the sort. You are your own authority. Always. … In my opinion.
Even the Buddha said that you should only believe him if you yourself agree with him.

So, read others experiences and opinions, but remember that’s all hey are. You still have to decide if it works for you or not. Keep what you agree with and forget the rest. I didn’t invent that idea, but I agreed with it when I heard other people saying it. See how that works?

What I want more than anything is legitimate interaction with entities.

Fair. Then do the hard work to get there, like everybody else. Did you think it would fall in your lap for free? I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I’m still not clairaudient, but I trust my intuition and clairsentience which is good enough for most of it.

This profane existence seems so prescribed with limited experience that seems to be spoon fed to us.

Ok what? Why is it “profane” if you’re not a Christian? You sound like a Christian right there to me,.
Yes it’s limited, yes being human sucks, won’t dissuade you there. Its up to you to mediate, and ask yourself (your highr/godself) why you came. You are a god that incarnate as a human, you had a reason, find it - it helps a lot ime

When we think we are deviating and changing, my fear is that we are actually falling in line and conforming to the polarization of society.

Questioning everything is good. I think it’s when you stop questioning that you fall in line.

What I’m saying is fuck the monotheists.

Cool, I would say, go one step beyond that, and realise they’re so insignificant to you that you don’t even have to say ‘fuck them’. What other people think doesn’t matter and is none of your business really, unless they make it your business, then act. Otherwise stop wasting your power on them.

And that everything we do is ultimately going to be equilibrated into the ultimate ONE and I’m going to be absorbed back into the nothing/everything.

I think this is the point of ascension, for individuated spirits who would have gone back to source at some point to develop enough to become self-sustaining entities. I think that fact that you consciously know about it means you already made it, since conscious consent is very very important. But I think not all the humans incarnate here have this issue, as some of them were already sovereign before incarnating. You might be one of them, and I think it’s a bit early to tell which. I consider that fear is a useful warning mechanism but not always accurate.

I mean, for all you know, the reason you are carrying this fear, is so you can seed it into the energy fields of the people you come into contact with, as part of helping them awaken… it works like that sometimes, that not everything is personal, and you are a carrier not the end.


But you said you’re already perceiving the eternal concepts, and they’re agendas that disturb you. How is LSD going to make that any better? It’ll just send you further down the rabbit hole.

Why don’t you just go take care of some animals?