Problems with LHP

Maybe it will detach me more from my experiential filters and tune me in to what I need to be tuned in to.

I don’t see how that would be possible, because drugs are one of the most ungrounding things you can do, but you’re gonna do whatever you’re gonna do

Drug abuse is a huge destroyer. But psychedelics are anti-addictive and affect you in a much different manner than a substance like cocaine. As opposed to over obsession and addiction, psychedelics clear your brain, help you to attain focus. Like a “jump start”


There are 33 degrees in freemasonry i believe the 33rd degree must be given in the grand-grand big daddgy lodge in the U.K.

Apparently there are higher degrees. Like the “red belt” in jiu jitsu. Or an amp that goes to 11.


Like I have been saying, I’m afraid that I am correct in my discoveries. And I’m afraid that everything we are experiencing has been prescribed. So it’s hard for me to take a lot of this serious (LHP, RHP, and everything inbewteeen) bc I keep finding myself in this Orwellian reality full of double speak and secrets within secrets. And what’s scary is that is potentiated and pushed by people who seem to be unaware of the history/origins of these thought-processes and why we view certain things certain ways.

As much as I’d love to trust my subjective mind, I am a human, and filter shit with my emotions and experiences. If what I am believing and following is a consequence of propaganda and indoctrination, then what’s the point of even attempting ANY of the rituals?

Being high on LSD isnt going to help. Its just gunna make u high as shit.
It might detach you from your meatsuit but thats just the drug doing the work and not you therefore you gain nothing.
If u feel the need to detach from your meatsuit learn soul travel.


This will probably help me form always being high lol.

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The point of it is what we make of it

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To break that mindset. That’s the point.


Lol… join the club.

(I stole this from the memes thread)

Dude, you can flop about like a wet lettuce, stuck in fear and doubt and just give up, or you can do the best you can with what you’ve got for as long as can. Nobody can ask for more than the latter, but you’re not getting anywhere with the former.
You pays your money you takes your choice. If’s your life.


Know exactly what you mean by dumbing down


“Where are the true secrets”
Think allegories.

Also “proper rituals” is completely unnecessary.

I feel you may be taking things too literally.
So think allegories. Think energy. Thats all you need. The belief system you choose to follow just makes it easier to integrate


People are seen as objects to steal all of the resources from, then tell them how good all of this theft is in the form of assistance. So the observation of religious persona being repackaged is true, these people are extortionist in the disguise of being decent people.


How years old you, my friend?


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My inspirated thinking started after 7x7=49 years. Be patient. :slight_smile:


In my experience, the hidden truth is always hiding in plain sight. Every discovery or epiphany has had that same theme.

You seem to be a thinker. I get it. But you’re probably overthinking it.

It is good that you study a variety of sources and it’s good that you question the stuff that doesn’t ring true for you. Keep that up.

For myself, I kind of narrowed in when I found that elements of Qabalah and Hinduism seemed more or less accurate. And they were good enough for Crowley so…lol. Point being, you’ll find your path by acknowledging what works for you.

I’m willing to bet you get into the full-on ceremonial magick, based on what you wrote.

As far as getting tangible results, that’s the core of black magick. There’s plenty of folks on this very forum who have seen real results.

Lucifer (and “his” counterparts/masks) are indeed bringers of knowledge. Promethean energy. If you’re drawn to that vibe, definitely consider working with it.

Feel free to hit me up with questions. I haven’t been on the forum much in several months but I will endevour to check my messages.


I’m not a big fan of Hinduism, and the Qaballah, in my opinion, is heretical when compared to where it was taken from (Babylonian/Sumerian religion). Crowley was an intelligence agent.

I’m not meaning to be contrary in the least. I’ve been studying my ass off, and will continue to study. I read book after book. Listen to every discussion/discourse/lecture I can find. And all the dots are connecting in ways I honestly wish was different, but it’s not.

Even Hinduism seems to be rooted in duality. Zoroastrianism. Sumerian religion. Goetia. Qabbalah. Duality and limits. Christianity. All of it.

And then the theosophy that permeates science. NASA and the Catholic Church sleeping in the same bed.

All I’m saying is that the pool of wisdom has been diluted by constructs of disinformation.

Also, I do not think things are subjective to such a degree that we can so easily carve our own path and create our own destiny. If we are enslaved by duality, karma, and all that shit, then we will always have to deal with iT and its limits.

Eric: sounds like you already have your beliefs you are just trying to fight them.