Best ex love spell

You go to a T shaped crossroad with her sigil and tell her about your situation, and let her know what you’re giving her .

@virgowitch , i have done the ritual at home. im just wondering what to do with the alcohol, chocolates and and cosmetic. i want to respectfully discard cos i m not sure if going into the bin is alright esp for cosmetic. pardon my ignorance. i know food and drink i can give it back to earth like pouring on the ground. i think i will leave all at t shape crossroad later :slight_smile:

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@jococo If anything someone will pick up what you left at the crossroad out of curiosity. Especially if it’s a unopened lipstick or something new . But once you leave it out at the crossroad and let her know it’s hers she will receive it and then walk away and forget about it and don’t look back .

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can you give me the sigil ? …
thanks for the reply …


So few days after I call upon Pomba Gira for help to reunite.
I think its working, theres progress. I promise to post it up here and let everyone know.
Out of the blue my ex texted me just now and ask me something, and mentioned that the conversation was pretty comfortable.
I asked her a few days back if Im to text my ex, she say no. But my ex will contact me this week. Well, its working!


That’s great! I called on Pomba Gira Maria Padilha yesterday to help me reunite with my love. I used penny divination to ask her what she wanted me to offer her. After I gave her my offering I recited the incantation that was posted above. Did you call on her only once, or did you repeat the ritual daily?

Does this work to get an ex girlfriend back?

I would lean more towards Sallos or sitri if you want an ex girlfriend back :slight_smile:

Any idea how do I do that? I am in desperate help. I do see a future with this person. I think she needs a little bit of push

Use the search bar, it’s the little magnified glass in the upper right corner. “how to evoke”
and then specifically “sitri” or “sallos”

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did this end up working for you?

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Been saying this prayer for seven days now and no progress yet at all from my perspective

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Would she help me with my ex girlfriend …im also a girl?!

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@Virgowitch if I were to summon her, do you think she’d prefer a whole tube of cheaper lipstick or a sample of really high-end lipstick? I’ve been saving my Kat Von D for something special and this very well may be that special thing!

I want to thank you for sharing this information. Maria Padilha’s energy is EXTREMELY POWERFUL! I did my part and followed the instructions and I’m sitting her feeling like the sh*t! I invoked her not only to reunite with my lover but also to stand in my power as a woman and embrace all my attributes because that’s what she represents to me. I am feeling myself. I invite her energy and getting what I want as well and loving it! As I recited the prayer I felt so much energy flow through me like never before and I’m grateful to have connected with her and will continue to. Hail Pomba Gira, Maria Padilha! She is the absolute truth!

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Tried her, doesn’t work

I am a male. I tried her also in september 2019, 7 days ritual, at the same time, offerings of expensive red lipstick, red wine, ciggaretes, champaigne, rose quartz, roses without torns, black clothes and so on. After the first night i got a dream that something gonna happen on 2 november - the day of the dead here. Well nothings has happen. I am wondering to repeat the ritual but i am already exausted from so many rituals…


Rest, recoup, and take care of yourself, if you are week, your magic will be week

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Yes, you are right, but it didnt work then ( when i got so much power and will) so i dont know what to expect now.

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