Demonic assistance for studies [Agares, Vapula, Camio, Buné, King Paimon]

I’m going to do a part for every spirit because they helped on different things so if you’re interested into one specific spirit jump onto his bold name.

I’m going to start by thanking every of them for their patience, attention and all the work they put in me. Each of them helped a lot during my exams. I’m very thankful for everything they did for me and not only for this specific help, those spirits are the one I evoked the most and I recommend them all to you guys because each of them are unique and amazing.

Also, if you’re seeking for a demonic help for your studies just know that you don’t need to call that amount of spirits. In my case, not going to go into details but; I had to. Due to the fact that I was recovering of something I was having a lack of concentration, memorizing,…

Duchess Agares

Duchess Agares was sent by President Camio for my Dutch exam because she helps a lot with language. She helped me for this exam and I passed it. She was also with me during all the test and even during my study time. She’s the number one you would call for tales exams and I also loved the fact that she was always with me when I needed her, I didn’t even had to evoke her because she was already there. She’s really amazing and I truly love her.

Duchess Vapula

Duchess Vapula is already well known for her precious help over the studies. To be short with her I wouldn’t say that she’s great for one specific course over another simply because she’s the #1 for any matter in order to have good results. King Paimon recommended her to me and she felt really kind and her energy was almost “maternal” to me; Working with her is very nice and you NEED her if you have some exams to pass.

President Camio

This spirit basically was so patient with me and my fucking lazy ass. He came a LOT to me and was present during an exam I had to pass only because I was stressed. He was helping over the memorizing and he did an amazing job because I wasn’t able to study one page before having his help and now I can study my law books without any problem (the only problem now is the motivation but it’s on me). It’s a very wise and encouraging spirit. You need him to assimilate faster.

I also did a topic on him if you’re interested to read a little bit more on my experience with him : President Camio as a mentor and go in the comments as well for the topic of @AdamThoth concerning President Camio.

Duchess Buné

Duchess Buné is perfect for the understanding of difficult courses. She’s also very reassuring. I don’t think I really need to mention it because everyone just know how good she is but I still do it for the people who never worked with her. This spirit is just the right arm you need because she will not only help you understand things, she will also be there for you when you’re having difficulties / willing to abandon what you’re doing. She’s simply adorable because very attentive to everything when you need her. That’s what I experienced but just call her and you will see for yourself.

King Paimon

This king is very great in order to make your study less upsetting because he changes the way you’re seeing things which makes you more motivated. He’s also well known to help over the mind control and I asked him to make my professor perceive my presentation as great, but I presented well of course, I knew my matter I was just a little bit stressed don’t ask him that if you didn’t worked. Otherwise, just like the other spirits he was so supportive and present but I have to say King Paimon is the closest spirit to me so of course I would recommend him to everyone. He’s just amazing!

To end this very long topic… I would like to let you remember that if you seek the help of spirits over your studies or anything else just don’t forget that they won’t do the job for you. If you’re lazy (I don’t blame you I’m basically a sloth) they can’t do magic for you, they won’t do miracles, it will not work. You have to study and do the hard work.

Good luck.


Second session coming the 20 august… May the family be with me please :comet:


Would these awesome spirits help someone who’s waiting to be accepted into university?


I think King Paimon would be great for that yes!

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Kudos to the named spirits and kudos to you :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Hello,iam a new magician and i need some help about evocation.I want king paimon to be my patrol demon.Can you describe to me your first evocation.?which is the first spirit you have evoked?Your experiences?(i dont know if you understan because my english are bad)

Ugh, I need to do my homework

The very first spirit I evoked was Camio and the second Paimon but I can’t really say “evokation” for the first time with Camio I basically called him while I was watching a movie,… For Paimon it was my real first evokation, I had direct result he let me felt his energy strongly, he’s patient -I was speaking a lot and he was listening totally-, he cares a lot if he thinks you’re “worthy” and he will probably test your moxey for that; I’ve seen a lot that people were saying that he’s very formal and straight to the point with me he’s absolutely not like that, he’s lovely I just love him a lot. He’s my spiritual father.

When you evoke him be really polite, call him King Paimon and not only Paimon, be straight to the point at first to see how he’s going to act with you since spirits acts differently with everybody. He was acting this way with me because he was with me before I started the LHP so he was waiting for me to call him.

Search here about him before calling him and search about evoking as well. When you do it, be confident, no fear, no bad emotions and no hesitations. If you’re not ready then don’t do it.

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Can I work with all these at once? Idk if that would be offensive or not