Praise for Pomba Gira Maria Padilha

I did for Pomba Gira similar ritual but still no result i will wait :slightly_smiling_face:


have faith! gotta set it and forget it!

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Lol I had a similar experience with Pomba during penny divination. She wanted to work with me straight away (I planned n working with her closer to midnight), but she wanted to work with me around 7pm last night. I also wanted to get her special offerings, but she only wanted white wine (I told her I did not have red but could get some - she wanted what I had), and red lipstick. She was satisfied with just that (I thought that was very kind of her). I also told her I did not live near a crossroads and after lots of yes/no questions, I figured out that she wanted me to leave the offerings on my altar. She was so gracious with this part! I don’t think she came to me in my dreams but I definitely received lots of attention from men AND women today; although there was no obvious progress between me and my ex - I’ still very hopeful! I also asked her if I should repeat the prayer everyday for a total of 7 days, since she is the Queen of the 7 crossroads and she responded with yes - so I will be doing it again tonight!


i haven’t seen any results with pomba, i’ve evkoked twice. Maybe i should try again tonight, i an underage so i can’t get access to alcoholic beverages.

I‘ve stumbled upon Pomba Maria only two days ago. Some people seem to have gotten great results with her pretty quickly. I know that she likes girly things, like red lipstick, roses and red wine (girly?). But apart from that, I‘m at a loss as to how to evoke her. I‘m working with Dantalion at the moment, but I think an added feminine touch might just do the trick. Thanks!

Would Pomba Gira work from a guy to another guy?

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YES. Pomba Gira(in all of her forms) prefers to work with women and gay men.

What was your outcome? And how does Pomba communicate back to you to know what she wants?

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Bomba gira helped me a lot,but is it possible to give her offerings, honoring her without asking her anything ?

Pomba Gira thank you so much for all you are doing. Pomba Gira is brilliant she really works and helps make your dreams come true xxx

How did it work for you?
Elaborate a little bit please.

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Pomba Gira Maria Padilha is not a single entity, it is a legion of entities that have the same name. There are countless with the same name.

There are also other ones that work with love as well.

They are spirits that once were human prostitutes and now they are Eshu (or exu).

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What’s Penny Divination??? I recently started doing the prayer to Pomba Gira,I know I have to give her offerings but I don’t have much money so I talked to her & explained my situation & I humbly gave her what I could with a lot of love & faith in her!!! It’s very confusing when u do research about Pomba Gira because different things r said about her,so I read the true story of Pomba Gira Maria Padilha,I realize that she was a woman who loved with all her heart & soul & dropped a lot of tears.I talked to her with love,respect & I humble my self because I believe that she will bring me back the one I love.I thank her ahead of time because I know that Pomba Gira Maria Padilha hears my prayers!!!

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I am new at this, never have performed any kind of ritual.but now, after so many failures is very serious relationships I don’t want to lose the guy I might be dating soon . So I did the Pomba Gira ritual as mentioned here.i waited through the night for her to tell me where to leave the offering, but nothing came through.i will now leave them on a crossroad in morning. I want to praise and thank Pomba Gira and spread her name , because I believe she has already grant me my wish and the work will be done. Thank you Pomba Gira in advance

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I’m very interested in contacting Pom a gira and new to this and how do I start with that? What is a penny divination??

Hail Queen Pomba Gira Maria Padilha!:heart::heart::heart:

Hello all,

I want to thank Pomba Giras Maria Padilha who is like a best friend as well as my spirit guide. I also want to thank Pomba Giras Cigana De Estrada and Sete Saias for all their work and expertise on making my wish come true. I’m still fighting but a bitch is so close y’all! I was invited to his house last night, we had a lovely time, he is opening up more now and being more communicative and affectionate with me. It is a process but it’s worth it. Plus the energy they gave me is fucking insane! I fucked the dog shit out of him and had a grown ass man shaking, moaning, yelling and spooning afterwards. Our sex was good before but now? OMG this putty cat is on steroids and stroke game flawless, mmk? LMAO!!! Dammitt I love it! IF AND WHEN YOU CALL ON THEM PLEASE DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY! THEY WON’T TELL YOU ANYTHING THAT WON’T PAY OFF. THEY’RE NOT FOR THE GAMES SO MAKE SURE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT CAUSE ITS NOT A QUESTION OF IF BUT ONLY WHEN… I’M TELLING YOU THAT FROM EXPERIENCE! I been singing their praises for a while now and I’m here to tell you, THE WORK STARTS WITH YOU FIRST! PERIOD! Ain’t no cutting corners, taking short cuts or none that bullshit so be ready to work, cry, pray, meditate and do it all over again and again… at least that’s how it was for me. Everyone situation isn’t the same and the results will be different and or manifest different. I live in a state where this pandemic has hit us extremely hard! over 10,000 deaths! and here he is going to stores making sure i have what i need so I’m comfortable at his place when the advisory just went out for everyone to stay home. Just listen to what they say… For example, I wanted to stay the night so bad with him and I know he wanted me too as well but the Queen Padilha said no, go home and that’s exactly what I did. I am certain, he aint call nobody else over there after I left… I drained the life out his ass and he stayed his ass right in that bed with me on the brain. I just wanted to give thanks to my love, my Queen Maria Padilha; woman you are the truth and your results lasts and i am so happy i found you. I could never deny you because I love you…She’s not for everyone but, I’m here to tell you she’s the one for me, we just click. Also thank you so much Pomba Gira’s Cigana de Estrada and Pomba Gira Sete Saias; you ladies are amazing as well. Every experience wont be the same but as for me, it’s been painfully beautiful and rewarding and it’s not just about the target, they helped me find myself, they worked on me and I’m so much better because of that. So if it takes longer than what you expected, continue to work on you. Don’t obsess over it, have faith and keep a good relationship with your spirit(s) continue to love yourself, first and ALWAYS. Warning, Pomba Giras aren’t for the weak and confused so know what you want and be ready to obey but it’s for your own good anyway so why not? Now excuse me while i make some coffee and wait on my good morning phone call or text from “him” cause I’m sure he is somewhere pussywhipped right now and will probably want to facetime lol. I love you Padilha. Thank you so much Sete Saias and Cigana de Estrada. I am TRULY grateful… Thank you so much… :heart:

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