Practical Jinn Magick. Sacrifice needed?

Hey all. I hope some of you have more knowledge on jinn magick to kinda shed more light on this. I been reading the book “Practical Jinn Magick”. So in the book there is a paragraph that reads “Many forms of magick it is customary to make offerings to the spirits you call, and these can range from offering emotions, experiences, a personal sacrifice of some kind, and some people go to more extreme. Arguments rage about this and I don’t care to take part in them, except to say that with the Jinn you shouldn’t make offerings”.

Then on EA Koetting’s Odysee channel, there is a video titled “Lord of the Jinn” A hidden history of Asmodeus in Islamic Demonology. And the narrator says that if you are working with the Jinn, you will make a sacrifice. If you are doing stuff with the “Shedim” you better be willing to sacrifice. So if you are working with the Jinn and not making a sacrifice, then you are not working with the Jinn. You may be thinking you are working with them but they are going to prank you.

So on one hand, the book itself says you don’t have to make a sacrifice and also you shouldn’t, and on the other hand the narrator in video mentioned says you have to. Any thoughts on that?

Then as I read the Amazon reviews on that book, one user gave it a 3 star rating and gave this comment below:

It’s an interesting read, and one that really focuses on Western Occultism. Unfortunately, Western Occultism knows little to nothing about djinn. These creatures are born of free will and exact a high price when bound to the will of another. I have personally met several djinn on my journey’s, including 2 Kings. I also just got out of a tit for tat magickal war with a djinn over a ten month period. There is one thing you must be aware of and never forget: djinn can never be trusted. If you call one you best know how to bind it, because by their law, once they gain freedom they will attack you. Summoning these beings should not be done lightly. These are not goetic spirits and cannot be controlled as such. This is advanced magick, and if you fail you need to know how to find a ”raaki", an Islamic Exorcist/Healer. Be warned, and read more than what is in this tome before attempting it.

So with all that being said, I feel as if there’s alot that the book itself does not address. Has anybody else had any experiences with this?

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There is a tendency among modern authors to insist that their way is the true way, the only way, the best way, and that if anyone experiences any negative effects from the workings in their book, then it’s actually not the author’s fault at all, and it’s the magician’s fault for some completely unrelated reason.

With that said, some are going to make offerings, and I believe that is traditional, and they will experience great results. Others are not going to give offerings but can still experience great results. I would say, when working with spirits, the best results come with developing a good relationship with them. So, giving offerings is a safer bet, but I would advise against treating this as payment, and rather treat it as a gift.

I suspect the author is just suggesting to not give offerings to “stand out” and to sound powerful, with such authority that you don’t need to give anything, which is very appealing to people currently.


This is opinion, and he’s entitled to it, but treating highly individualustic people as of they are a faceless, homogenous taskforce that can all be generalised about is a bad idea, and I’m not surprised they demand more of him.

This bears repeating, and you’ll see why if you try the search at top right, this subject has just been discussed on this forum recently.

I advise going by a case by case basic, the same way you would with people on human vessels. You don’t vibe with everyone, your goals and values don’t match with everyone, you don’t treat everyone as if they were robots, put the right input in always get the same out…so why would you treat the Djinn this way and still expect them to respect you?

There are Djinn that are well known to hate humans, Djinn that have been treated badly by humans, and Djinn that are called gods, maybe start with working with the freindly Djinn first and ask THEM how to proceed? Make it personal, not generic.

You don’t need offerings or sacrifices to do that, but you may find out, if a certain DJinn likes a certain thing, a little gift that’s personal and shows you understand them sometimes means a lot. It’s basic psychology in the end.


The person in E.A´s video does not seem to have extensive knowledge of what he is talking about. The shedim are a subsect of jewish demons and are said to be hobgoblins that serve under Ashmedai. His statement (about offerings) is taken from Deuteronomy 32:17 (They sacrificed unto demons) and Psalm 106:37 (Yea, They sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto demons → hint to the offering of sperm and the sexual nature of the cult)

So he might have a point in working with Shedim but that does not acknowledge the vast array of spirits that fall under the term Jinn. Everything other than an angel can be labelled jinn.I wrote about this in another discussion. If you look at jinn magick particular of Sufi order you see that they call spirits jinn that Kabbalists label spirit servants and they do not work with any offerings at all.

The material I consulted including Ninevehs stuff and a Sufi material never mentions a sacrifice for the jinn. You are a image of god and they bowed before you once before except Iblis.

You should also read the book more attentive. The author states that this is a tasking method not a binding contrary to Baal Kadmons book which I do not advise anyone to work with. They are free to choose to help you or not, but the predatory exercise with the ELLLLL gives you divine authority so they will most likely carry the task out.

You should never trust a spirit 100%.

If you will all of the Goetics fall under the term jinn and no you do not need to consult a “raaki”, the four archangels are enough to deal with most issues.

The process of offering food etc, comes from the notion that people want to work with beings but cannot provide them sustenance. The Sufi and Kabbalistic texts mention that all beings conjured “feed” of you personal energy, but that is not an issue should you have done the preparatory exercises, since then you are connected to your highest source of energy and can request whatever you want.


The only jinn there was Iblis and he didn’t bow down. Angels did.

His rationale as I recall was largely that if you give offerings, they tend to hang around looking for more. Whether thats true or not I don’t know, but if I recall that was essentially the explanation he gave

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Yes that’s the explanation he gives, is that the nastier jinn are near impossible for the inexperienced to eradicate and that this system limits the possibility by limiting the reasons for them to stick around.

His entire system is based in making the task sound like it’s so huge and impossible and grand that it’s an honor you called the djinn, thusly making them want to do it.

I’ve found his system works, and it works best if you make the request sound ridiculous like this. Assuming your using his methods and not building a relationship.

As far as traditional means go, I haven’t found a method that I like better than his, and have adapted his main ritual and use it when I’m calling specific jinn as they respond quickly while using his opening ritual and I’ve not found another method that they respond to nearly as well, even those I’m already known to. :woman_shrugging:

But I also can’t read the older documents myself to translate a better ritual, so I’m limited to what I’ve researched and worked with.


I never mentioned Adam, that’s at the core of Kabbalistic and Sufi doctrine you are god (drunken with love for the creation) and all beings bowed before you as mentioned in serval scriptures and Psalms/Sures.

Yup, this is what happens when you mix everything together and create an abomination. :laughing:

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I’ve worked with this book here and there and never had any problems with the Jinn. The spirits seemed to delight in being called and given a request.

Spirits all have their personalities, and the Jinn certainly do as well, but there were no negative influences on me personally. I had an experience which brought out desires some would consider socially abnormal, as in against the usual automatic behaviors of the group, so fuck me for exploring myself I guess? Another time I heard tale of someone who had recently caught an affliction which created a painful, burning sensation, and this person was hospitalized. Did the Jinn do that? Who is to say.

Other results were good, albeit sometimes not quite what I was expecting. If you perform the opening calls and chants then the Jinn will see you as someone with requests that they want to fulfill. If you like the power, you like the power.


Statements like this also tend to make me think LARPer more than realized occultist. Maybe not full-blown LARPing but in my view certainly lots of delusion and/or ignorance. Anyone cowering before spirits with no sense of authority isn’t someone I tend to listen to.

But hey, I speak no Arabic or Hebrew and have read few old-ass texts, so what do I know.

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The only “right” way to do anything is the way that your knowledge, experience, and intuition combined lead you to do and which works best for you.

Discuss it with the being first and they’ll tell you, if they want something you’re not willing to do simply thank them for their presence and refuse.

In my experience of working with jinn, only one told me it’d require a sacrifice, for an extremely baneful magic so I know it’s not required for regular things, to which I refused and thanked him.


I work with the Practical djinn magick system documented here on Balg. Here’s a link to the experiments I’ve done and the results I get.

I don’t give an offering but I do burn sandlewood for them during the ritual to draw them near and I do give public praise afterwards.

Just my opinion


I have worked with the book and i have done almost all the rituals. I have been working with it for almost 3 years now. I had success and i was not giving any offerings.
The success i had was not that great but i did get results. I have no complains.
At some point i was in an emotional bad state but i still needed to do some rituals. And switching off the lights and going through all the procedures that are in the book were a hard task for me as i was going through depression.
So i used the initial passage from Berhatiah the book of ancient conjuration just to clear up my space and then i combined it with some screenshots that i got from here which were some words from Birhatiyah corresponding to each King. Then i made my request and then thanked the king and the resident jinns for not interfering with my ritual. I got exactly what i wanted with great success too. I did not give any offerings. I only gave an incess once because the favour i asked was great.
I have 3 jinn spirits also binded into chrystals. 2 for protection and one to help me with my 3rd eye. I only made sure that almost daily i was expressing them my love and gratitude and i was speaking to them as friends. They protected me a lot and took care of my enemies in a way that i was impressed.
The only time i gave them offerings was once when i burned a big bunch of my hair as an incense and passed my crystals through it.
One of my jinns on my crystals left. He broke his chain and i lost the crystal. But he is still visiting and i love him and sometimes i miss him. He is such a kind soul. Always he is looking after me.

There was once that i needed the djinn Kings help on the go. And i couldnt even remember the name of the corresponding King of that day. But when i asked him for his help he was there for me. And he delivered with excellent results.

Lately, i am not doing any rituals from the book practical djinn magic. I have been tempted but i haven’t done any.

Instead i felt the need to make friends with every King that it was presented on the book.
So i gave an incense stick to each one of them, thanking them for all they have offered me through all this time. And as a token of my friendship and collaboration with them.

I was going through some tough times and i was on the edge to get bullied at work. My enemies all got sick. Every King i gave an offering, he caused the according misfortune to each one of the enemies and they got a just punishment according to how they mistreated me. This sickness also worked as a block for my enemies to team up against me. Some of them intuitively felt cursed by me. Even though i did not put any curse on them and they didn’t pick up any momentum in further attacking me.
I am absolutely grateful :pray: for all the djinn Kings who helped me. And i think that from now on i will just stick to creating a relationship with them. No rituals. They know the things i want and i need.
They have revealed so many things to me through dreams and showing me my faults so i can become a better version of myself. And i have taken notice.

I would say rules are good, but you need to develop also your own ways to connect with these amazing and powerful spirits.
This far i believe that i have only worked with the Ifrit (i believe these are the ones from the book). I havent got the need to perform any other type of rituals because my needs are covered.

I am a bit scared to work with any other type or djinn. I am not excluding it. However, because i havent tried it yet, i m not going to say that this is the method.
I know that some type of djinns can be dangerous. So until the day that i get the knowledge and the experience on how to work with them i will focus on researching and learning from other people and books.
About the Kings though in the book, in my personal experience it is safe to give them an offering. However, i believe that if it works on not and how it goes down to the individual person.

Other people get upset with paranormal activity in their house. For me it doesnt bother me. Other people dont like when djinns want to pull a joke and tell them off. I laughed every time they joked and i encouraged them to pull pranks on other people so we can both have a laugh and a better laugh too. This far it worked :woman_shrugging: So yes… you need to see what sort of relationship you can build with them.