Probably not making any friends here, but

I’m probably not making any friends here, but fuck it.


I think we have all seen a post like this. Something like “I never did magick before. I just called upon (spirit x) and he told me this and that and this and it was beautiful!!!”.

What the serious fuck. It is goddamn insulting to anyone who has actually put in the time and work to get where they are to have to guess who is full of shit and who had a rare spirit encounter. Newsflash, unless you are a highly gifted psychic or a schizophrenic, there is about a 99% you most certainly did not have a full manifestation of an entity complete with touch, sight and sound, right off the bat.

I may not be the fastest learner, but even if you triple the speed of my own progress, the timelines presented by most folks are off by more than a little.

I can tell pretty quickly who is doing the work. Reading, practicing daily. They ask certain questions, and very very often feel discouraged by their lack of progress. Those also happen to be the ones that will end up being the more powerful, competent and HONEST magickians.

It amazes me how many people never banish, or in some cases do not even know how to do so properly. Yet somehow they never have anything to say but how awesome all their experiences are.

It amazes me how many people want to go for evocation, the holy grail of many magickal systems, before they can even work a pendulum or understand the energies involved in tarot or runes.

I am shocked at how many people have no history building their astral senses or meditating, but they have full blown conversations with spirits that stand before them.

I am also shocked that none of these folks ever have any horror stories to tell. I have a few if anyone wants a goddamn reality check. A few. Like most people who are actually doing the work. Not nightly social events with daemons. In my life I have had a handful, a SMALL handful of ‘holy shit!’ moments. Most competent magickians worth their reputation will tell you the same thing.

I am also completely shocked that you rarely see these folks ever mention being scared shitless. And please, save me the schtick about swallowing your fears. If these folks cannot even be bothered to learn to banish or read energy then what are the odds that they have full control of their fear when a fucking daemon pops up for real?

I normally would not give a rat’s ass, but I noticed that very often some piss poor advice is given to beginners, and this should almost be considered criminal. Here’s an example:
“I’ve never done magick, where should I start?”
"Brah, just evoke a demonic King."
Yeah, nothing could possibly go wrong with that…

Now, granted, some folks are genuinely gifted with spirit sight, but most of us are not. From the amount of folks I see talking about constant conversations with entities right off the bat, I would have to say half the population was born a gifted medium. Which they were not.

If it was all this easy, don’t you think half the fekkin planet would be in the middle of a ritual, even as I type this?

If I have offended you, you are probably exactly the person I am describing. If not, it means you are either doing the work or have enough faith in your own UPG that my meager opinion means nothing.

Now, for the love of life, can we get back to doing some magick?


Completely understand and must agree


I actually made a point about this in another thread. It’s not about games or physical possession in terms of objects. It’s about evolution and becoming better as a whole person. Yes witchcraft can bring you money and the rest of that but that’s not all what this path is about. It’s also a path of transformation and healing and everything else. Not just power either. You don’t need to be edgy, rich or tough to be strong, composed and balanced.

It’s —to me— about, like I stated evolution, getting smarter, getting stronger and improving yourself, finding balance amongst discomfort. Not “bitches and booze” can you get that from this? Clearly. Should that be the top priority? No.

I also feel that certain people are just here for the edge factor too. This isn’t a game or a joke and then it comes back to bite them.

Another thing. People need to get rid of “sanitized spirituality” the “you cannot do this or this” who said you can decide that? No one.

That’s what I’ve to say so far. Also this path isn’t meant to be easy.


Well I’d also add that you get out of this what you put into it just as anything else.




I fully agree. And I need to get up off my ass in a bit and do some invocations for a child who was abducted three days ago.


If anyone else wants to do the same, she is eleven year old Arianna Stone, abducted 3-16-2018 from SE D.C.


No kidding. My external magick is being defeated but not by my confidence in magick, but lack of confidence in myself so Im having to go within before I go without again.

I am going to start over at square one as if I am new.


Very true. But it does go both ways. I am all for doing things one’s own way, but at the same time there is a responsibility factor. If you were teaching someone to drive, you would probably start with: belt on, insert key, look in your rearview. Now of course you could choose to hot wire it, disregard the belt and smash the gas without looking, but is it responsible to teach a first time driver to do that?

I do not advocate sanitized spirituality, but at the same time it seems cruel to suggest a course of action that could harm someone. I want to be surrounded by powerful magickians, not mentally broken plebs.


Well I can’t say I have had anything bad happen yet. Key word yet.

Now I do agree for the most part with what you say.

Thoe I do feel some people can have conversations with some of these enties without being able to see, physically feel or “hear” them.

Now I am one of those people that can’t “hear” them, and seeing them is rare and most times just a glance, but we can still get the point across to eachother. But that is just my opinion.


Shall we get going all?


For what? If you mean the project that isn’t the point of this thread.


Any magic. I agree, I felt it greatly over the weekend, and I’ve seen at least two people getting discouraged from magic. You have to tell whatever it is mentally to fuck off and stay at it.


One of my old teachers ripped into me and for good reason. I have the heart, but haven’t been competently trained … However, not being a lodge member blmeans being a solitary, which means you have to get a grasp of some basics, try to master it and move upward. Balance was always the word I heard. If you want to do stuff for yourself, fine; but it seems the balance would be magick for others. Again, I need to live my own words.


Well you just gave the learners a good start. Thanks :slight_smile:


Oh absolutely, I am in the same boat. I am more directing this at obvious BS. If a person has never done any kind of spirit work and they start with a story involving a lengthy, intricate discussion, complete with touch and full visuals, then that is probably not what happened, if anything did at all.

That is what I am getting at, not people who have genuine experiences that are articulated in the only words we have. To them I have respect.

  • I still can’t get my pendulum to work.
  • I try evocation from RHP to gently LHP, but yes I’m still scared. I only tried to be less scared to take away previous dogma.
  • My evocations get no manifestation. But i’m sensitive so I know something is there and that I do get results.
  • Gently I try to open my third eye and yet have problems with visualizing sometimes.
  • And yes some entities I don’t call because of their reputation (mostly baneful)
  • Oh and the demotivation time after time makes me stronger afterwards.

So got a lot to learn. But I will go on and I thank people here for their tips.


That’s the spirit! (pun absolutely intended, lol)


I have had some serious fear come over me the first time i actually evoked eligos who is a duke mind you. His energy though scared the fuck out of me

Same with the demonic kings but worst belial scared the dogshit out of me where i could not sleep and the conversations were never pleasant even the lake of fire ritual which is in the book of azazel i somehow made happen in a room full of 200 people ive never been more scared in my life having that much energy run through me

Soul travel definately fucked me up i couldnt tell if i was dreaming or awake and that was just on THIS PLANE before the astral and higher planes


Ok, I agree wholeheartedly with what you’ve said. I haven’t been doing this long but for the most part I get nothing more than tingling. It is the kind of tingling you get when you think someone is watching only stronger. That’s pretty much the extent. I haven’t seen anything really in the way of results although I had a face slap moment today because I realised when I said I wanted someone to talk to me and I ran into them 2 months later and I asked them to talk to me and they said I don’t want to talk to you - bingo, they talked to me. I just wasn’t clear that I wanted a 10 minute conversation or more. D’oh! So when a newbie says they got exactly what they wanted first evocation I am like “[email protected]#k!”. So have been up and down a lot. Personally I have not felt the need to banish although I accept at some stage I will have to. For me it’s like asking someone into your home for a coffee then when you’re done saying “now get the [email protected]#k out”. Have a binaural audio I listen to for third eye but nothing yet. Out of all the evocations that I have done I have a few stronger experiences but not full manifestation, mostly a piece. Saw a figure in a black robe, no actual body just the hooded robe. At night in the dark when I was almost asleep. Next night a disembodied voice in my head. First 2 nights I attempted evocation. Since then tingling is all. 2 times during evocation it was extremely strong, both times with the same entity. The other night was dream visions and feelings that connect strongly to the entity I evoked a few hours earlier. I feel tingles in bed like someone stroking me or a weight on me but not in a while. Basically I am feeling my way. I can’t do things the way that some say they have to be done. So for me I do what I can and hope for the best.