Poltergeist activity

So yesterday the leftover sandalwood in my incense burner was just gone before my king paimon invocation. Today my rose quartz made its way from my bedroom to the living room counter. As neat as this is, i have a roommate who i think would be bothered if it fucked w them. LBRP cleanses the house pretty good but this stuff is happening while im at work.

I have no problem w the actual activity. I cant tell if this is king paimons way of saying he accepts my petition or some other spirit lingering around.

So if anyone wants to link me to a banishing ritual other than LBRP or share what they do id appreciate it! I just need a clean slate so i can put up proper protections & seals in my house.

Hold on, so you live alone, no curious pets or kids and things are moving while you are at work?

The forum has a search function and 10 years of posts, so if you type “basic banishing” into the search you will be able to take your pick.

This has a couple of good ones, and you can add keywords to refine your search for something more specific…

I have no pets. I just got a new roommate friday & he has never even seen inside my room let alone would move a crystal among clutter or trash incense