Pore breathing questionnaire

i have a few questions about pore breathing: is there a practical way/ method to pore breathe with the different elements? can it be done anywhere at any time? are there prerequisite skills needed to activate this gift? can pore breathing be used to charge food/water with intent? any book recommendations? if any insight can be shared i appreciate it thank you.

I don’t have the book on me at the moment but Franz Barron’s “initiation into hermetics” has a whole section on pore breathing.

Part of that is brushing your skin with a stiff brush (such as boar bristle) to open the pores up I believe.


Practice visualization, remembering sounds, scents etc. Yes, it may be done anytime in any place and used to charge food and drinks. For example, in order to pore breath water you may visualize it realistically (liquid and transparent) then create in your body a sensation of inhalation, visualize and feel Water entering all your pores, being absorbed; perhaps continue until you’re filled with the element.

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thank you for the reply, i just started recently reading that book and better conceptualize the pore breathing

thank you for this information it really resonated with me! another question i have is are there physical correspondences to the elemental breathing? so say i wanted to pore breathe fire & i was doing the visualization and becoming aware of the sensations… over time would it physically manifest in the body sweating?

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Yes, it seems like if not all at least some elements are potentially dangerous. For example Fire shouldn’t theoretically be inhaled more than 7 times.

I learned “full body breathing” in qigong which sounds interchangeable with this. When you breathe in, it’s like every pore is a little mouth also breathing in energy with your inbreath.

Visualise the element and how it feels while breathing in it’s energy. If I want to cool down, I imagine being in the Arctic, if I want to warm up I imagine being inside the sun

Not really. Breathing able to breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose is nice.

I would use sword fingers, but you could adapt what @DarkestKnight said in the above linked post to do this.

It’s a technique that’s part of a system. For the Hermetics approach the book noted above seems to be the source of this in western occultism… If you want energy working, I like The Root of Chinese Qigong by Jwing Ming Yang as a big reference manual, and Mantak Chia’s Inner Smile, or Basic Practices books will teach you the important basics.

The nice thing about Jwing Ming Yang’s work is it will tell you how to spot if you are becoming unbalanced and how to fix it.


I can confirm its the exact same thing. Bardon took a lot from the eastern methods.

Excellent suggestion, seconded


thank you so much this was really helpful, a few days ago i learned that developing clairsentience is one of the fastest “spiritual” things you can develop compared to like clairvoyance & clairaudience etc. and i learned that pore breathing is linked to that development. that’s why i’ve been going so hard to make sure i understand the basics.

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I noticed that I also can pull energy in, instead of just merely activating it and feeling it throughout my body. I wonder if that pulling is considered pore breathing? Or should the practitioner only use visualization to pull the energy through the pores?

Just go with what you’re doing, if it works it works. :slight_smile: It’s hard to visualise every pore anyway as you have millions, so you tend to feel it rather than see it.

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I agree with mulberry, I can’t visualize at all-period, but I can feel the energy flowing in and out when doing techniques similar to pore breathing. It’s more like your entire energy body expands and contracts- in feeling to me.

Almost like feeling the air around you flow through you.

Thanks man, last question though Pore breathing
In this thread, the OP describes a technique wherein huge amounts of energy are accumulated. Later another forum member added a differentiation to that method called ‘pore breathing’ anyhow, would you suggest closing the practice by placing/storing all the energy inside the lower dan tian, as opposed to letting it just dissipate?

Yes, I know girl, you already told me that in Pm when you were describing what aphantasia is.
I believe we were talking about your workings with the voodoo current.

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Absolutely. Why waste it if you just worked hard to accumulate it?

Also, if you let it just waft off into you living space, you risk attracting things that will notice the free lunch, and when they munch that up they’ll look for more and oops there you are, the walking all you can eat buffet… it’s like basic camping rules, don’t leave food out and you won’t have a problem with the wildlife. If you don’t want the energy, deliberately push it it deep into the ground to be recycled safely.