Possessesed during pregnancy

A mother was possed by demon when she was a pregnant, i want to know what would happen to the baby?

It depends on what kind of entity was involved, how many entities, on the baby and it’s own spiritual path and protections, among other factors. It would need considered investigation to find out what, if anything happened to the child.

I assume the mother is not possessed now? What’s the story?

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Well man, the child is me… before 19yr ago my mother used to sit on garden in village… and then as soon as she become pregnant she become very sick and she spend the whole 9month on bed… actually her families took her to holly water and it become obvious it was a spirit.

The entity was demonic, number is i think 1, yeah the spirit has left 2month after she gave birth.

Hmn, the hormone changes in pregnancy are super intense and cause a lot of women to get sick and bedridden.
Are you having any particular symptoms that you think are due to this? Is there a problem?

No… till now my health & everyhing is very good.

I mean if u are asking about my… health status.

My intuition right now says your mother was not possessed anyway, that was a superstitious thing on the part of the villagers, but if I’m wrong and she was, it was a low level parasite that did not affect you.

An interesting thing about pregnancy, is it takes over a woman’s body and diverts nutrients, blood, and magickal protections to the child at the expense of the mother. The child is sacred and comes first. This is the way nature works and it provides a level of natural protection.
So with your mother being sick, if you were both sick she would be sicker than you and take as much of that as she could in your defense.


If eating too much fish affects a pregnancy then I’m sure a possession would.

Whether the effects are a detriment or a blessing will depend on the child’s environment and their own choices, and the nature of the spirit possessing the mother as far as how it would affect the child.

I don’t think we can come up with any specific formula on what kinds of effects to predict from a possession. And ultimately we will be getting into a nature nurture thing.

Is there anything you have noticed of this specific child that you are attributing to a possession?

She go to church… and the spirit exposed… the pregnant spend 9 month on bed b/c she was very sick.

Please follow the imp. :+1:



Might be, right now what i am feeling is i don’t know anything about myself, i used thought i have self concept, i am discovering new things about myself.

That’s a normal part of human development

& i always feel since i was a child am special being, i love power & magic movies, i tried to be supernatural being A lot of times when i was a child… is this things are normal.

And since july 2019 i started to notice number :2 appearing to me very often… i googled it, since then am easily entering to these kinds things.

I feel like that’s perfectly normal. Otherwise children wouldn’t be running around with fairy wands and pretending to be superheroes with special powers while they play.

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Noticing synchronicities isn’t uncommon. Lots of people have that experience.


Ok I agree with @Mulberry I’m pregnant and extremely sick at the moment most days I can’t get up for the life of me unless it’s to run to the bathroom to throw up or pee I’m not possessed at all but well I am carrying a demonic baby but how ever not the worse pregnancy I’ve had so far my last one had me bed ridden and couldn’t hold food down at all or anything I drank water included worst thing to throw up let me tell you I was so sick with her I’d have to crawl back to bed physical just so I wouldn’t feel sick I wasn’t possessed then either it’s just how pregnancy works most women have it good during pregnancy others well we aren’t so lucky…
I don’t believe your mom was possessed just think she had a very bad time being pregnant
As for how you feel it’s normal but any one of us who were hand picked by a guardian no matter demon or other always feels close to the magic world so just know your one of us human or well I call it demon human lol

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This honestly just sounds like people letting superstition getting the best of them. Lots of women wind up very, very ill when pregnant. Their personalities change, their desires change, they can become aggressive and depressed and suicidal and above all else hormonal as all hell. There’s a living thing inside of her — she doesn’t need a “possession” label to act possessed lol. It’s pretty natural, really. Don’t let a village fill your head with old fashioned teachings. It’ll cloud your judgement, and you’ll be screwed over if any actual possession occurred in your future. As you’d think it would be similar to dealing with a pregnant lady.