President Camio as a mentor

Hey guys, I’m going to be straight to the point. I’ve seen that there’s only a few people that works with President Camio. When I wanted to have informations on him, I didn’t find a lot of interessant things on the forum. Before explaining my story, I just want to say if you seek for knowledge, questions about your future and need a mentor, go for him.

I’ve started to work with Camio at the very beginning of my path in LHP because I needed help for my studies. He with King Paimon and Bune, were helping on making me pass this year. At this moment, I’m in my exams but I can already make this post about him because I’ve seen the changes. I’m now able to study very well and can already tell I’m going to pass.

I had a very bad period before starting this LHP path and wasn’t able anymore to study due to the fact that I was taking too many medicine and had a very horrible psychotic depression.

Long story short, Camio played a huge role in this mission and I’ve recently asked him to help me for a second thing : The seek for knowledge. He accepted to have this “mentor role” of professor and I can already tell he’s going to be perfect at it.

He’s also very encouraging. I have a passion for arts and want to develop myself in one of them : music. I explained a little bit what I wanted but I felt like it didn’t match well together and his answer was word for word :

  • Ha what makes you think there is no formula for fusion my dear sweet girl. I have but for you one answer, and that is but to only do what your heart and creativity dictate unto your passions.

He’s a really wise and interessant demon. Strangely, I had a hard time getting in contact with him but it was for the best when I’m seeing now the results. I also insist on the future divination because I had a stress about a letter coming I thought it was from school like a bad thing and Camio reassured me by telling me what exactly was in this letter.

Not going to be super long, but I encourage anybody to work with him he’s really great.

  • To end this thread, I wanted to post the picture putted on my view after evoking him when I was scrolling into my facebook and found an artist page. This is the accurate appearance of President Camio so I thought it would be a good idea to put it here.


I’ve also forgot to mention that Vapula helped as well with my studies. She’s well known to help for this and is doing a great job with me too.


This is such a great story of your experiences and really comes to show how helpful and wise Camio truly is!
I can agree that Camio deserves more of a spotlight on here. He seems to be a demon that’s quite worth working with


That’s amazing news! I really like this artist as well. I love this as a depiction of Camio. I’m going to link my own Camio thread here, if anyone is seeking info on Camio.


Alright @Freaya well now I’m going to be asking him for help on studies too then. I’m literally taking like 5 math courses :unamused: I’m gonna need all the help I can get.


He’s great for it also Vapula helps with exams.


@rin Go for it girl do not hesitate I’m just comin back from my examen and he was with me during the test and fuck I passed! I’m so happy. Also, ask for Vapula she will helps a lot! I think it’s one of her speciality so Camio + Vapula for studies are the perfect combination.

I even started my dutch letter with “Dear Miss Vapula” :joy:


Thanks @Freaya @AdamThoth for posting. I’m gonna keep this in my back pocket.


He attempted contact with me, but i thought he only helped with animal communication…i am new to lhp…and he contacted me after i performed ritual to Belial…i will attempt to contact him…thanks for your post


You can just ask him exactly why he tried to contact you, maybe he feels like he could help you into something precise.


Thats true, i’ll attempt tomorrow…thanks for responding😊


You’re welcome and if you want just ask him directly what he’s good at so you know for the next times.

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I wanted to add a little bit more informations on him;

Camio foretells the future. He also teaches how to communicate with animals. He can reveal the mysteries and secrets of other worlds and is an expert on hydromancy [divination by water]. He is good at argument and answers questions in burning ashes or coals of fire.


Camio is definitely somone I want to work with, I tried evoking him before but no luck, probably didn’t do it long enough, my senses also kinda suck when I’m fully awake anyways. How would I go about find out out if he or Goetic is interested in working with me?

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Work on your abilities first and then evoke him, he will come welcome him properly then just ask for him to come in your dream so you can see him.

Otherwise sleep with his sigil under your pillow after the evokation.


Ok, thank you. I got a pendant with his sigil I was thinking of sleeping with tonight, tryna find a goetic to help with my abilities too with sensing spirits


i wanted to know what does he like like offerings to hobbies to books kinda thing i found out when i was trying to summon him( even though he scared the crap out of me with his message) he wants me to over come a side of me that is holding me back the side that has fears so he could help me correctly and so the entity he showed me could as well…id like to know more about them so i dont cause hurt feelings with my fears or doubts about working with them i never want to offend them i want to understand and know the truth and find the knowledge i seek and fulfill my goals in full i am sure i got the candles wrong i read some where red candles r ok the green then orange i had red so im like ok got this but then last night happens and i got afraid so i closed the circle and let him know why he isnt a bad sprite i could tell but i thin his energy may have been too much for me to handle but i want to try again but i want to give something he would like maybe ead him something before i ask for assitance or well i cant draw but i can try idk…can you tell me about him please @AdamThoth

That’s so cool and interesting to me that you work with Buné as well as Camio, because I began my path working with Buné a while back and I believe Camio recently came to me/gave me a sign in the form of a huge flock of birds that landed right by me while I was outside reasearching him one evening. Everything I found including other people’s gnosis about what he’s good at coincided exactly with what I’m looking to gain…aka spiritual knowledge of the occult, thought projection, heightening my understanding of spirit communication, rites of initiation, improved communication with my dogs, the drive to move forward on my path, divination via hydromancy or pyromancy, etc. It just seems like he’s an excellent teacher, is highly recommended by Buné, and is one of the best entities to work with if you’re looking to delve deeper into your path as he’s extremely knowledgeable on many different subjects. Buné gets lots of praise and rightly so, but I’d absolutely say President Camio is highly underrated and one of, if not the most knowledgeable entities out there! Hail Duke Buné and President Camio!