Questions for Camio

Not many have worked with his lesser known yet amazing demon. Camio was of the order of the watchers. Like many of the watchers he could not resist the temptations to teach and educate mankind. For his transgressions he was cast out of the heavenly council. He is the wisest spirit of the infernal realms and his logic is unshakable. He is skilled in the art of mastery over the thoughts and behaviors of birds. Camio is a president of hell and he rules 30 legions in the forest of Camio. His personality is very to the point yet his humor is dry and witty. He has given council to great men throughout history such as Jeffrey Chauser Sir Francis Bacon, and Charles Dickens.
Call on camio if you want to increase your intellectual prowess and abilities, greater memory focus and wisdom.
He is a master of strategy and loves to play chess.



Would be nice to find more informations about him on this post because I don’t really find many things on him in the forum. Hope people will share their experiences with him.

What would you recommend in term of offerings with him ?


I gazed at his sigil and afterwards I noticed birds landing and tapping on windows. Or flying over close like they were watching me. But I’ve never heard him speak, seen him in dreams or had him manifest which are how most demons have communicated with me.

I would like to get to know him.


He likes sunflower seeds and fruits cooked meats, sausages in particular.


He will use birds and other random ways to get his point across but the best is to develop yourself so you can better communicate.


I might like him


Sure, I have a question.

Is it possible for modern man to send messages via their RNA, through meditation, to reprogram their DNA?

Edit: a second question. Maybe ask this first…
Who is your favorite author, in the history of humanity?

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I’ve been staring at a beat your dad at chess book for months while complaining about being able to read my mind being way too big of an advantage for a competitive game. Seriously how would that work?


I legit just had a big bird fly over me and my ciggy.


I actually think this is possible yes. And my favorite author of All time? Good question, not sure I have an answer. Ayn Rand? Shakespeare, Virgil, Lucian, Stephen King I don’t know.


I’ll let y’all know how the RNA programming goes.


Ok everyone so here is a live encounter with Camio.

Please go to the link and read the description.

But if you don’t want to here it is…I understand how lazy everyone is…It takes one to know one… :disappointed:

Anyhow here it is.

This little bit of Forrest by the freeway is where I come to see him. He actually takes possession of the blackbird and this is how he is able to appear in the physical form of a blackbird.
I had done a ritual to summon president Camio the night before and he’d went out on my walk the next day with my son. Camio came to us in the form of a blackbird and hovered over us for a good amount of time chirping and making his presence known. Since then this has become our designated meeting area.
So in this video I went to see him and although a bit camera shy as opposed to Zozo who loves the limelight, Camio is not too keen on becoming an internet BALG celebrity quite yet.
In this video we have a brief meeting where I call him and he flys right on over as usual and hovers above me then goes to his usual treetop perch where he can meet me eye level and talk with me.
I just thought I would show you guys that there are many ways the spirits can interact with us and clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairisentience, telepathy, Ouija, are but just a few. In the video we get to see one way spirits can interact which is animal possession. There are other ways that spirits can make their presence known, but I wanted to highlight this one for everyone. Cheers!


wow was interesting made my Sacral Freak out (how i know spirits are around) i think i found who im going to channel next and Question

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You and me both.

Very peculiar. It’s like he’s quietly nudging at me. First I read somewhere on here he’s a virgo, I’m a virgo too. We both like black birds and birds in general… I think he’s an interesting candidate to work with.


Yeah I dropped my sunglasses in the middle of the video.

@AdamThoth which color does he prefer in chess white or black as im typing this i get the feeling its black

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It is you are correct.

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And that alone, has me evoking him tonight.

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Proved it.


Taken from

Zodiac Position: 20-24 degrees of Sagittarius
December 12th-16th
Tarot Card: 10 of Rods
Planet: Sun
Metal: Gold
Element: Fire
Candle color: Green
Plant: Centaurea
Rank: President
Camio is a Night Demon and governs 30 legions of spirits and was of the Order of Angels
Camio foretells the future. He also teaches how to communicate with animals. He can reveal the mysteries and secrets of other worlds and is an expert on hydromancy [divination by water]. He is good at argument and answers questions in burning ashes or coals of fire.
Camio is well built and covered with gold dust. His wings have gold bands on them and he wears a lot of gold jewelry. He leaves trails of gold dust when he flies. He has a powerful golden aura, and he can fly very fast. He exploded in gold dust and flew up through the ceiling.