Practicing magick so far, nothing is happening

Alright so, let’s start from the start.

I began by meditating vispinsana style for months, not just for magick but also for spiritual gain.

Then I found that, I had no avail to any experience my “teachers” said that may occur.

So, I moved on to chanting Shiva for a month.
Again nothing.
No spiritual, magical vibe or whatever.

I practiced chaos magick amd tried to manifest sigils. Also nothing

So, I kept going, tried scrying. Also tried summoning like 4 or 5 beings still ended up with nothing.

So, either I feel inclined to not believe in this magick at all amd stick idk, robots or drones.
Or some miracle happens and suddenly things go my way.

Kinda lost.


It’s really kinda simple what your problem is your lusting for results. This will always hinder Magick. Also real Magick is not like in the movies. It’s can take days, weeks, months or years to manifest. If you focus on it and obsesse over it this will hinder it as well. Best thing to do is to cats a spell
And forget about it.


@Angelb1083 is completely right, you can’t just expect for results right away you have to work and gain knowledge and practice it, Asmodeus said it to me best “The strongest magick comes from the subconscious” So cast a spell, something small since your still learning the basics, and forget about it, when you get the result you were looking for, no matter how long it takes, you will have a feeling that the magick worked, just do it and forget about it

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Well, as far as I remember, I totally was in your shoes. I did some stuff, was eager and desperate to see if it works, tried my best to forget about it, failed miserably.

My problems was:

  1. Eagerness to see results
  2. Half-assing rituals
  3. Expecting magick to work like a miracle every time.

Then I was practicing more, occasional ritual here and there, occasional meditation you know. In that period I didn’t see more results per se, but when I looked back - I noticed that almost everything I was asking for manifested, but not as spectacular as I imagined.

My mistakes on that level:

  1. Laziness. I picked one general ritual to solve a problem, fired it and forgot. I didn’t give many thought to the situation. Like… Didn’t have enogh money? Did ritual for more money and forgot. Didn’t have enough work? Did the ritual so more customers will come to the agency I am working with. Clients did come, but I didnt have enough skills to give them some quality work that’ll make them stay. I didn’t even consider use magick to improve MYSELF, my skills so I could work more effectively, my ability to focus so I can concentrate on my work, my imagination, so I will develop ideas faster… You got the idea, I guess.

Well, and it the first of september this year I got into it again. And this time everything - or almost everything, if I forgot something - I worked on… Worked. Fast. Powerful. It worked for me, it worked for other people.

And my approach was very different. I was more easy and more serious, more passionate and calm at the same time:

  1. I sat, and thought about directions I need to work on. Inner work (first), and outer work (later, parallel with inner stuff). And each problem I broken down to aspects, to target them with magick independently.
  2. I picked some books from my collection, and re-read em. Thoroughly, carefully, without hesitation. Bought some new and read em too.
  3. Picked some rituals for daily practice. It was rituals for general improvement in areas of life,without particular problem - ones that just making you better.
  4. Started to see opportunities to use directed magick often, not only in a time of desperate need. A friend of mine need to pass some exams? I did sigil rituals of Uriel and Metatron for her, and tried to forget. Instantly she reported sudden relief from a headache and a passionate willingness to get to study. And learning became MUCH easier for her, like from “impossibruuu” to “ez” in a snap of a fingers. Then I did some other stuff. Worked, just worked.
  5. Got busy in physical world, so when I am not doing magick - I do not think about every particular magick I did.

So, that is how it is now. Maybe you’re just not there yet. So here’s some advices from my experience:

  1. Once you did the ritual - try to forget about it. If a thought pop up - answer it with confidence in your success, think that it already worked, experience the emotion of it, and then think of something else.
  2. Write down you experiences, rituals etc. It will help you to understand that magick you thought didn’t work actually worked, when you forgot about it or didn’t see it.
  3. Magick often works subtly, it occurs VERY “normal” and “natural” for your perception, rather than miraculous and “out of the blue”. That is why you sometimes do not notice it. It’s like me losing 26 kilos in 4 month without noticing any difference untill I have seen my photo from now and half a year before side to side. It is another reason to write down your practices.
  4. As far as evoking entities go - do not expect to hear or see anything. Sometimes you won’t even feel anyhing. But if you did your thing even partially correctly - it probably IS here. It HEAR you, and probably WILL help you. So treat every evocation like it is successful, unless you’ll screw the process up badly, and proceed with your request.

Sorry for a long post, I really hope it will help you!


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This is great advice since you were there don’t apologize for long post this is something you should make a topic on imo. It could be really helpful to the forum members :grin:


About spirituality, if “Shiva” alone didn’t give results, try the mantra “Om namah Shivaya” or in the meantime look at a picture of the god. See which religion (if any) you feel more close and, “inside” it, the god/goddess, saint etc: Yahweh or Jesus, Vishnu, Akshobya…
For magick, it’s possible that you’ll find a daily routine to work well, for example: Apprentice - Module 1 — Quareia
Or Psychic Development for the Magician and Black Magick Training for beginners and adepts

Don’t think about the ritual or magick you performed after you did it, go on with your daily life. Basically just forget that you did the ritual, thinking about it can kill the magick, depending on what kind you do.

All of this is really good advice and like they all said lusting after results will literally kill and spell casting that you try to perform so do your ritual and or casting of spell and just let go and watch how things work differently. Also don’t try to move mountains in the beginning just take baby steps and let come to you, that’s how it worked for myself…

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Awesome, thought I’d post a comment. But yours is perfect. Well thought out and touches on a bit of it all. :black_heart:

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I’ll try that picture practice, since Om namah Shiva didn’t work back at the time.

The thing is, I do have dreams about or I think random God’s.
Once was about the Abrahamic one or at least I think it was. Then the Buddha, but a statue of his face. Then a old friend in a dream mentioned he worshiped Durga.
Last I had was a few days ago by I think of what was Eris, due to the chaotic nature.

Lucid dreaming, or well. Trying to manipulate my dreams also didn’t work when I tried, they just come.

I think your just hoping to different topics superficially. Just get a good book like demons of magick and follow the process. I think your not following proper process or have foundations knowledge. I feel that your just going through techniques posted on forums or steps to do magick with online articles without actually learning background basics info foundations. Everyone get resutls if they get a good book such as those from GOM. It’s fail proof with the instructions. magick is more than the casting. there are multiple layers of mindset and thought process.

I think you expect too much results without proper work. It’s not length of time it’s correct methods also. Wrong practice steps for yrs will not get results.

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Something similar is going on with me as, trying to be spiritually complete, I worked with different deities. Two options are to either keep “switching” them or to see if admiration is felt about some divine words (Gospels, Bhagavadgita), if a god has traits more or less interesting.

What does the Book GOM mean , cuase I can’t seem to find a GOM book.

It’s Gallery of Magick series. The books I personally work with.

I was just thinking about how magick isn’t working for me right now but I got reminded about some evocations I did about a year ago and didn’t get any results right away( so I stopped doing magick for almost a year) but looking back I can see how much my life has changed and a lot of the things I’ve asked for have came true
for example I wanted to lose weight at that time and asked Lucifer for it and about 4 months later I started losing weight I lost about 20 kg in 3 months(effortlessly) but just recently I realized it was a result of that evocation .
I really think we should keep persevering cuz magick works !


Shiva is more of a god, not a demon. If you want fast results, like within 1 or 2 months, try the goeta demons

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All good advice but sometimes we catch bad vibes, jealous fro coworkers or got items etc, whit bad stuff or our house is a mess, sometimes i did a spell and deals were off, until i see tat i need to pyrify myself first, and then things can roll Good, even if u have the bwst result soell a small obstacles ruin all its why i. Or we must purify at least werkly.

Welcome to the family :heart: and for your question they all are right.Dont worry have fun with the ritual,write it down and go on your marry way.You are way to focus on it, dont be that overly watchful spouse believe (s)he going to do what they need to do and forget about it,relax and have fun but always be respectful in the process.IF YOU LOVE THEM LET THEM GO​:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

What do you mean by saying cast a spell