Praise for Pomba Gira Maria Padilha

My beautiful Queen Pomba Gira Maria Padilha is the first entity that I have ever worked with and she truly provides miracles!!! She has asked me to post this publicly to spread awareness of her powers. (I asked her if she wanted me to reply to a thread that was already created but she made it clear she wants me to create a new thread to praise her- and I am HAPPY to honor her request!) I first contacted her on Sunday and communicated with her using penny divination. We agreed that I would give her a small offering of nail polish, lipstick, jewelry, and dark chocolate in exchange for her helping me to bring my partner back to me. I also offered to gift her with perfume and public praise after I saw signs that my invocation worked.

A little backstory: my partner and I were only dating for 3 months, but it was a very intense relationship. He broke up with me in mid-June due to me acting crazy over jealousy issues pertaining to his close female friendships. He said he felt it was not healthy for me to be with him since it caused me so much grief and upset, but he sort of left the door open that if we both worked on our own issues perhaps we could come together again in the future. We continued to see each other (strictly platonic) through July 9th. We had sex the final time we saw each other and it’s very obvious the love is still there with both of us, but he is scared of one or both of us getting hurt. I have been putting in work to heal my jealousy issues- including seeing a psychotherapist- so I fully believe that our problems are fixable. On July 14 after texting back and forth as friends I told him I do not want to be just friends, I feel he is taking advantage and having the benefits of having me in his life without having to do any work to fix his issues and that’s not fair. If he changes his mind and wants to work on having a relationship again he is more than welcome to call me, but if not, please don’t contact me again. We were no contact for over a month. He didn’t even reply when I texted him about a very serious issue I was having that directly affected him.

Having stumbled on Neville Goddard and creating imaginal scenes with him I KNOW he and I will end up together and married in the future. But, I was tired of waiting around and decided to enlist a little help. After seeing so many wonderful posts claiming that Pomba Gira Maria Padila works fast in matters of love, I felt drawn to working with her and I am so grateful I did. THREE DAYS after I gave her her offering and recited an incantation, my ex and I began texting again. Not only was it friendly and funny and amazing like it always used to be back when we were together, but we even arranged to go to a special event next month. I won’t say whether or not it’s a “date” but just being able to talk and laugh and plan to spend time together has happened quicker than I EVER thought possible. It is all thanks to my Queen Pomba Gira Maria Padilha. Please, if you need help with attracting your love back to you, please call on this beautiful Queen. If you are generous with her and approach her with respect, she will make your dreams come true. I will never stop praising Pomba Gira Maria Padilha. I can’t wait to see how else she will arrange to bring my love back to me!


Can u please tell me exactly what u did first before u ask her for help. I want to ask her but I don’t know where to start. Thank u


First, read this thread:

I did the incantation that Nicole1 posted 9 days ago. I didn’t have a candle so I just started with penny divination and asking if Pomba Gira Maria Padilha would be willing to work with me. She said yes. After many yes/no questions I found out that she wanted me to give her red lipsick, red nail polish, a bracelet and dark chocolate. I went to the store and bought all those things for her. Again using penny magic I asked if this offering was sufficient to get her to help me and she said yes. She also told me where to leave my offerings for her. Then I just said the incantation out loud in a very firm voice. That was it. The next morning I woke up and thanked her profusely because I knew it was done. I was the one who initiated contact with my partner yesterday but I know he was so friendly and willing to go out with me next month because She softened his heart for me.

MAKE SURE YOU GIVE HER OFFERINGS BEFORE MAKING YOUR REQUEST AND ALSO AFTER SHE HELPS YOU. I promised to give her an offering of perfume after seeing a sign that my ex is coming back to me. I bought brand new perfume just for her today but guess what? Using penny divination she told me she doesn’t like it lol. We agreed that I would give her an offering of mango scented lotion instead, and that I would write to spread her name on this forum. I guess the main thing I would advise is just to talk WITH her instead of just commanding her to do things. She has her own desires so you have to determine what it is that she wants from you in order for her to help you. It’s like any business agreement. I don’t know a lot about entities but I don’t see why any of them would help someone unless they felt they were getting something of value in exchange. Hope that helps!


Thank u very much I appreciate ur help…

And it seems Pomba Gira and Smashing Coconuts is flavour of the month…

Unexplained Google Street views here I come.

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I can’t seems to find Nicole 1☹️ Would u know how thanks

When did she die?

Salve Maria Padilha Rainha de Rainha!


Where did you leave her offerings ? Was it at a t shaped crossroad? Did you leave them at a corner or in the center?

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No I did not leave her offerings at a crossroad. I explained to her that I live in a very dangerous neighborhood and I am fearful that if I put things out and someone sees me they may follow me and try to rob me or take advantage of me in other ways. Using penny divination, she told me where she’d like me to put her offerings in my home.

Honestly, why not just ask her what she wants you to do with them? I mean this in the sweetest way possible- instead of asking me or anyone else what and how to offer her, I think you’re going to have a much better time if you communicate with her directly.


Alright! I get it. I actually used the penny divination method to communicate with her today, to ask if she’ll like to accept what I had to offer her. :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!


You’re welcome, I hope it works out for you! She did not accept what I first proposed as an offering so I’m really glad I asked her directly instead of just assuming that I’d have to do things the same way that other people here have done.

And trust me, Pomba Gira Maria Padilha is REALLY coming through. This morning I received a call from my target and this is the first time he’s called me in about 2 months. He was so sweet and loving, and we may even end up going out on a date after work. This never would have happened without her assistance!


That’s great! I’m so so happy for you! :heart_eyes: I can’t wait to work with her tomorrow morning​:heart:️ I already asked her if she’ll accept what I had to offer her and was it sufficient and it was a yes all the time! :see_no_evil:
So I’m very happy and I’ll even ask her if she’ll want me to take her offerings to a crossroad or somewhere near, since I don’t have a backyard where I can bury them so yeah. :slight_smile:


Does she only work with women?

exactly this question I ask myself too?
I am a man and would like to return my wife whom I love.
would she also help me as a man if i really love this woman


You can seek help From Agares. He can bring someone who’s left household. There was a member here who shared her success story about her husband. You can search ‘Agares’ here and you’ll find it.
I don’t know if Pomba Gira Maria Padilha works with men.

i tried working with her and got some small result didn’t know if if pure luck or P.G M.P

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Yes ! All hail Pomba Gira María Padilha


Yeap same here

I have to say. Pomba Gira Maria Padhila came through to me!

Back story. My ex and i separated about a month ago. She talks about anxiety issues with me. It was a hard pill to swallow. We only had good times and this came out of left field. She pushed me away from her anxiety disorder which was caused by me.

We were not in talking terms. I wanted her to be in no contact with me. In the hopes she will come back.

So i saw Nicole1 and Hiswife having alot of success with Pomba Gira so I decided to do the same. For all the males out there, Pomba Gira Maria Padhila is working out for me. I am a male.

Before i started , i lit a candle and meditated for abt 5 mins. Then i asked if Pomba Gira was there. Using penny divination it was a yes. I told her if she would be able to help me out and asked her for offerings. She requested red lipstick,red nail polish, chocolates and cigarettes. I asked her if that is all. She said yes. That night i had a dream of a transgender by the name of Zoe. In that dream, Zoe said she liked me. I am not sure if it was Pomba Gira Maria Padhila. But she does manifest as a drag queen i heard.

So next day i went and bought all the ingredients and decided to go the extra mile by getting red wine and red rose as well. And night came. I placed the offerings and li the candle and meditated.

After meditation, i asked if she was happy with the offerings. She said no. I asked one by one. It was the red wine. The wine is still in the bottle cause i had no cork opener. I told her im sorry but i will get a cork opener tomorrow. She said no. After 3 times, she still said no. I decided to search my hse for anything to pry it open. Managed to pry it open and poured in a wine gqlass. And i asked if she is happy. Immediate Yes. So i proceeded with the prayer. And i left it all in a closet. She did not want to be placed at a crossroads. Maybe she wanted an altar.

All that was yesterday. Today exactly 24 hours after the prayer. My ex texted me out of the blue and apologize. I am over the moon right now. I have not even responded to her text just so i can praise pomba gira!

Thank you pomba gira!!! Thank you thank you!!!