Probably, a stupid question, but I feel among friends here

If I apply reason to God-Head,
I get that some Gods are below the Abyss, and therefore subject to Time,
while others, from my understanding the Elder ones, are above it, but the question is how much above it.

If we posit that time is water, than you,
could be a fish(a regular human), a land creature(still needs Water and therefore depended on Time, but not completely consumed by it), a fowl(much less dependent on Time) or you could venture into “Outer Space” and what happens there I do not know…

Does that make sense?

Would love all feedback, especially “Constructive Criticism”… :heart:

Do you have your own Thoughts,
Would love to hear them… :grinning:


What :cowboy_hat_face:

(lol fr I don’t get it at all. need some help here)

let me just… @DarkestKnight, @Lady_Eva @Keteriya

you guys usually have some great answers

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Try this:


I would say, not so much above it as outside it.

Space and time are part of the thing: manifest reality. You can be inside it and subject to spacetime in varying degrees, or outside of it and effectively all deity.

Anything you want, however, when you’re an unlimited being and already know everything, wanting anything becomes a bit difficult. Restriction is the key to enjoying the game, otherwise no goals can be meaningful, there’s no such thing as self improvement and everything you ever have or will want already exists/ed.

I don’t know about the “abyss”, after working with the concept I’ve never really found it to be more than a poetic description of the way humans are numb/blind to the unseen, same idea as ‘veil’, and I’m not really a poetry type of person. There’s no actual abyss physical or energetic that isn’t simply a part of the subtle realms, and it doesn’t define the status of any immortal spiritual being.