Poltergeist situation

So I’ve got this friend that has a poltergeist situation. The apartment she lives in has had at least one person dying in it.

She herself is a witch, although she doesn’t work with any entities. Having lived there since she was a kid, she is used to most of the sounds the spirit makes but it seems like the situation is escalating.
Things went from weird tapping and sounds to headaches and recently, shadow people (she says she feels like it was the spirit of the deceased).

She told me she woke up in a state of sleep paralysis and this entity was just moving in and out of the room, while she kept hearing a voice telling her either “Take the amethyst!” or “Don’t take the amethyst!”

For the record, she says she does have an amethyst stone, to which a friend of her tried to place some protection for herself and him, in the past.

They tried cleansing and banishing/ binding the spirit, but as they were burning the sage all of them started having this bad headache.
It seems like the spirit/s really don’t like one of her friends that is more open spiritually. He can and sort of see the spirit move through the house, and the spirit has even bitten him, leaving teeth marks that disappeared shortly after.

At a sleepover, her friend woke up to the sounds again (she’s used to them) and started telling the spirit that ''he’s not afraid of it, he’s had worse" to which the spirit responded by making the sound of something dropping off a shelf in the bathroom.
When she went to check, everything was in place.
The next morning however, the kitchen table was considerably moved in a certain direction.

It has gotten so bad that even her mother sleeps with the lights on.
So I’m asking, what could she probably do?

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Call upon either Murmur or the Archangel Michael to kill it.


1 and foremost, It is very imperative that she mop the entire house as follows, Filled a bucket with cold water and put in the water pink Himalayan and white sea salt. With her right hand to turn clockwise 3 times when water is ready to use. To also add on the water fire water. When done. To wright on the front door of the house with a white shalk,
As I clean this house,
I clean you out. So Mote It be!
Manifesto Tuo Hecho!


I didn’t get it??

@Nephilim02 a banishing chant and some other info. Good luck.
Ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met senturus
Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, kelta, ketla hine.
Banishing chant, 3 times in each room for max effectiveness. Use with palo santo and holy water for extra kick. Visuilize your energy forcing the spirit or parasite out.
I recommend going elsewhere to practice banishing and then once you and your friends, have a good grasp on this, get your friend who can see the parasite and together banish him and use the palo santo and holy water.
Then place wards on all the doorways and windows, also line them with sea salt. Put protective runes on them as well. For the runes use olive oil, consecrate it, charge it with your energy and intention.

Also this spirit can help make sure things go smoothly, he can remove it, but its better to learn to do it yourself with a safety net if things go wrong.


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