Mike B's Djinn Working Journal

This journal is going to be an experiment and a refresher course for me in the art.of putting into practice Hargroves “Practical Djinn Magick” book.

I will be using a visual aid in my workings.

The Djinn altar

This came originally from a Balg member though I don’t know who.

The row with knights, rooks, and queens and a King ( 7 pieces) are to represent the Djinn King for each day. Each day you move the appropriate King front and center on the board.

The four pawns at the quarters are the four Elder Djinns

The three bishops in the center are the three Djinn the King gives his orders to.

This is not necessary to practice the magickal system from the book. I do find it helpful though.

I hope you enjoy this journal and perhaps it motivates you to begin experimenting with the mighty Djinn yourself.

I will be making an entry for each experiment I perform.

Results have to real and tangible or atleast noticable to qualify an experiment as a success.

I’ll be alternating Mon, Wed, Fri, one week
And Tues, Thu, Sat, Sun on the alternative weeks.

I plan to experiment 60-90 days in this journal.


Interesting I am looking forward to this!
Have you tried to consult a different time table for the ritual i.e. the Hebrew system of counting days?
I don’t know if Sufis use a similar time calculation system but I suspect that they do because the exchange of Kabbalistical and Sufi magic was quite large during the Middle Ages and they also follow a Lunar Calendar.

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That is interesting my friend but beyond the scope of what I intend to do here for this project. I’ll be strictly using Corwin Hargroves system from the book Practical djinn magick. I do try to keep my operations to the proper hours on the proper days however. I’m not certain how much effect this has but if it’s extra power for my workings I don’t want to leave that on the table, I want to use it.


Good to have you back on this forum.

I’ll follow closely as you update from time to time.


Well I’ve decided to change the schedule Abit.

I’m going to do two Djinn magick rituals per week starting this Wednesday.

It’ll be Wednesday and Thursday this week
Next week Friday and Saturday
The following week Sunday and Monday

I want to cover all the days and thier different Kings and find out who I jive best with.

I also want to get a pretty wide variety of experimentation dine with the different rituals of the days. I’ll be trying not to repeat a specific purpose ritual, each one once is kinda what I’m going for here.

So that’s it.

The timeline on the tasks I give will be from immediate to approximately two weeks. If I haven’t seen success from an operation in that kind of timeline then I won’t be chalking the operation up as a success ( unless it’s verifiable that it did manifest but later than the allotted timeline).

Let’s talk about the opening ritual of the book.

I’m going to give you my slightly abridged version of Hargroves instructions.

Take a black candle and a piece of Sandlewood incense ( it works like Djinn bait) and begin by imagining the universe in total blackness. Concentrate on the flame and that alone.

Begin chanting “EL” in rhythmic, monotone cadence.

Imagine the the universe in the first spark or explosion of activity and see it expanding outward in all directions. Feel this timeless fire and know this is the essence of the Mighty Djinn.

Connect with the flame and know the Djinn are near, repeat “EL” three to five minutes.

Speak “Takah, Zariel, Shaqhamunishish, Eheyeh Ashur Eheyeh, Adonai Tzabaoth, El Shadai, Malik, Malika, Malikhun”

“Taliyah, Mazjal, Tarqab qalnahuwd, Barhayula, Qazmaz, Shimhahir”

Next vibrate the names of these archangels three times. Very important to note you must know the first time you call they heard you, the second time they draw near, the third they’ve come to assist you.

“Jib-ree-EL” X3
“Mik-ha- EL” x3

Next call the Djinn Elders
“Nazar, Kamtam, Kaswalah, Taecal”

Now you are ready for the next part

The calling out to the King of the day and performing your ceremony.

On your chessboard Djinn altar move the King of the day to the front center position in front of the three bishops designated to be the Djinn the King commands.

Btw I may have forgotten tidbits of the opener ritual I transcribed this by memory so if you’re a purist forgive me.

The above DOES work however I know because I’ve used it many times.

I’ll be starting Wed of this week.

Time to get some awesome practice and see the Djinn in action. Boy do they work fast too.


6-8-22 Wednesday

The Djinn ruler of the day is Jinn King is known as Barqan, Barqan Abu al-'Adja’yb

Today’s ritual will be

To Communicate with Authority

I’ll be frank this might be somewhat hard to get tangible, verifiable, non upg related results from. I’ve never used this rite before but I have a good feeling about it. Let’s give it a go.

As per the book

This ritual gives you a sense of authority when communicating, whether through speech or the
written word. Used in a general way it will improve your abilities for several months. You can
also direct it at a specific project, such as a speech, or something you are writing. It doesn’t make
the quality of the work you are doing any better, but it makes you appear to be an authority on
the subject. When you communicate, you will be more convincing as a result of this appearance
of authority.
Go through your initial preparation, perform The Opening Ritual, then continue as follows. Say:
By the power of Dardyyil
I call on you,
Mighty King, Barqan
Speak your request.
Speak the names of the three Jinn; Shimr’al, al-Hurth, Zawba’ah.
Watch the flame as instructed and then close the ritual by blowing out the candle

Let’s give this a two week timeline.
Hopefully we get some strong results

Now for actual work. I move the King of Wednesday to the front and center of the board and light the incense and we’ll begin.

Time for some pipe hard hitting Djinn action. Let’s do it :man_genie:


Ok today we’re doing the “untamed riches” ritual of practical djinn magick.

Unfortunately today I overslept and missed my eindoe to catch the hour of Jupiter at dawn. Oh well my Djinn are strong enough without it.

This ritual is to bring me unexpected money.

So per the book…

Go through your initial preparation, perform The Opening Ritual, then continue as follows. Say:
By the power of Tzedeqel
I call on you,
Mighty King, Shamhurish al-Tayyar
Speak your request.
Speak the names of the three Jinn; Firur, Tnkyush, Zanbur.
Watch the flame as instructed and then close the ritual by blowing out the candle.

Ritual complete 11:03 Am

Let’s give this a two weekish time line to manifest.



Ok at about 1230 pm on Thursday 6-9-22

I had a complete surprise walk in client to my temple.

I gave a reading and spirit consult and earned 150 pesos that was unexpected. This isn’t alot of money but it’s about half a days wages for a construction worker.

I just wanted the forum to see some fast results with djinn magick.

Gratitude and respect for the Djinn


Congratulations on your success.

I will finally attempt mine.

Had my black candle and book but have been waiting for someone to try the untamed riches first before trying mine.

The word “untamed” was kind of scary,like money would come to you in any form (including harming you. Perhaps I feel this way because of RHP background,lol).

But I will give it a try. In my country this is thirty minutes after sunrise,I can still make it

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Rock on!!!


Remember this the magick magick really is in the opening ritual.


Ok in response to this ritual I just had something very bizarre happen.

I was just approached by a magician much my senior in both knowledge and ability and consulted on the subject of the djinn.

I strongly feel that I communicated on this matter with authority and experience.

I knew this ritual might be difficult to quantify with tangible results but I really feel what just happened hit the mark.

Let’s see if anything else of this kind or quality happen over the next couple weeks.



How many rituals of the Djinn from the practical Djinn magick book have you performed and how many results have you had that are verifiable tangible as to being the djinn etc? I seem to struggle with the abundance ritual myself. Also what do you usually word your requests like?

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I’ve done probably 20-25 djinn magick rituals prior to this current project. The majority have been wealth related. I’d say I’m successful 7-8/10 times and usually fast.

Iv just been phrasing my wishes simply and directly usually two to three sentences at most.


Could you give an example of some you have used that have now passed? I seem to be failing at a large quantity of them, 35 rituals now I think it is over 7 month period a chunk have been abundance based, finance, love etc etc. I do though seem to get a candle flame that reacts. Once the elders are called it goes brighter and larger then it has a habit of following my movement, IE if I move my head up and down or around the flame will move up and down like mimicking my behavior or if I feel an emotion thats exciting the flame will strobe. But it seems to be more or less it for a chunk of them, it is hard to say really but I am also very much obsessed with learning about the Djinn and have a thing for doing magick with them.

Here is one example for instance using the obsessive thought ritual.

I ask mighty king that ‘name’ is filled with obsessive thoughts of admiration of me day and night. Because this will make me feel better.


I think you’re doing it right. I just say /“I wish for untamed wealth to be bestowed on me by the mighty djinn. Payable in Philippines pesos.”

Now I’m not making 1000s $ from this I’m usually getting a half days work to four or five days work but it’s unexpected is the Hallmark.

The real magick of the system is in the opening ritual if you asked me. Seems alot of people blow by thier EL chant and archangel calling.

This has seemed to me to make the biggest difference between success and failure.


Interesting ill explain how I do opening see what you think.

I get into a light trance first, listen to alpha waves and or vase breathing for a short time imagining light filling in me and dark mixing as one etc. Then I chant EL in a monotone deep voice while holding my hands out and up like im invoking creation in a way. Try to feel the power of creation while I see the universe get created and destroyed on each repetition. Do this for around 5 minutes.

Do the opening with the god words of power etc. Go on to feeling the lack of not having it, then call out the next section and feel the djinn having been stirred up, usually candle goes brighter. Then I do the angel calls, 3 for each with first being the call, second call they come, third they grant my wish. Then elders and the main step. While I do the ritual petition I visualize the thing I want as having been done while I say it flamboyantly and with a vigor to the tone etc. Then say the 3 names and carry on the visualization for a short while at end.


Yeah you’re doing it right it sounds like. Only thing I think I’d tell you is keep it simple.

Also you might burn a piece of Sandlewood during the ceremony not as an offering but as a draw to bring the djinn near.

I made a chess board djinn altar as a focus piece for my rituals. That is unorthodox as far as the books concerned but it really seemed to help manifest my results more regularly.

If anyone’s interested in that I’ll show you how to make one here on the thread.


I wish there was a talisman of sorts that could aid in communication with the Djinn to make the channel between us and them more smoother and consistent. I may just ask them in ritual if they could give forth any symbols, seals or ideas on doing so.

Yes would love to know what you used :slight_smile: for the board.

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Ok here’s how it’s done. Take a regular chessboard and it’s two sets of pieces and mark the board. North, East, south and west oriented as it will be on your altar. Best to use a black marker or dry erase marker.

Next you mark off the planetary days starting from Sunday all the way through Saturday.

Next use the actual king piece to note your personal Djinn king of the day. Find this by learning your exact birthday day. Mine is a Tuesday so I use the King for Tuesday and a mix of Knights, rooks, and queens for the other kings of the day.

Take four pawns and place them at the North, easy, south and west. These are the four elders.

Next mark a square in the very center of the board this is where the king of the day will face and command his Djinn.

Today is Sunday so I move Sundays king front and center.

Next three bishops in a row in front of the center square. These are my individual Djinn that the King commands.

I touch each piece that I name during the ritual like the elders, the king of the day and the djinn.

This helps me alot and I hope it can help you too.




Before we go on let’s tally up our results from last week’s operations.

Wednesday’s operation: to speak or communicate with authority.

I consider this a decisive win. I was quite successful.

Thursdays operation: untamed wealth. Let’s call this a marginal win. I did get results though not as much as I’d hoped. There’s room for improvement.

Ok excellent.

Let’s move on shall we?

Today’s operation.

I have a close who’s wife just got a new job. There is a man at the job trying to woo and seduce her. With the power of the mighty djinn we will make her see only the worst in this man.

As per the book.

Make People See the Worst in Another

This ritual won’t create an illusion but shows what is genuinely vile or unpleasant in another
person. If you use this against somebody who’s almost a saint, it’s not effective. But if you want
to reveal that somebody has dark secrets, violent tendencies or other traits that are generally
perceived as bad, this will make them known. You can direct the ritual to make a named person
see the worst in your named target. This is useful for breaking up relationships. For a more
devastating effect, you can ask that a named person is generally vulnerable so that everybody
they encounter will see and sense the worst within them. This more general version can wreck
somebody’s life, if there is a lot of darkness within them, so only use it if that’s your intention.
Go through your initial preparation, perform The Opening Ritual, then continue as follows. Say:
By the power of Anael
I call on you,
Mighty King, Abu Hasan Zoba’ah
Speak your request.
Speak the names of the three Jinn; al-Haym, Mazahim, Khyth’.
Watch the flame as instructed and then close the ritual by blowing out the candle.

Let’s begin!